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    I am looking at a golf cart and they have 24 volt and 36 volt, what does this mean and what difference does it make?



    Hi Megan,

    The majority of Golf Carts/Electric Vehicles come in 24, 36 or 48 volt options, with 36 & 48 being the most popular.

    Generally speaking, the voltage refers to how much power is available. A 24v cart has 4 x 6 volt batteries, a 36v cart 6 x 6 volt batteries and a 48v cart 8 x 6 volt batteries.

    Due to the way most carts have their controllers set up and are speed limited for safety, you will not notice much difference in speed between them on flat ground.

    The main difference is that a higher voltage cart will have more ‘torque’ meaning it will have a better/faster ability to climb hills and carry a heavier load.

    You should consider the main purpose the cart will be used for, any slopes/inclines it will need to climb and the sort of load it will carry and make your decision from there.

    It is also wise to consider maintenance costs, as batteries will require replacement every few years. It would be unwise to run a 48v cart in an environment where a 24v cart could easily perform the same task. However, in saying that, you do not want to pick a cart with too low voltage or you run the risk of ‘overworking’ the machine which can result in early replacement of batteries, controllers, motors etc.

    Most reputable suppliers will be happy to provide you with a free site assessment to ensure you purchase the correct vehicle for your application, this saves you the stress of making this choice yourself!



    Welcome wants tomorrows, from those so near having none. U.S. government climate experts released their listing of the top weather disasters in the 20th century Monday. It turns out that the worst certainly one of all in the U.S. occurred right at the start of the century in Galveston, Texas. And, as CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker reports, the weather forecast for Y2K suggests a quicker and faster climate for change.Keep in mind that whipping we got from El Nino in 1983? The pounding from Hurricane Andrew in 1992? The devastating Midwest floods the subsequent year? If you think the weather’s been bad lately, you’re right. In accordance with federal weather watchers, Americans have endured a number of the world’s worst weather this century. “The U.S. gets much more serious weather than any other country on the globe,” says James Baker of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. From your 1900 hurricane that killed eight thousand folks Galveston, Texas to the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s that displaced tens-of-thousands in the Great Plains on the terrible tornadoes that struck Oklahoma only this year, Americans have seen it all. “Because of our geography, the size of the usa and where we’re located, between two oceans, you obtain everything,” explains Baker. “There’s not one other country that’s quite like it.” Not too we have a monopoly on bad weather. Twenty-four million people died from the Chinese drought and famine at the beginning of the century. Legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh filmed disastrous floods there in 1931. Thousands more perished in the North African drought from the 1880s. And researchers say our planets atmosphere from man-made and natural climate changes is making the weather even worse. According to James Baker, “Our weather conditions are changing more rapidly now laptop or computer ever has.” The weather may be getting worse, but our power to forecast it is getting better. So within the new millennium, people will still complain regarding the weather, but when it comes to early warning, scientists will be better able to do something about that.
    On that score, federal charges were filed today in several hoax cases. One man arrested in Connecticut could face A few years in prison if convicted. Actual anthrax cases, thus far, are few.But as CBS’s Lee Cowan reports, folks are reacting to the fear factor and the reality of “better safe than sorry.” Scott does feel hot and cold–and pain–in his left, and while he does not have individual finger control, he can carry up to 25 pounds. These are big accomplishments that are sure to be improved.
    The CBS News Political Unit is tracking the campaign commercials of the presidential hopefuls. Sean Richardson analyzes the latest effort of Democrat Bill Bradley. ALWAYS The Ad: On Saturday, the Bill Bradley for President campaign launched a brand new 30-second ad in New Hampshire. The new spot, titled “Always,” emphasizes Bradley’s consistent record of support for a woman’s right to choose throughout his Senate career.Audio: Female voice-over: Of the seven men running for president, only one candidate has been pro-choice for everyone — all the time. Bill Bradley. Bill Bradley: This is the form of issue that you can’t straddle. You simply can’t be on both sides; you need to decide which side you’re on. Have you been anti-abortion or are you pro-choice. And I decided years ago that I’m pro-choice. Female voice-over: Bill Bradley for president.Visual: Lots of begins with a black screen along with the woman’s voice stating, “Seven candidates…one man…pro-choice all the time.” These words also show on the screen in text. The ad then cuts to Bradley, wearing his customary V-neck sweater, using a chair speaking to the camera.Fact Check: Being a member of the House of Representatives and Senate, Vp Al Gore opposed federal funding of abortions. Ahead of his 1988 candidacy for president, Gore wrote several constituent letters by which he states, “In my opinion, it is wrong to invest federal funds for what is arguable the taking of your human life.” Younger crowd wrote, “It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. Hopefully some day we will see a stop by the outrageously large numbers of abortions which currently come about.”The Strategy: Since last Wednesday’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire, Bill Bradley has taken the gloves off. He’s abandoned his strategy of passive rebuttals and he’s appear swinging. In this new spot Bradley is building a run for the female vote. He’s attempting to highlight a portion of Gore’s voting record in the early ’80s when he opposed federal funding of abortions. Although he doesn’t mention Gore by name, he points too his opponent once opposed abortion. Responding, Gore claims that he’s always considered that abortion should remain legal, but in the early ’80s he voted to prevent the government from investing in abortions in some circumstances.Bradley is also employing this ad in an attempt to lure Independents from John McCain. He emphasizes that they?’s the only candidate running for president containing consistently supported a woman’s to certainly choose. mini alexa mulberry These are the letter carriers, the stamp clerks, as well as the package handlers of the post office–all suddenly facing the horror of being placed in the crosshairs of this war. Two of their number are dead. Several have been in the hospital. The post office will be the new front line.
    The European Union said Thursday it will bring the food and advertising industry along with health officials to contain the increasing problem of obesity in Europe, where one out of every four children is obese.Within the policy, EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou wants to keep junk food ads far from children.”The idea is that, along with other policies and action, kids are protected from direct marketing and advertising convincing them and inducing these to consume too much of this product,” he was quoted saying in an interview with Associated Press Television News.Kyprianou also known as for a special forum on obesity in March, which would set self-regulatory standards by the end of 4 seasons. In initial talks about the issue, the industry has been cooperative, officials said.The task is growing by the year, Kyprianou said. “One in every four children is obese. This implies future health problems,” he stated, highlighting the problems were worst in southern Europe.The Commissioner fears the 25-nation European will be going the same way as the United States. “We made fun of Americans in a way. It is a European problem now,” Kyprianou said in the interview with London’s Financial Times.The European Food Safety Authority found a year ago that Europeans eat less of the extremely dangerous, cholesterol-raising fats than Americans do, along with the amount is decreasing. Still, children keep getting fatter in Europe.In the United States, authorities have already ordered food companies to generate more detailed labeling to warn consumers of dangerous, fattening products.There’s pressure for the EU to do the same and there are already anti-obesity drives in a number of EU nations.France has banned soda and processed foods vending machines from schools.In most European countries, more than half of the population is overweight or obese. Countries in central and eastern Europe, which joined europe this month, have the worst problem, according to the International Obesity Task Force. By Raf CasertBy Raf Casert Downed U.S. balloonist Steve Fossett was rescued by an Australian yachtsman on Monday coming from a life raft drifting within the South Pacific, an Australian rescue official said. Australian Search and Rescue officer Arthur Heather says Fossett was grabbed by the ketch Atlanta Monday. His helium balloon fell 1000s of feet into the Coral Sea Sunday after being hit by a thunderstorm, ending his fourth attempt at circumnavigating the world non-stop in a balloon.Fossett is at good condition, CBS News Correspondent Bill Vitka reports.Fossett had completed two-thirds of his latest make an effort to fly around the world when he ran into trouble and lost connection with mission control.Authorities say Fossett was spotted inside a raft off the Australian coast. Eight hours after Fossett’s balloon crashed inside the sea, members of his support team expressed relief that he had been spotted alive by the French rescue plane.The plane, sent from New Caledonia, was guided on the raft by emergency locator beacons whose signals were found by satellite. Once spotted within the shark-infested waters, the plane dropped emergency supplies to Fossett, including food, water, as well as a 15-man life raft.The millionaire adventurer had traveled over 15,000 miles in their balloon since taking off from Argentina on Aug. 7. Fossett had no less than another five days of travel in the fourth attempt to become the first balloonist to circle the world non-stop.
    Nobody disputes that a drug being manufactured by Discovery Laboratories may become an alternative new treatment for respiratory distress syndrome, a sometimes-deadly lung disorder that leaves premature babies struggling for breath. A Kentucky fertility specialist said Saturday he previously implanted a cloned human embryo in the 35-year-old woman – a claim met with skepticism by many scientists.Dr. Panos Zavos said it was to soon to say whether the woman would conceive and give birth to a cloned baby.British Health Secretary John Reid said looking to create a cloned baby was illegal in great britain and a “gross misuse of genetic science.”A spokesman for Britain’s Royal Society said the scientists’ group was “extremely skeptical.” Wolff Reik, a cloning expert with the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, called the make an effort to clone a human irresponsible.What’s different concerning the claim, made in London, is it comes from an American doctor. Zavos runs a fertility clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. What’s familiar, CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports, is he’s giving few details with no evidence.”I cannot tell you where the woman is,” Dr. Zavos said with a press conference. “I mean, Some give any specifics to get a reason. I do not want to reveal the geographic location from the woman, the dates that were done or any specific details.”Zavos is not first to make such a claim. Just over a year ago, a cult referred to as Raelians – who trace their roots to outer space – said they’d overseen the birth of 5 cloned babies, including a girl named Eve. But that group never allowed scientific scrutiny.Zavos said the process was similar to the technology that created Dolly sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. He said it used skin cells in the woman’s husband and one of her eggs to generate an embryo that was implanted in the woman’s womb. Roth reports that Zavos says he came to London for press coverage he couldn’t get at home in Kentucky, almost echoing a British critic who complained he’s seeking publicity – not advancing science.
    With the Iowa Caucuses just 11 days away, this news out here is that the front-runners are nevertheless out front — way out front. Iowa could be pretty bleak in January, reports CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer. The wind chill Thursday was 17 below zero, this means you will even get chilly at the livestock auction. But there’s an offer headquarters on every corner and candidates say it’s so important to get off to a good start that together they’ve logged an amazing 717 days here. John McCain couldn’t find a way to compete here and is betting everything for the next contest in Nh. That could mean a runaway win for Republican front-runner George W. Bush, with a big campaign bankroll and one of the best-organized campaigns. Although he’s spent millions here, Steve Forbes never really caught on and trails far behind Bush in most polls. On the Democratic side, Bill Bradley has outspent front-runner Al Gore five to at least one, but Gore sewed up labor support early and it is left him with a big lead in most polls. “His organization permeates the state of hawaii and is one of he strongest we’ve seen in some time,” says caucus historian Hugh Winebrenner. With the front-runners doing so well, everyone is looking to lower expectations.Gore says he’ll enjoy a a win, no matter what the margin of victory. “I think I have to win,” he says. “A win is really a win, and 50.1 % would be great.” For the fleeting moment Bradley’s people thought he could win here, but hear them now: “No challenger insurgent has ever gotten greater than 31 percent,” says Jim Farrell, Bradley’s Iowa spokesman. When McCain didn’t compete here, lawyer Joan Bolin tried, for entertainment, to keep the effort going. It is often lonely. “I haven’t seen another McCain sticker in Iowa,” she says. But though her man has no chance, Bolin’s playing down expectations too.”It’s going to be hard for him to do primarily because he doesn’t have support to obtain people to the caucuses,” she says. So pricier any surprises here. Front-runners Bush and Gore will probably stay out front. But we will see history if every one of these lowball predictions come true: it may be the first time ever the total votes soon add up to less than 100 percent. mulberry blog An advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Thursday that doctors vaccinate children against polio with shots as opposed to sugar cubes because oral vaccine has caused a small number of polio cases. CBS News Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay reports.Since 1979, there were up to 10 cases of polio a year as a result of the oral polio vaccine. The oral vaccine has a weakened, but still live virus, as the injectable vaccine contains a dead virus. The CDC panel recommended that since Jan. 1, 2000, children still get four doses of polio vaccine with the ages of:2 months4 months12-18 months4 to 6-years-oldFederal dieticians began the shift for the inactivated polio vaccine in January 1997, once they recommended shots at 2 and 4 months old enough followed by two doses of oral vaccine as children got older.Before January 1997, they recommended children receive four doses with the oral vaccine.”Both vaccines protect the consumer very well. The difference is that the oral polio vaccine now is easier to administer and is better to used in an epidemic setting, which is that which you had in the 1950s and 1960s,” CDC spokeswoman Barbara Reynolds said.”Now, without epidemic polio in this country, it’s perfectly legitimate to move to an inactivated polio vaccine,” she said.Phasing out your oral vaccine reduced the number of vaccine-associated polio cases to four in 1997 and something in 1998, the agency said.Rolling around in its 8-1 vote Thursday, the committee said that the oral polio vaccine could always be used, but only in special circumstances.The CDC asserted the oral vaccine is more effective in avoiding epidemics, but it said the chance of a polio epidemic in the U.S. was very small, it was outweighed by the likelihood of illnesses from the vaccine.Health officials declared that all children still need to be vaccinated for polio until the illness is eradicated worldwide.The CDC asserted if polio vaccinations were stopped from the U.S., millions of children would become susceptible inside a year. Since wild polio infection still happens in many parts of the world, the virus could be imported and cause a U.S. epidemic, it said.In effect, that means the oral vaccine probably will be eliminated in the U.S., Dr. Senay says.



    Investigators said Tuesday there wasn’t enough evidence to show that U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan knew of the contract bid by his son’s employer to the oil-for-food program in Iraq. However, they criticized the U.N. chief because of not properly investigating possible conflicts of great interest in the matter.Asked if he was likely to step down in a response to the program, Annan replied, “Hell, no.”The report released Tuesday accused the company, Cotecna Inspection S.A., and Annan’s son, Kojo, when attemping to conceal their relationship following the contract was awarded. It criticized Kofi Annan for conducting merely a one-day investigation into the issue, and faulted his treating the world body.The investigation led by former U.S. Fed Chairman Paul Volcker did not accuse the U.N. chief of corruption or another wrongdoing. But its conclusion fell well in short supply of the clear vindication that the secretary-general had wanted.Having said that, Annan said he was satisfied with the report’s findings he committed no wrongdoing.”After numerous distressing and untrue allegations have been made against me, this exoneration by the independent inquiry obviously provides a great relief,” Annan told reporters.CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst Pamela Falk declared while the report “stops short of accusing the secretary-general of economic gains in the scandal, it makes damaging accusations about Kofi Annan’s failure to avoid his own son from being involved with corruption and conflicts of interest.”Stacked up with the recent admission by Kofi Annan which he met on several occasions with officials from Cotecna – the Swiss company involved in the scandal – and that incriminating documents were destroyed by Annan’s staff, the report is an additional blow to U.N. credibility,” Falk said.With a press conference after the report was launched, Volcker said there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that Kofi Annan knew about the process through which Cotecna was selected for an inspection contract under the oil-for-food program, or that he tried to influence it.”Our investigation has disclosed several instances by which he might, or could have become aware, of Cotecna’s participation inside the bidding process,” Volcker said. “However, there exists neither convincing testimony to that particular effect nor any documentary evidence.” no previous page next 1/2 ugg fluffie “There are defects in a few of them–in lungs, in hearts, in natureal defenses. There are some limb deformities,” says Siedel, an authority in cloning at Colorado State University.
    CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer finds some similarities between Indonesia’s President Suharto and Monica Lewinsky’s old lawyer, William Ginsburg. Once the Indonesian people finally dumped Suharto, the dictator who bled the continent for $32 billion for 30 years during iron-fisted rule, it came being a shock to the old despot. He thought people loved him. Wrong. To the surprise of no one else, once he stopped offering favors, all the people who had been hanging around his headquarters disappeared. There were a little story in the papers the other day about how blue he is, because no one comes to see him anymore. Even his guards will no longer salute and only his pet parrot still calls him “Mr. President.” Actually, every time the parrot sees him it screeches “good morning, Mr. President,” which must get pretty old which is a reminder he isn’t president anymore. Call me sentimental nonetheless it got me thinking about Monica Lewinsky’s old lawyer William Ginsburg and how he used to be the toast of programs exactly like it and how we all used to call him up twice a day hoping to land interviews with the star client. And after that one day she wasn’t his client. Would you suppose that Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace still call? Sort of sad. I wonder if Ginsburg carries a parrot to remind him of the old days. If he doesn’t, I bet I understand where he can get one?—if it hasn’t been strangled already. classic cardy ugg boots Thick smoke lingered over scorched homes and roads remained blocked Wednesday after one of several grass fires that raged across Texas consumed thousands of acres in Cross Plains, a town of about 1,000 residents 150 miles southwest of Dallas.A church and a minimum of 25 homes were destroyed and flames burned down power poles in the rural town.Another fire left them with an elderly woman dead, destroyed five homes and charred 5,000 acres Tuesday near Callisburg, a Cooke County community near the Texas-Oklahoma border.Firefighters weren’t able to reach the girl, who had apparently fallen and broken her hip, Weaver said.”Houses are simply burned down that nobody could have you ever gotten to,” said rancher Dean Dillard, a former Cross Plains city councilman. “Instantly, there were 15 or 20 houses on fire at same time and no chance to get around to all of which.”The blaze was one of the grass fires that burned across a drought-stricken, windy and unseasonably hot Texas on Tuesday, killing at least one person. Authorities believe these were mainly set by people ignoring fire bans and burning trash, shooting fireworks or tossing cigarettes about the crunchy, brown grass.”It appeared as if we had been bombed in a big war, the entire city was on fire everywhere,” said Dillard.In aspects of Texas, 2005 has been driest year since 1956, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod. The past six months in Oklahoma has been the driest half-year on record since 1921.”The conditions couldn’t be worse for grass fires,” said Battalion Chief David Stapp with the Arlington, Texas, Fire Department.Joel Thomas of CBS station KTVT reports the Arlington fire raced across 300 acres in just minutes.”Homeowners amazingly were sitting on their back porches before firefighters arrived, armed with only garden hoses and sprinklers, looking to fend off this fire because wind whipped toward their homes,” Thomas said.The biggest fire burned at least 400 acres within a rural area near the town of Mustang, southwest of Oklahoma City, where homeowners also did the things they could, reports Doug Warner of CBS affiliate KWTV. no previous page next 1/2
    “I made a right to go towards my office and suddenly I merely heard an explosion and through the side and back I became just engulfed in a big ball of fireplace,” said Dhingra. Ugg Mayfaire Boots For generations, cavities happen to be part of life, an occupational hazard of childhood. But CBS News Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin reports they’re also a serious public health problem, costing kids nearly 50 million hours of lost school time.In accordance with Bill Lieberman, a pediatric dentist, “cavities would be the most predominant childhood disease.”Contrary on the popular belief that cavities originate from sugar, they are actually the result of a bacterial infection and the newest technology to battle them is a vaccine.Dan Smith of the Forsyth Institute is part of a team of researchers at Harvard University who may have developed an anti-cavity vaccine. The goal is always to fight the cavity causing bacteria streptococcus mutants that reside in the mouth and wreak havoc on the teeth.Unlike traditional vaccines which might be injected into the body, this place is a nasal spray. A nasal spray vaccine has several advantages, including not the need to use needles to administer it and also the most direct way to slow up the amount of bacteria in the mouth.”The nasal cavity has immune tissue that’s able to accept the vaccine making antibody which will appear in the saliva,” said Smith.Pediatric dentists like Bill Lieberman also welcome the technology, but add there’s a caveat to this particular cavity fighter. “We don’t want to mislead anybody into assuming that it’s around the corner and they can avoid taking care of their children’s teeth because in the near future there’s going to be a vaccine for them,” said Lieberman. The vaccine may be safely and successfully tested in adults, researchers hope to begin clinical trials on one year olds soon – potentially going for a bite out of that tearful trip to the dentist, for good.(C) MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved
    Asthma is usually triggered by allergies. When allergens type in the lung, an anti-body called IgE recognizes them as invaders, causing air passages to become constricted. The drug targets the anti-body and stops asthma attacks from starting. mulberry holdall But at the postal service in Trenton, there are more concerns. At least two postal employees are now complaining of anthrax-like symptoms, and workers in 46 neighboring post offices are tested for the anthrax bacteria.
    Karen Shonta, his mom, says, “Kristopher was falling behind in classes. He previously a problem, difficulty reading, doing math, concentrating.” A small amount of radioactive steam that leaked from your Hudson River nuclear plant posed no danger to plant employees or the public, officials said. “There is not any danger to the health and welfare in the general public,” Steve Quinn, second in command of utility Consolidated Edison, said at a news conference early Wednesday. Con Edison owns and operates the Indian River 2 plant in northern Westchester County, about 35 miles north of the latest York City. Soon after the leak was detected Tuesday, plant officials declared a stern reminder – the second of four increasingly serious emergency classifications – but no evacuations were ordered and none were expected, police said. No plant workers were injured within the Tuesday night accident or encountered with an amount of radiation above that within a normal workday, Quinn said. “All radiation measurements round the plant and in the community are within normal readings,” he stated. The emergency sirens surrounding the plant were not sounded after the 7:29 p.m. ET accident as the steam escape was so small, Con Edison officials said. Quinn estimated about 1 cubic foot of gas had escaped in the plant’s containment building – the sealed concrete building that holds the reactor – into the air outside, constituting a “completely immeasurable” quantity of radiation. Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were monitoring the scene. It had not been immediately known what caused the leak, which happened a tube used to carry hot, radioactive, high-pressure water to a pool of cool, non-radioactive water. Steam, produced if the hot water hits the cool water, turns a turbine and generates electricity. The steam was automatically released through a vent in the roof in the containment building. A monitor within the vent detected radioactivity and sealed the vent after just a few seconds. The plant was shut down as soon as the leak and is to remain closed for maintenance not less than a week. Power will be supplied by other plants in the region. Quinn said your building was accessible but nothing may be done inside until the temperature dropped. “It’s not something you want to rush,” Quinn said of reopening. “Something unusual happened tonight.” The guarana plant produces about a seventh from the power Con Edison supplies for the 3 million customers, but there wasn’t any loss of power in the region. The alert was the 1st in the plant’s 26 years of operation.Compiled by Jim Fitzgerald
    Senate Republicans defeated a Democratic prescription drug bill Thursday night but Democrats next week are expected to give the GOP a dosage of its own medicine. Relief from the soaring cost of prescription drugs sits high on America’s wish list, reports CBS News Correspondent Diana Olick, and lawmakers know that. That’s why Republicans, who just rejected a Democratic Medicare drug benefit by a 53-to-44 vote on largely party lines, are pushing their own benefit bill to the floor in a few days, even though they know Democrats won’t get it. “They are proposing a crazy quilt of- what else? – private prescription plans, a proposal that the private insurance industry has said over and over will not work,” said Democratic Sen. Richard Gephardt. Republicans wish to take government out of the prescription plan by orchestrating works with private insurers and, in some instances, adding government subsidies. “Our plan will offer you the best prices on the drugs (seniors) need, not some government bureaucracy plan that won’t offer the drug the doctor prescribed,” said Rep. Phil English of Pennsylvania, one of the Republicans who touted the GOP handiwork in the daytime.Democrats proposed a costlier plan for a uniform government-defined prescription drug help to be offered to all 39 million Medicare recipients nationwide. It needed a premium of about $35 a month and a deductible of $250 a year. Next, the government and the individual would evenly split the expense of the next $3,500 in drug expenses and also the government would pick up 75 % of annual expenses between $3,500 and $4,000. The federal government treasury would pick up the entire cost above that quantity. Their bill also provides subsidies for low-income senior citizens.President Clinton calls, who props up the Democratic plan, said the GOP proposal can be a benefit for the companies who make drugs, not the seniors who want them mostThat seems to matter little to lawmakers who become if they just want to get on record which they tried to do something and then blame it on the other side when it doesn’t work. (C)2000 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. These components may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press led to this report mulberry nursery Which may be the biggest challenge for doctors.



    National security adviser Condoleezza Rice forcefully disputed on Sunday an assertion that President Bush decided at the begining of January 2003 to invade Iraq, 90 days before official accounts say the decision was made.The statement, in Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s new book about the run-up to war, is “simply not, wrong,” Rice said.Inside the book, Woodward writes: Some of Mr. Bush’s top advisors were kept completely out of the loop about his decision to venture to war. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador was briefed on military plans before Secretary of State Colin Powell. When the military needed $700 million to organize for war in Iraq, obama quickly signed off, utilizing the money from a fund Congress earmarked for operations in Afghanistan, without talking to Capitol Hill.Woodward talks about these allegations and much more in an interview on Sixty minutes.<CBS>News and Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Woodward’s book, are owned by Viacom.]CBS News White House Correspondent Bill Plante reports Mr. Bush’s opponent in November, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., sharpened his criticism in the president’s handling of the war. “I think the position of the president of america is, number one, to maximize the ability to succeed in your mission. Number two, to minimize the risk to American troops. And number three, to minimize the cost on the American people,” Kerry said. “In every respect, George Bush has become this backwards.””We are studying yet another book which has been written, ” said Kerry on Sunday. “We learn that the president even misled members of his own administration with respect about what he was planning to do in Iraq.”Mr. Bush told reporters a prime-time news conference on March 6, 2003 that a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing action was days away. Ten days later, having failed to win approval, the resolution was withdrawn, and also the assault began March 20.Rice did not deny the private conversation between her and Mr. Bush soon after New Year’s Day through which Woodward said the decision was made, but she said the article author had misinterpreted that which was said.She said Woodward also misread another comment related to her, that since Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld knew with the “go” decision and Secretary of State Colin Powell didn’t, perhaps Mr. Bush should tell Powell.Within the January meeting, Rice said on CBS News’ Face the Nation , she and Mr. Bush were at the president’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, considering the Iraq situation. In these sessions, she said, Mr. Bush “kind of thinks out loud.””He said, ‘No, I think we probably will have to go to war. We are going to have to go to war.’ And it was not a decision to go to war,” Rice said. “That decision he earned in March, when he finally decided to accomplish that.”She said the Powell misunderstanding grew from her comment to Mr. Bush that “If you’re start to think that the diplomacy is just not working, it’s probably time to have a conversation with all the secretary of state.”Rice said she resulted in Mr. Bush should ask Powell “his sense of how the diplomacy was going” knowning that Mr. Bush had thought diplomacy would not succeed.”But I just want so that it is understood: That was not a decision to go to war. The choice to go to war is within March. The president says in that conversation, I do believe the chances are that this will not work out any other way. We are going to have to go to war.Woodward also wrote in “Plan of Attack” that Rumsfeld, Vp Dick Cheney and Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, about the war plan on Jan. 11. Which was two days before Mr. Bush told Powell, Woodward wrote.”I just can’t let this impression stand,” Rice said. “The secretary of state was aware about all of the conversations with the president, all of the briefings to the president. They were in just about every day contact about what was happening at the United Nations.”She was asked: “So he knew that Bandar was being told?””I certainly knew, and i also suspect that Colin do not possess been surprised, studying the Gulf War experience, any particular one of the allies you had to be certain understood what might happen if the president decided to go to war was the Saudis,” Rice said.”But it’s just not the proper impression that somehow Prince Bandar what food was in the know in ways that Secretary Powell was not. It’s only not right. Secretary Powell have been privy to all of this. He knew exactly what the war plan was.” mulberry wallet sale
    An Israeli official said at least three people were killed and 35 wounded Wednesday inside a rampage by a Palestinian bulldozer driver in Jerusalem.The trucker plowed his bulldozer into a string of cars as well as a bus in downtown Jerusalem on Wednesday before police shot him dead. Everybody the attack appears to have been politically motivated.A woman’s body lay lifeless in the street, and Jerusalem Ambulance service spokesman Yonatan Yagodovsky told the British Broadcasting Corp. shortly after the attack that no less than three people have been killed and seven more were in critical condition.He said the casualty toll was preliminary mainly because that emergency workers were treating people at three separate scenes mixed up in the incident.According to the AFP news agency, the militant Hamas group, which runs the Gaza Strip, released your firm stand out saying it was not conscious of who carried out the attack, but calling it the “natural consequence of Israeli aggression.” CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reported that determining whether this attack was the project of an individual, or a part of a wider plan by a militant group, won’ doubt influence Israel’s reaction.Phillips said the tractor was shown to have been involved in a construction project running along Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road – a major artery running through the city. The BBC’s reporter in Jerusalem said he witnessed the entire attack from his office on Jaffa Road. He said a pair of security guards tried to kill the bulldozer driver using their firearms, but he survived from a tussle in the cab. Just after, he was later shot several times in the head by a responding police officer.Video of the attack showed the driving force being shot at least while still attempting to drive the huge part of machinery.The attack wreaked havoc in downtown West Jerusalem – the Jewish 50 % of the contested city. Traffic was halted, and a huge selection of people fled with the streets in panic as medics treated the wounded.Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the BBC the attacker was an Israeli Arab from East Jerusalem. Rosenfeld said the guy did have a criminal background, but had no known links to terrorism or militant groups. He explained the attack seemed to have been “sporadic”.Immediately after the attack, injured people lay on a lawn amid piles of broken glass and blood stains on the ground. A baby had blood across its face, and also the driver of the bulldozer was slumped motionless on the steering wheel.Yagodovsky told the BBC that Israel saw “similar attacks years ago involving trucks or tractors, yet it’s been a long time.”Meanwhile, Palestinian witnesses said Wednesday an angry crowd of people in the Gaza Strip stormed a border crossing with Egypt and were throwing rocks at Egyptian troops.The witnesses said Egypt was repelling everyone else with water cannons, with no one had made it throughout the border.The Palestinians were upset that they are not being allowed to cross into Egypt. The Egyptians had promised to open up the Rafah crossing , but only a small number of Palestinians had been allowed through.Egypt has kept the crossing sealed since Hamas militants seized control of Gaza more than a year ago.Rafah is the main gateway for Palestinians external world. In January, Hamas militants blew open the border, allowing countless people to cross through until it had been resealed about two weeks later. chocolate brown uggs
    The Federal Reserve has cut a key interest rate by a quarter-point, a smaller move than the aggressive easing it undertook a few months ago.The Fed action, announced Wednesday from a two-day regular meeting, pushed the government funds rate as a result of 2 percent, its minimum since late 2004. It marked the seventh consecutive rate cut by the central bank because it began easing credit conditions last September to combat the growing threat of a recession brought on by an in-depth housing slump and credit crisis.The rate cut will mean lower borrowing costs throughout the market as banks reduce their prime lending rate, the benchmark for numerous consumer and commercial loans.The Fed move what food was in line with expectations. Wall Street believes this can well wrap up the Fed’s rate cuts unless the economy threatens to fall under a worse slump than currently expected.The Fed stated it stood ready to “act as required to promote sustainable economic growth and stability.” That phrase was seen as a signal that the Fed is as worried about weak growth as it’s about the risk of higher inflation.The Fed devoted portions of its statement to the threats of weakness along with the threats that inflation could pose, likely reflecting the debate inside the central bank.There have been two dissents from the move, with both Richard Fisher, president from the Dallas regional Fed bank, and Charles Plosser, head of the Philadelphia Fed, arguing that this central bank should make no difference in rates.The central bank is walking a tightrope, trying to jump-start economic growth while also confronting the risk that if it overdoes the credit easing it may make inflation worse in the future.Many economists believe the united states has fallen into a recession. However, the us government reported Wednesday how the overall economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, managed to eke out a 0.6 percent growth rate in the January-March quarter, barely in positive territory.White House press secretary Dana Perino said it’s good the economy did not contract and President Bush still believes tax rebates that began now will give the economy a needed boost, reports CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.About the overall economy, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the colleagues said inside their statement explaining the choice that “economic activity remains weak” with subdued spending by businesses and households.”Financial markets remain under considerable stress and tight credit conditions and deepening housing contractions will likely weigh on economic growth within the next few quarters,” the Fed officials said.While saying the central bank expected inflation to moderate in coming months, the Fed statement said that “uncertainty about the inflation outlook remains high,” adding who’s would be necessary to “continue to observe inflation developments carefully.”The quarter-point move followed a string of extra aggressive rate cuts ranging from a half-point to three-fourths-point within the first three months with this year as the central bank was battling to stabilize markets roiled by multibillion-dollar losses caused by rising mortgage defaults.That turmoil claimed its biggest victim on March 16 when Bear Stearns stumbled on the brink of bankruptcy along with the Fed stepped forward with a $30 billion line of credit to facilitate a purchase of the nation’s fifth largest investment bank to JP Morgan Chase.However, credit markets, although it is not back to normal, have stabilized and lots of analysts believe the worst could be over – even though they caution that this forecast could prove too optimistic if the housing slump deepens further, causing even more mortgage defaults than now expected.Prior to the Fed made its the best cut in September, the funds rate had stood at 5.25 %.While many economists believe the nation is in a recession, the expectation is that it will be a short one ending come early july. If that turns out to be correct, the Fed may hold rates steady for the remainder of this year with the next move like a rate increase sometime next year when the economy is on sounder footing. mulberry company
    This story was written by Ashley Killough, The Lariat The waves ripple from the crowd. Thousands cheered and chanted. The funky jazz band jammed for the brightly lit stage, while a podium decorated which has a Texas flag stood awaiting the star from the show.”It’s like a Barack concert.” Brandon Wilcox of latest Braunfels said. Country music blared since the tall Illinois senator gracefully took takes place. The energetic audience went wild.”Y’all do it big in Texas,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said. “What an unbelievable crowd.”In Sewell Park for the campus of Texas State University, everyone else was spilling in the banks of the San Marcos River.”This is nuts,” Wilcox said.Obama referred to as the support his campaign gets among young people “unprecedented.”Texas State student Chris Marple said he’s got been an Obama supporter since Senator entered the race anf the husband waited an hour . 5 to hear him speak.”It really excites me,” he said. “(The crowd) is fairly impressive.”Like people shouting amen at church, Obama’s message of “We cannot wait” was answered using a host of “no”s.Education would have been a prime topic for his audience of mostly students. The idea of a $4,000 tuition credit for each and every student struck a wire with the crowd.Obama’s plan calls for students who obtain the credit to put in period in community service.”We will invest in you. You purchase America. Together we intend to move this country forward,” Obama said.Other education plans include raising teacher salaries, emphasizing early childhood education and improving public schools.His universal health care insurance plan drew a big applause from the crowd when he said young people out of college will be able to stay on their parents insurance until they reach Twenty five years of age.Obama said medical care problem is one more thing America can’t postpone.”We’re not going to wait 10 years or 20 years. We are going to restore this by eliminate my first term,” Obama said.Following national trend, the economy was another strong focus of his speech. He spoke about signing up for corporate greed, increasing minimum wage to keep pace with hyper-inflation and rolling back Bush’s tax cuts.”If you’re employed in this country, you shouldn’t be poor,” Obama said.While Obama covered various hot topics, the crowd was most responsive to his anti-Bush rhetoric. He criticized the Bush administration for “politics of fear,” as well as its policies on a amount of issues.Obama highlighted his concern to the situation in Darfur, saying “We will lead in bringing a conclusion to genocide in Darfur. We are really not a nation that turns a blind eye to slaughter.”In Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Obama responded to a hypothetical question by MSNBC moderator Tim Russert, who asked if Obama would be willing to strike al-Qaida when it was forming a base in Iraq.”I will never hesitate to protect the United states citizens,” Obama said. Considering these comments McCain lashed out Wednesday morning saying al-Qaida has already been in Iraq.”I have some news for John McCain. (The Republican Party) took their eyes from the ball,” Obama said, referencing the U.S.’s neglect of Afghanistan.Obama said the afternoon for the Republican Party has passed.”(McCain) is with the party of yesterday. We are creating the party of tomorrow the following in San Marcos, Texas,” Obama said. © 2008 The Lariat via U-WIRE mulberry scarf
    As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, most of Americans say the government remains not doing all it might — or should — to aid the storm’s victims, a fresh CBS News poll found.Comparing today’s assessments with those soon after the hurricane, Americans’ assessments of the government response have become even harsher: They still overwhelmingly call the federal government and the state and local governments’ actions inadequate. Many remain displeased with how rebuilding attempts are going and are skeptical that New Orleans will return to normal any time soon.The poll discovered that almost half of Americans continue to be dissatisfied or even angry together with the way rebuilding work is going on the Gulf Coast. That displeasure has subsided just a bit from last winter, when six in 10 felt negatively.HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT GULF REBUILDING EFFORTS?Pleased 6%Satisfied 32% Dissatisfied 39%Angry 11%Tens of 1000s of homes were destroyed by the storm, in support of a fraction have been rebuilt. Federal Emergency Management Agency Director David Paulison said immediately that a lack of housing continues to be the Gulf Coast’s top challenge a year after Katrina. FEMA has distributed roughly $6 billion to house people displaced by Katrina, and a vast majority of Americans feel that the government ought to still pay for housing.If your FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTINUE TO PROVIDE HOUSING FOR VICTIMS?Yes 63%No 29% But, the CBS News poll learned that only one in three Americans think FEMA is doing all it may to help the people affected by Katrina. The criticism in not simply directed at the federal level. Local and state governments score even lower.IS FEMA DOING ALL IT CAN NOW TO HELP KATRINA VICTIMS?All of that can be expected 32%Could be doing more 59%ARE The state of hawaii AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS DOING ALL It could NOW TO HELP KATRINA VICTIMS?All of that can be expected 30%Could be doing more 55%President George W. Bush’s approval ratings with regards to Hurricane Katrina have improved slightly. Most still disapprove of his response to the needs of those affected by the disaster, but evaluations are up from last winter.DO YOU APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE OF PRESIDENT BUSH’S Reply to THE NEEDS OF KATRINA VICTIMS?Approve 41%Could be doing regular more 51%In February, 32% of american citizens approved of how Mr. Bush was addressing the victims’ needs. Right after the disaster, assessments were comparable to today’s, with 44% approving.Most Americans think that the recovery from Hurricane Katrina is a lot from over. The amount PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE IN REBUILDING THE GULF COAST?A good deal 7%Some 38% Not much/none 25%Don’t know 29%While seven in 10 think most of New Orleans will eventually be rebuilt, most Americans — 64% — think rebuilding it should take longer than two years. Another 25% say nearly all of New Orleans will probably don’t be rebuilt.WILL Almost all of NEW ORLEANS BE REBUILT?Yes, in a year or two 8%Yes, but it will take longer 64% No, it never will be 25%Most of the public — 67% — is watching the rebuilding of recent Orleans and the Gulf Coast.Those paying “a lot” of awareness of the rebuilding with the region are more likely than those paying less care about say little or no progress has been given.Most Americans always say New Orleans just isn’t ready to be a tourism and convention destination again — 71% say it is not ready yet, while 17% the city is ready. ugg classic tall boots
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks on Wednesday stepped higher as investors found basis for economic hope in the July rise in orders for U.S. durable goods, which has a spike in the cost of crude viewed as temporary in light of storm conditions within the Gulf of Mexico.”When we think about some of the details <of>the durable-goods report], the cornerstone for optimism is certainly not great, but the market’s reaction shows industry may be ready to embrace better news,” said Tony Crescenzi, a niche analyst at Miller Tabak & Co.Up four of the past five trading days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average seesawed into and out of positive territory before adopting a firmer tone, recently up 107.07 points, or 0.9%, to 11,520.94, with 22 of its 30 components pulling higher.The blue-chip index to date has gained 1.3% considering that the start of August, readying it for the second straight month of gains.For that year, the Dow is down 13.1% after tallying monthly declines for five out from the year’s first seven months.”The feel via a flight is not that the situation is a lot better, but that the rate of deterioration could have slowed. In this environment, that’s enough to generate optimism,” said Crescenzi.”The move around in oil is being ignored, because it is well known a storm is originating and it’s not seen as long-term influence,” said Crescenzi.The S&P 500 gained 11.94 points, or 1%, to 1,283.45, which puts it 1.3% ahead of where the broader-market index stood following July.The energy and financial sectors fronted gains around the S&P, with both up almost 2%. Medical care was the only decliner with the S&P’s 10 industry groups, off fractionally, with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. one of the greatest laggards, its shares down 2.8%.The Nasdaq Composite climbed 32.30 points, or 1.4%, to 2,394.27, which has it gaining 3% since Aug. 1.By having an hour left within the trading session, volume around the New York Stock Exchanged stumbled on a paltry 527.5 million shares, and advancing stocks outpaced those declining more than 3 to 1. Trade was also light on the Nasdaq, where 430 million issues were exchanged and advancers topped decliners almost 2 to a single.Crude movesIn data now tracked more carefully by equities’ traders, the vitality Department reported crude supplies fell by 100,000 barrels to 305.8 million a week ago, while the American Petroleum Institute counted a drop of 3.5 million barrels for the same period.”The oil figures were form of neutral. Oil has moved by the storm,” said Crescenzi of worries that Tropical Storm Gustav might disrupt oil production from the Gulf of Mexico, with crude for October delivery up 22 cents to $118.37 a barrel in electronic trading on Globex. .Retail shares were mixed, reflecting varied second-quarter is a result of chain stores including Borders Group Inc. , up 22% as soon as the book seller posted a narrower-than-expected loss. Shares of J. Crew Group Inc. were hit, recently off 4.7%, as soon as the clothing retailer’s profit and third-quarter forecast missed Wall Street targets.Shares of Talbots Inc. jumped 27.1% following the women’s clothing retailer raised its full-year outlook to a profit instead of its prior projected losses. .Other active shares included that relating to Amylin Pharmaceutical Inc. , which tanked 25.8% as soon as the biotech group said it had received reports that four more users of their diabetes drug Byetta have left. Data frontAhead of the opening bell, stock futures erased their losses after the government reported orders for U.S.-made durable goods rose 1.3% a few weeks ago on strong interest in transportation equipment. The gain beat the expectations of analysts, who forecast a 0.2% rise. .The cost-effective data helped the dollar recover some of its losses, with the dollar index , which tracks the currency against key rivals, as a result of 77.09 from 77.264 in Us trade last Tuesday. .Treasury prices were mostly hiher in afternoon trade, with benchmark 10-year note yields , which transfer the opposite direction of costs, off 1 basis point out 3.67%. .In a speech Wednesday morning at Georgia State University’s business school, Fed Bank of Atlanta President Dennis Lockhart predicted inflation would ease in coming months, calling recent price hikes “more likely to be transitory than persistent.” Shares in Europe turned higher, together with the pan-European Dow Jones Stoxx 600 index up 0.2% to 283.25. .In Asia, stock markets closed mixed, with all the Hang Seng Index finishing 1.9% higher. Equities investors could also look overseas for positive economic data. “Germany had some inflation news which was better. Their CPI <consumer>price index] actually declined month over month in August, a harbinger for the purpose is to come in the U.S.,” said Crescenzi.”There had not been breakdown with the numbers, but state data established that lower energy prices were the real key behind the decline,” said analysts at Action Economics of German data that relayed a 0.3% decline in the country’s CPI.By Kate Gibson mulberry sale uk
    The hospital ranks number 4 nationally in neurology. Neurologist John Corona showed CBS 2’s Paul Moniz brain scans of an young stroke victim, initially treated at another center, but who’s on the mend after aggressive treatment here. ugg australia bailey button boots
    In the midst of Milan’s all-important Fashion Week, the picture that is turning heads in Italy is often a shocking one. It shows what anorexia looks like stripped bare. And, it’s re-igniting the debate in the fashion industry over whether designers should make sure that the models who be visible on their catwalks are really healthy. Sheila MacVicar reported on the controversy for CBS News’ The first Show .On huge billboards above Italian city streets, the emaciated frame of Isabelle Caro, age 27, is stopping traffic. She weighs below 70 pounds.Caro is not an model, but a French comedienne. She gets suffered from anorexia since she was 13 yrs . old. “When I see myself now, I say, ‘what a horror,'” Caro told a French TV interviewer. “I’m looking to get out of it, and I want younger ladies to know that is possible.” 2 The photographer, Oliviero Toscani, is not any stranger to controversy. His past work includes highly provocative pictures for advertising campaigns by the Italian chain Benetton, including an image of a dying AIDS victim.His intention now, he says, is to focus debate from the fashion industry by showing graphically the location where the pressure to be thin and thinner is leading some women; not just young women in the fashion business but people that go on extreme diets hoping looking and dressing much like them. “In the end,” Toscani says, “that is when you look; if you take off of the dress, that is how you look.”In the last two years, at least two models pressurized to get even thinner became anorexic and died. Therefore, fashion industry professionals in Madrid and Milan banned super-skinny models using their runways, and are demanding that models give doctors’ certificates proving their good health. And earlier this month, during London Fashion Week, no less than one model who has acknowledged battling seating disorder for you was sent home internet marketing too thin to appear on the runway. British model Charlotte Carter says she thought she was on the verge of recovery from her seating disorder for you. “However, I wasn’t,” she acknowledges, “and they basically told me to go home and rest up. They thought I became beautiful but I necessary to take care of myself.”Italy’s most well-known fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, calls the billboard campaign “crude but appropriate.” Armani, who showed his latest collection the 2009 week, says “it’s not simply the fashion world. Oahu is the whole system.” He’s ready for change. “Skin and bones,” he says. “It gives me the creeps, too.”Backstage at her show, another leading designer, Rosita Missoni, argued that this campaign was right. “It’s never to be hidden,” Missoni says. “We ought to talk about it and then try to find a way to fight it.”But doctors and specialists who treat anorexics argue these pictures are not improving understanding, and may even damage those who are suffering.”We need to change the way everybody thinks and covers an eating disorder,” says Susan Ringwood, a specialist on eating disorders. “It’s not trivial. It’s not a fashion accessory. It is a serious mental illness and it’s really not just about your weight and shape. These images reinforce those stereotypes as an alternative to challenging them.”One last message from Isabelle Caro: She would like people to know that anorexia nearly killed her this past year. The anti-anorexia campaign won approval from Italy’s health minister, who reminded people who anorexia is a serious mental illness, knowning that it’s fatal in 20 % of its sufferers. Nutritionists here say it’s about opening a discussion. ugg tall boots



    North Korea’s missile tests suggested the continent can’t directly threaten the United States for now. But the Koreans can study on their mistakes, no matter if the tests were posturing, serious military efforts or both, U.S. officials and military experts say.North Korea has 3 to 4 more missiles on launch pads and prepared for firing, major South Korean newspapers reported Thursday. The missiles are generally short- or medium-range, reported Chosun Ilbo, certainly one of South Korea’s largest dailies, citing an unidentified senior South Korean official.Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and President Bush have consented to cooperate in pushing for U.N. resolutions to impose sanctions on North Korea and Japan offers to seek a G-8 statement to denounce the regime over its missile tests launches.Japan has called on North Korea to immediately stop testing missiles and come back to six-party talks unconditionally.Japan’s Defense Chief, Fukushiro Nukaga, states that “in addition to building monitoring radar networks, we would like to cooperate with the Usa and put our joint missile interception into condition as quickly as possible.”Early Thursday, a North Korean envoy towards the United Nations warned other nations it would regard as a possible act of war any sanctions that has to be imposed on North Korea due to the missile launchings.”We will be made to take all-out countermeasures if sanctions are exercised,” said Han Song Ryol, deputy chief of North Korea’s U.N. mission in Ny, according to the Japanese television network TBS.Han was quoted as saying that the missile launches were section of a regular military drill “to counter escalating acts of provocation from North Korea’s enemies… North Korea has the right to test-fire missiles as a sovereign nation, and will not change in the near future.”Another North Korean official – from the Foreign Ministry – took the same tack, but turns the rhetoric up a bit, saying the purpose of what he calls the “successful missile launch” was to strengthen the country’s martial arts.North Korea also vows to consider “stronger physical action” against any outside opposition for the missile launch drills.The reclusive regime accuses the U.S. of stepping up aerial espionage and prepared to start a nuclear fight against the Korean peninsula.”The military and also the people of DPKR are further strengthening the military deterrent to mercilessly punish aggressors’ provocations,” said the Korean Central News Agency. DPRK stands for the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.Also Thursday, South Korea’s unification minister, Lee Jong-seok, said South Korea will press ahead using its policy of engagement with the North despite the communist state’s missile tests. Lee told the country’s Assembly that Cabinet level meetings backward and forward Koreas scheduled for in a few days should go ahead, and that Seoul will press ahead with cross-border projects with North Korea.”If economic cooperation is undermined, there will be more loss,” Lee explained. “I hope why these businesses would not be affected,” he added, referring to an industrial complex in North Korea jointly by the 2 Koreas and sightseeing into a mountain resort in North Korea.North Korea test-fired a seventh missile on Wednesday, eventually after it defied international protests by launching a long-range missile and a minimum of five shorter-range weapons.The long-range Taepodong-2 missile, the item of intense international attention for over a month, failed 42 seconds after liftoff, suggesting a catastrophic failure in the rocket’s first, or booster, stage.David Wright in the Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-profit advocacy group, says it turned out the most likely here we are at something to go wrong. “The first stage specifically is a new, large complicated stage that’s more difficult than anything they’ve tested,” Wright tells CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.The U.S. missile defense system was on alert and under orders to shoot down North Korea’s missile if it threatened American territory. But Wright doesn’t think it was headed this way.”It looks like it was flying well south of the continental U.S., and, in fact, it looks like it may have already been chosen to fly so that it didn’t fly over any parts of the United States,” he says.That heartened U.S. officials, since a youthful version of the long-range missile, last tested in 1998, failed later in their flight, apparently because of a third-stage malfunction. A working form of the intercontinental missile could reach the United States with a light payload. no previous page next 1/2 [url=]uggs classic short[/url]
    A defiant Gov. Rod Blagojevich named a black political trailblazer to Barack Obama’s Senate seat, a surprise move that place the governor’s opponents in the uncomfortable position when trying to block his choice from becoming the Senate’s only black member.Blagojevich’s appointment of former state Attorney General Roland Burris injected race to the drama surrounding the embattled governor, who repeatedly sought to distance his selection from charges that he tried to sell the seat on the highest bidder.”Please never let the allegations against me to taint a fantastic and honest man,” the governor said, checking out the smiling 71-year-old standing by his side.”This is about Roland Burris as a U.S. senator, not regarding the governor who made the appointment.”Burris was the 1st African-American elected to major statewide office in Illinois, being comptroller and running for governor thrice – the last time losing to Blagojevich.He stated he has no link to the charges against Blagojevich, who was arrested earlier this month.Before the announcement, which was leaked several hours before, the governor’s move encountered opposition.Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who must certify the appointment, said Tuesday he’ll almost certainly not do so. And Senate leaders reiterated that they would not accept anyone appointed by Blagojevich.Within a statement Tuesday, Senate Democrats maintained that Blagojevich should not make the appointment because doing so would be unfair to Burris and the people of Illinois.”It is truly regrettable that despite requests all 50 Democratic senators and public officials throughout Illinois, Gov. Blagojevich would make imprudent step of appointing someone to the United States Senate who would serve under a shadow and stay plagued by questions of impropriety,” the statement said.”Under these circumstances, anyone appointed by Gov. Blagojevich can’t be an effective representative of the people of Illinois and, once we have said, will never be seated by the Democratic caucus.”Obama struck precisely the same tone.”Roland Burris is a good man along with a fine public servant, however the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they can cannot accept a consultation made by a governor who’s accused of selling this very Senate seat. I agree with their decision,” the president-elect said inside a statement.Senate leaders, who had been scattered for the holidays, immediately convened a conference call. Some mixed up in the call were cautious about being seen as denying a black man a seat in a chamber where, with Obama’s departure, there won’t be any blacks, according to two officials experienced in the talks who requested anonymity as a way to speak freely.”We say this without prejudice toward Roland Burris’ ability, and now we respect his numerous years of public service,” the leaders wrote. However the issue is not about Burris, they said. “It is about the integrity of a governor accused of attempting to sell this United States Senate seat.”Rep. Bobby Rush, an Illinois Democrat who had been invited to speak at Blagojevich’s news conference, urged Senate leaders not to block Burris. In fact, he almost dared them to try to stop Burris’ appointment.”There is no rhyme or reason why he really should not be seated in the U.S. Senate,” Rush said. “I do not think any U.S. senator … desires to go on record to deny one African-American from being seated in the U.S. Senate.”He told reporters that Senate Democrats must not “hang and lynch the appointee when you try to castigate the appointer.” “Bobby Rush didn’t play in the race card, he dealt the complete deck,” CBS News Senior Political Analyst Jeff Greenfield said. “He said, ‘How is it possible to not seat the only African American who will be in your body for something he didn’t do?'”Blagojevich was arrested Dec. 9 after federal prosecutors allegedly recorded conversations by which he discussed appointing someone Obama favored in return for a position in the new president’s Cabinet or naming someone favored by a union if she got a high-level union job. The governor has faced a flood of necessitates his resignation, and the Illinois House has started impeachment proceedings. He maintains his innocence, and has vowed to stay in office.Blagojevich’s own lawyer said recently that there would be no point from the governor naming someone to the Senate because leaders there would reject his appointment. no previous page next 1/2 [url=]ugg australia classic short[/url]
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks were poised for the mixed open on Monday, like a slew of merger news — including Alcoa Inc.’s $33 billion bid for rival Alcan Inc. — lifted spirit. Nevertheless the market’s momentum is likely to be contained ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting on rates later this week.Futures to the Dow Jones Industrial Average were up 1 at 13,320, while those for the S&P 500 index fell 0.7 points to 1,513.Nasdaq 100 futures fell 1.5 points to 1,907.Monday mergersAmong blue chips, Alcoa dropped 0.4% ahead of the open. The aluminum giant has offered $73.25 a share, or $33 billion, in cash and stock for Canada’s Alcan . The offer represents a 32% premium to Alcan’s average closing price within the last 30 days.Alcan’s stock jumped 25% in pre-market trading.Technology shares might see some pressure following a report late Friday said Microsoft Corp. wasn’t any longer holding talks about a possible merger with Yahoo Inc. . Yahoo shares eased 1.2% ahead of the open. Elsewhere, BAE Systems is providing $88 a share, or $4.1 billion, for defense contractor Armor Holdings. Rio Tinto rose after analysts said BHP Billiton meet the expense of to buy the company. Size increases extended a rise in the miner’s shares after Merrill Lynch said that a private-equity consortium can afford to buy BHP Billiton .Merger activity and share buybacks have remained key drivers with the market’s advance as cash-rich companies take their money to use. A lesser pool of overall stock, as well as speculation about more mergers, helps lift the broad market.Still, investors will also be now faced with a realistic look at a slowing economy, as shown in last week’s below-par employment report for April. Attention will now be turning toward the government Reserve, which meets Wednesday to decide on interest rates.While the Fed is widely likely to leave rates unchanged, investors hope it’s going to acknowledge signs of a slowing economy, which may open the door for rate cuts later in 2010.Other markets The dollar was down against the euro and the yen noisy . action, following the weak U.S. jobs report on Friday. The euro also received hook boost after the as-expected victory of right-wing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. Later in the week, the European Central Bank is predicted to leave interest rates unchanged — and also to signal a June rate rise.Crude-oil futures slipped 76 cents to $61.17 a barrel, while gold futures rose $2.60 to $692.30 an ounce. Corporate newsElsewhere, Motorola shares rose 2.1% to $18.45 from the pre-open as Carl Icahn is due to push for a seat on its board at the meeting in Chicago.ABN Amro turned down a $24.5 billion offer for the LaSalle operation from banks led by the Royal Bank of Scotland, saying way too many conditions are attached. Instead it prefers a $21 billion offer from Bank of the usa .News Corp., which is bidding $5 billion for Dow Jones, sold a stake in Australia’s Fairfax Media for 380 million Australian dollars. Dow Jones has the Journal and MarketWatch, the publisher on this report.Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway said first-quarter earnings rose 12% on insurance gains. He warned over the past weekend that global warming could increase hurricane losses at its catastrophe reinsurance unit.By Nick Godt [url=]john lewis mulberry bags[/url]
    Continuing her mission to gain the support of key American allies within the Gulf, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Monday claimed backing from Saudi Arabia to get a tough stand against Iraq. However, a U.S. request to use Saudi bases in event of military action stayed unresolved. “We see eye to eye around the issues involved,” she said after more than six hours of talks with Crown Prince Abdullah at his luxury tent and trailer vacation encampment in a blooming desert meadow around an hour from Riyadh. Abdullah “agreed with our assessment how the responsibility for this crisis falls squarely about the shoulders” of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, she said. Albright also told a news conference before departing for Bahrain that they remains skeptical which a flurry of diplomatic activity — by Russia, the Arab League yet others — would be successful. Reports of Russian Progress Premature There have been reports earlier Monday that Russia elicited some concessions from Iraq, but U.S. officials were dismissive. Albright stood firm that Washington would accept nothing more than “unconditional and unfettered” access by U.N. inspectors to Iraqi arms sites. Iraq later denied the Russian reports. Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Qaysi told a news conference in Baghdad that a Russian Interfax news agency report “stated that Iraq accepted inspection of presidential sites…That statement is very, totally incorrect.”In a cell phone conversation between President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, Monday, the Russian leader agreed that Iraq’s defiance from the United Nations over arms inspections was unacceptable. CBS Poll: Americans Support Air Strikes Meanwhile, A CBS News poll conducted Sunday says three-quarters with the American public always support air strikes against Iraq if your Iraqi government does not cooperate with U.N. weapons inspectors. However, much the same majority of Americans believe it’s necessary for the United States to gain the support of the allies before launching any strikes. Greater than two-thirds of the 620 polled accept Clinton’s handling of the situation.After leaving Saudi Arabia, Albright flew to Bahrain where she promises to meet on Tuesday with the emir. She then has talks in Cairo before here we are at Washington. Saudis Prefer Diplomatic Solution Within a statement Monday following your talks, Saudi Arabia said the two sides were keen for the diplomatic solution “since failure of these means would result in grave consequences whose responsibility would lie exclusively for the Iraqi regime.” [url=]mulberry bayswater review[/url]
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The roller-coaster ride in equity markets continued Friday as the major indexes bounced between good and bad territory, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average headed towards the first weekly advance after four weeks of losses.Possibly choosing a cue from billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who wrote in Friday’s The big apple Times that he would invest in stocks, the market solidified gains in afternoon trade.After lapsing 200 points at the start, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was recently up 260.05 suggests 9,239.31.Stocks had begun the session sharply lower after the U.S. reported new-home building fell to a 17-year low and President Bush discussed efforts to rescue the embattled economic climate in the face of global recession.”Volatility should remain the main feature of Friday trade, whipsawing both bond and stock traders,” said analysts at Action Economics.Twenty-eight with the blue-chip index’s 30 components posted gains, led by American Express Co. , up 6.8%.Caterpillar Inc. fell the most, off 2.1%.The S&P 500 gained 34.31 points, or 3.4%, to 980.74, even though the Nasdaq Composite rose 56.56 points, or 3.3%, one,774.27.Standouts in the energy sector included National Oilwell Varco Inc. , up 19.7%, and Southwestern Energy Co. , ahead 19%.Oil futures gained, recently up $2.13 at $71.98 a barrel. .Volume around the New York Stock Exchange topped 1 billion, and advancing issues outpaced those declining more than 3 to 1. On the Nasdaq, nearly 809 million shares traded, and advancers beat decliners more than 2 to 1.Negative bentU.S. consumer sentiment fell in October, with the University of Michigan/Reuters index falling to 57.5 from the reading of 70.3 in late September, according to reports. Prior to open, stock futures had extended declines as the Commerce Department estimated housing starts declined 6.3% in September, sinking with their lowest annual rate since January 1991. .A step of consumer sentiment for October was similarly glum.Inspite of the negative reaction by equities, Tony Crescenzi, bond market strategist at Miller Tabak & Co., found cause of optimism in the housing data.”What is sorely needed in the housing market can be a decrease in supply, no increase. The downward trend in completions is great news in terms of the eventual liquidation from the excess housing supply,” Crescenzi said.Some other take came from Kevin Giddis, md at Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc.”The drop in housing is not a fiscal surprise, but when you combine the dpi, and the depth of their decline, along with the other economic indicators, you should be concerned,” Giddis said.Investors also weighed the most up-to-date comments on the economic crisis offered by Bush, who said it would “take a while” for your credit crunch to ease. Bush also declared the economy would eventually recover in remarks ahead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. .Futures had trimmed losses after a further decline in Libor, a key short-term borrowing rate, raising hopes that massive bank bailouts by European and U.S. governments will thaw frozen credit markets.The automotive sector was within the news and on investors’ radar screens. Embattled General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC are obtaining the pace on merger talks, pushed by banks as well as other lenders eager to visit a deal, The Wall Street Journal reported.Honeywell International Inc. said Friday it anticipates fourth-quarter earnings from the range of 97 cents to $1.01 a share, with analysts polled by FactSet Research searching for, on average, earnings of $1.04 a share.Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications on Friday reported a smaller-than-expected third-quarter loss, together with the phone-making joint venture of Japan’s Sony Corp. and Sweden’s Ericsson AB affirming its restructuring intend to be on track. U.S. stocks closed Thursday with big gains, rallying into the close as bargain hunters stepped in following initial losses on data releases showing drops in factory output. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 401 points, the Nasdaq Composite rose 89 points and also the S&P 500 added 38 points.By Kate Gibson [url=]lynnea ugg boots[/url]
    The South is going to an economic crisis if states don’t begin investing more to help you poor children flourish in school, according to a new report released Tuesday.A lot of students enrolled in public schools across 15 Southern states have become low income – a predicament last seen in the 1950s and 60s – and states are not doing enough to ensure they graduate from high school graduation and go on to college, a report from the Southern Education Foundation shows.The report could be the first time the 140-year-old Atlanta-based nonprofit has gotten a region-wide look at issues affecting the future prosperity of the South.”We are essentially starting the South to fail,” said Steve Suitts, the report’s author and program coordinator for the foundation. “If we don’t be capable of educate more students, we’re not going to have a prosperous future of this type no matter how much the sun may shine.”Today blue collar jobs that once didn’t even have to have a high school diploma now call for some postsecondary training, and companies that want to relocate search for areas with good schools plus an educated work force, he explained. People who have a high school diploma or less can still get jobs – but they tend be low wage jobs which don’t help raise them beyond poverty, Suitts said.Which means the South is headed toward a poor economy with an undereducated population, high unemployment rates and also poverty, Suitts said.CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann spoke for the president of the foundation, Lynn Huntley, who reiterated the actual. “The jobs of the future require people that have high skills,” Huntley said, “so that this economic future of the south are at stake, as well as that of the us.” Low income students are children whose family income qualifies them at no cost and reduced meals in school.Poor students will likely not be as ready for kindergarten, are more inclined to repeat a grade and therefore are less likely to graduate from high school than their wealthier classmates. They perform worse than higher income students on state and national exams measuring educational progress.But schools throughout the South spend less per pupil than other parts of the country, which means the kids who need the extra tutoring and guidance do not get it, according to the report.States like Connecticut – with only 29 percent low income enrollment – spend around $11,600 on each student, in accordance with the report. But Mississippi, where low-income enrollment is 75 %, spends just $5,600 per student, the report states.Southern states tax for education at the same rates other areas of the country do, nevertheless the South’s higher poverty rates lead to less taxable income and less revenue to invest in education, Suitts said.The Southern trend of enrolling more poor students than the rest of the nation is just not new. But in recent times, the flood of Hispanic immigrants getting into the South in conjunction with high birth rates among poor minorities have sent low-income enrollment numbers through the roof, Suitts said.In 2006, 54 percent of scholars enrolled in public schools within the South were low income, up from 37 percent just 16 years back. The percentage broke 1 / 2 in 2004. The final time the majority of students were poor in Southern schools what food was in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Suitts said.Nationally, 46 percent of scholars are low income. The Northeast and Midwest enrolled just 36 percent poor children, along with the West had 47 percent low-income students, the research shows.The South also had the very best overall public school enrollment with 18 million students, in comparison to 11 million in the West and Midwest and 8.5 million inside the Northeast.Louisiana had the very best rate of poor students with 84 percent. Mississippi wasn’t far behind with 75 percent.New Hampshire had the cheapest rate in the country with only 20 percent. North Dakota was second with 26 percent. [url=]mulberry trees for sale[/url]



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    Customarily the star faced with starting the particular Harrods Winter sale has become supposed to simple the lower limbs and also cuddle a lovely puppy dog. [url=]discount mulberry bags[/url] Do you think you’re tired of Most recognized Category businesses trotting your very same tiredold traces? Can you yawn when Arsene Wenger suggests this individual didn’t view thatknee-high challenge, any time Rafa Benitez perceives likely to anti-Liverpoolconspiracy between referees, or maybe while Mister Alex Ferguson promises this fixturelist was designed to scupper his / her side?
    Industry by storm common complaint, the get away pertaining to ‘effeminate’ kids has been set up for the east coast condition of Terengganu a year ago to show these how to become males. [url=]mulberry shop online[/url] Presenting through the Golden Globes could not far superior Public realtions for people similar to Sylvain Orebi, us president connected with Kusmi Green tea.
    ‘They find out even though. To merely understand where by their particular playthings are usually and why we now have so many tresses for the entrance doors. I will be so treated many people didn’testosterone levels wander downstairs. [url=]mulberry outle[/url] Pawel Brozek. Sub sandwiches: Juszczyk, Singlar, Guedes Filho, Zienczuk,
    Burberry’azines list equip discovered some sort of 36% boost in sales from the quarter for you to Dec 31. Brand-new room made 8% with this growth while Tiongkok – which has been utilized in the actual store division with Sept – offered 14% [url=]mulberry stores[/url] 346-5: Ooh an additional half opportunity for a new run out. KP overlooks the particular stumps (yet again) and also the combine survive.
    Through non-public medical professionals and also dentists to non-public instructors, pilates as well as yoga exercise teachers, plastic surgeons, nutritionists, botox treatments injectors, curly hair colourists, manicurists, pedicurists and fake-tan sprayers, it should take a military associated with professionals at approximately £80,500 each year to hold our alpha dog family on the run. [url=]mulberry bayswater ebay[/url] And also they’re away from! Frozen foodstuff supplier Findus possesses confessed which the beef gravy to use frozen lasagne is made together with 98 percent indy.
    In a uninteresting exploration industry, Antofagasta brought theretreat in 1226p, down 64p. This Chileanminer mentioned at its AGM your ramp-up connected with itsEsperanza copper mineral acquire could well be completedin the second half the season, soon after takinglonger in comparison with at first prepared. [url=]mulberry mitzy messenger bag[/url] Then this translator explained merely: ‘Let’s get in addition to satisfy the girl’ — and that we had been come to a place using 6 kids inside separate cots.
    Roberto Mancini’s adult men now get several factors free from Man utd, who will be for doing things at Several weeks tomorrow. [url=]discount mulberry handbags[/url] Listed here is a woman as their daily life has become moved through Hardyesque tragedy along with scandal. But, in meeting the woman, just one thinks she has but to meet a crisis that will justification some sort of poorly-laid table.




    Blimey ( space ) we’ve been seeing a wide range of replays of Dhoni’s clear ankle angle. He has cushioning copy…. [url=]gucci mayfair[/url] Later inside morning, the particular Double, whoexpects efficiency on these kind of functions, executes your own assessment from the tables. Very well, there I was amongst pretty much everything magnificence, sitting beside a male who is agency was delivering a fresh sewage system to help Malaysia. He or she was adament about handling it each achievable detail.
    Their son or daughter may, even so, grow up, just like Invoice performed, together with the expertise that they’ll 1 day wear your Crown. [url=]official gucci website[/url] However going to the guts FM Studios working in london right now, your 23-year-old singer ensured the woman ended up being this centre of attention as a result of your ex greatest accent.
    Sometimes, there was clearly a scuffle. Just one courageous course warrior, experience shielded with a headband, retained popping out by at the rear of their friends in addition to flinging a single officer for the base. Lastly, the cop flipped rounded, directed along with yelled: ‘Stop stopping myself!’ [url=]gucci g[/url] Even extras were animal-themed having crocodile art print tights and also hair totes
    The girl can be a fashion symbol, yet she will be some sort of traditionalist in mind. [url=]gucci shop in london[/url] Currently Harry’ersus mum remains his or her perform, nevertheless unfortunately without your ex greatest salesperson. It seems basic in my experience when this When… albums idea comes off, I should oversee up to I will and also put in all of the bum once and for all in the Carry On Harry consideration. Are you currently in? Everybody claim aye.
    Spectator activity: Overlook Robinson, along with little princess Emma applied shoulder muscles along with Donald Cameron and the wife Samantha [url=]gucci italy[/url] RODEO Get
    HM needs any full-time horological conservator to take care of the particular clocks, timepieces in addition to barometers from the elegant selection — greater than 1,500 things. [url=]gucci australia[/url] ‘When Industry experts the particular director precisely why the actual script was changed, they told me that when that found shooting this unclothed scenarios, Kathleen simply declined to eliminate her panties.
    We have been getting larger: but will the dancing Baggies arrive straight back again? [url=]brown gucci bag[/url] Hyena hand-painted corduroy jumper in Selfridges




    Leading brands which might be thrown above the neck incorporate Mulberry, Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Zagliani. [url=]louis vuitton speedy 35[/url] Feet 0-0 Tottenham 0-0 Aston Property
    Andrew Murray has been subject to a new major makeover since deciding upon using Simon Fuller’s organization 20 Entertainment. [url=]pre owned louis vuitton bags[/url] I’l moving into an odd kind of limbo, accomplishment looking forward to death, although aware it could possibly take place at any moment.
    The BarCap up grade to heavy and a focus on tariff of 370p made it easier for protection large BAE Techniques move forward Seven.8p to 322.5p. It’s among the broker’ersus top chioces granted their additional geographically numerous sales mix with more contact solid growthmarkets such as Saudi Arabia, Questionnaire and Indian, sense of balance piece flexibility and also a environmentally friendly results. [url=]louis vuitton stockists uk[/url] 4.55: Purpose! Now it is Seven regarding Tottenham hotspurs. Kranjcar obtains throughout about the behave, working property following wandering in to the field unblemished. Umpire ( space ) quit it today, it truly is turning out to be upsetting pertaining to Wigan.
    The FSB colonel was amongst in excess of 60 to 70 injured from the blasts. Family members nowadays started your grubby job regarding burying their particular lifeless. [url=]lv bags outlet uk[/url] But unlike a great many other fighters, Lucy usually spends the woman days and nights presenting massages as well as manicures for the cosmetic salon exactly where the lady operates in Penzance just before exercising. britain [url=]handbag louis vuitton[/url] Surely there’s an simpler supply of back in dried out territory: Tamara will get the woman’s lower-leg around
    That is really right at the heart of the current being addicted ­dressing young children with developer equipment. Anywhere along the line many of us appear to have obtained in to the concept that our youngsters will adore people additional once we buy them high-priced items. [url=]louis vuitton keepall[/url] Sales of the company’s brands inside China and taiwan within the 11months for you to November This year leaped 25 %. This current year it will perform evenbetter since it’s China circulation spouse, Ming Wang Business, features started out an essential lot within Shenzhen, an urban area in Southern China and taiwan with a people of greater than 14m. Its subscriber base consists of retail and also tradebuyers, a few of which their very own display rooms through China.
    12-15.53: While Wide-ranging stepped away they scowled on Umpire Dar. Henry Atherton telephone calls the idea appropriate ‘England have to do a superb examine on their own on this game, certainly not the umpires.Ha [url=]real louis vuitton bags[/url] Fatima supported Matthew on the Brazil facilities and also hung out using 11-month-old Vida.


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