Keg Moving Made Simple

Written August 26, 2013 categorised in

Warequip would like to introduce the latest trolley to their range, the Magliner Keg Mover.

With beverage companies business constantly growing, the volume of goods movement is also increasing.

The unique design of the Magliner Keg Mover makes life easier on drivers while at the same time boosting the average number of deliveries per route.

The specially mounted centre castors provide a tight turning radius for easy access into narrow areas and isles. Perfect for shopping centre and food court style deliveries.

The Magliner Key Mover has a centre – tilt design, which moves loads over thresholds, bumps and curbs with ease.

With a maximum capacity of 30kg, 2 fixed castor and 4 swivel castors, the Magliner Keg Mover can be unloaded from all sides.

If you looking to boost productivity with your drivers enquire about the Magliner Keg Trolley today.

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