Moving Sulo Bins

Written August 26, 2013 categorised in

Warequip’s Zallys range of Italian made electric tugs have a wide range of application.

Industrial and commercial sites Australia wide have a need to remove waste without the risk of injury to personnel whilst maintaining efficiency levels and labour costs.

The Zallys model M3 is a pedestrian operated battery electric tug, mainly designed for pulling applications 500kg and under.

The Zallys M3 can be fitted with a Sulo bin attachment which allows the unit to easily move two fully loaded Sulo bins from A to B at an efficient pace.

Currently the Zallys M3 with Sulo bin attachment has large opportunities in hotels, apartment blocks, hospitals and a wide range of other facilities that have waste management and transport issues.

The product is available Australia wide through the Warequip dealer network.  sulo bin mover