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    Can someone please tell me what the 6 wheel arrangement of wheels does on a hand truck? I need one for a courier job for appliances.


    Anonymous It’s rare for me to write on a single general topic three times inside a month, but recent disasters inside the Gulf Coast have kept the main topics backing up data on the front burner. As countless Americans can now testify, the ability to access our possessions – including precious data for example family photos – is not something we are able to take for granted.Of course, computer data is trivial when compared with human life but it’s arguably as essential as any of your physical possessions. Furniture may be replaced, but family photos, tax records, correspondence and many types of those other data files on your personal computer are irreplaceable unless they’re duplicated. This is especially important for photographs since many people are using digital cameras. Unlike traditional photos, it is easy to backup digital photos there really is no reason not to be protected.And, of course, you don’t have to be a potential hurricane victim to be concerned about losing data. Everyone lives in a potential disaster area as well as if that never happens, almost always there is the real possibility of your hard disk drive failing or data being destroyed on account of a computer glitch, malicious software or user error. As hurricanes continue to ravage the Gulf Coast, burning data remains a crucial consideration. Larry Magid foretells David Bunzel, President of the Optical Storage Technology Association concerning the advantages of copying your important data to CDs or DVDs. In past columns I’ve talked about software and hardware solutions such as using a mirroring program to make an exact image of your disk, utilizing an external USB drive to conveniently backup or utilizing an online service like @Backup to backup your data to the Internet.CDs and DVDs A straightforward and inexpensive solution is to copy your important data to CDs or DVDs. One advantage of this strategy, according to David Bunzel, President from the Optical Storage Technology Association is that CDs and DVDs, whilst not impervious to damage, are less inclined to fail in the case of water damage. Also, it’s relatively easy to make an extra copy of an DVD or CD. Keep one along with your equipment and mail the opposite to a friend or relative – preferably out of town. I just backed up my 1000s of family digital photos two DVDs and mailed these to a friend of mine. I shutter thinking, but if anything were to eventually my home, at least our precious photos could be safe. I don’t live in hurricane country but California comes with earthquakes and, of course, fires. no previous page next 1/3 At this time, organs are allocated by region, and quite often the sickest people must wait longer as a consequence of geography. China reported its first human installments of bird flu on the mainland Wednesday, including a minumum of one fatality, as health workers with vaccine and disinfectant raced to inoculate vast amounts of chickens and other poultry in a massive campaign to support the virus.The World Health Organization confirmed the virulent strain experts fear might lead to a worldwide flu pandemic has recently infected humans in the world’s most populous nation.China’s Health Ministry reported confirmed installments of infection with the deadly H5N1 strain within a poultry worker, who died, plus a 9-year-old boy, who fell ill in central Hunan province but recovered, a state Xinhua News Agency said. It said the boy’s 12-year-old sister, who died, was recorded as a suspected case.Experts worry the virus could spread and mutate in China because of its huge poultry flocks and their connection with humans. It also has migration routes for geese and also other wild birds that might carry the disease.”This is a psychologically telling moment to get a country that has never had bird flu cases during the past in humans,” said Roy Wadia, a WHO spokesman in Beijing. “This will drive home to citizens across the country this can happen in our own backyards,” he stated. “It’s a very real threat.”Officials had warned a human infection in China was inevitable following the country suffered 11 outbreaks in poultry over the past month, which prompted authorities to eliminate millions of birds.In related developments:Also Wednesday, Vietnamese authorities reported bird flu outbreaks in three more provinces, bringing to 12 the amount of cities and provinces affected recently. Vietnam is in the middle of a campaign to get rid of all poultry in most of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, its two biggest cities.Ministers on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Busan, The philipines, urged more information-sharing and response systems to combat bird flu. “New global pandemics, like avian influenza, require new, concerted action,” said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Mexico has created “great progress” in combating a possible bird flu outbreak in the country and has declared 15 of their 31 states bird flu free, an agriculture official said Wednesday. Jose Antonio del Valle, director of animal health for Mexico’s Agriculture Department, claimed it is hoped all 31 states and the capital will be officially free of bird flu before the end of 2006. no previous page next 1/2 When 65-year-old Phyllis Brooks opened her January gas bill and saw the numbers — $353.99 — the retired Chicago postal worker was stunned.”A $200-a-month jump, that could make anybody sit up and be aware,” Brooks says.CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports that 62 million American families who, like Brooks, heat their properties with natural gas, feel her pain. Across the nation, natural gas bills are up 17 percent over last winter — and 18 percent within the Midwest. On Wednesday, state law-enforcement officials charged that a few of the jump is due to price-gouging.Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon says a six-month investigation by four Midwestern states concludes that gas customers are paying $5 billion a month a lot more than they should. Read the states’ report on gas price-gouging. (.pdf). Read testimony prior to Senate about gas prices. (.pdf). “They’re clearly failing to get a fair deal,” Nixon says. “Demand stayed even, supply stayed even, but prices jagged up basically out of control for consumers as well as smaller businesses across the country this winter.”Orr reports that gas users around the country are opening their bills, seeing numbers like $300, $400 or $500 — and feeling like they’re getting scammed. “They are getting ripped off,” Nixon says. But Skip Horvath, who heads the gas industry trade group, couldn’t disagree more.”It clearly is supply and demand, and the government has repeatedly investigated and found that to be the case,” he states.Horvath blames skyrocketing prices in January on the double-whammy of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which disrupted gas supplies. But while prices have dropped somewhat, the states’ investigation says prices remain artificially high. Energy-trading markets, the report says “… are vulnerable to abuse and manipulation” and “…are less regulated than many other commodity markets.”There is no question, the report concludes, that traders bid inside the cost of gas futures from the fall. Phyllis Brooks and countless other Americans are now paying a steep price for their profits.Orr says the attorneys general who did the analysis are not filing any charges and can’t change energy policies. These are asking for more federal oversight of their time traders. But even if that does happen, consumers shouldn’t get a quick break or a rebate on their gas bills. Newly released U.S. government documents citing a confidential informant reveal a Cuban exile talked of attacking a Cuban plane weeks prior to 1976 bombing of a passenger jet that killed 73 people. The information came to light as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lambasted U.S. officials for charging Luis Posada Carriles having a measly immigration-related crime Thursday, saying not extraditing him would figure to sheltering a terrorist. “The hypocrisy of the United States is proven once more,” Chavez said within a televised speech in the eastern town of Cumana. “Either it sends him to Venezuela, or it is going to stand before the world as protecting a worldwide terrorist.” “The CIA knew those lords of death would put the bomb on the Cuban plane,” Chavez said. One U.S. State Department intelligence brief issued after the attack and made public Wednesday says an informant revealed Posada said weeks prior to bombing: “We are going to hit a Cuban airliner.” A declassified CIA document, also published Wednesday, said the agency had a report from an informant in June 1976 that the group headed by Posada’s associate Orlando Bosch planned “to place a bomb on a Cubana Airline flight traveling between Panama and Havana.” Other government documents have described Posada, a militant opponent of Fidel Castro, as being a longtime CIA agent. Posada, 77, is accused of masterminding the attack on Cubana Airlines Flight 455, which exploded after takeoff from Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976. The newest documents shedding light on the case were released by the National Security Archive, a nonprofit organization based at George Washington University that collects government records. Venezuela insists Posada a naturalized Venezuelan should be extradited to face charges of murder and treason for your bombing, which was allegedly plotted in Caracas. U.S. immigration officials, however, charged him Thursday with entering the United States illegally, which could instead bring about his deportation to another country. “We demand that this United States … send this terrorist, this international bandit” to Venezuela, Chavez said. “Mr. Posada is often a murderer. I’m not a judge… but that’s shown, he’s a killer, a terrorist.” no previous page next 1/2 Donna Knutson, the manager director of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists,said, “The first responders are the state and local health departments, which part can’t be ignored when we’re going to have a strong public health system that is certainly truly part of the national defense.”



    The death toll in Pakistan’s devastating earthquake rose to nearly 40,000 on Saturday, while rain, snow and frigidly cold temperatures compounded the misery of numerous homeless victims.Heavy rain began falling early Saturday in several quake-hit towns and snow fell within the surrounding mountains, disrupting efforts to assist an estimated 2 million people lacking shelter prior to the harsh Himalayan winter. Downpours earlier from the week had grounded helicopters and stopped trucks loaded with relief supplies.Helicopter relief flights, which have been ferrying supplies into the quake zone and ferrying out the injured, were halted for around an hour and a half Saturday morning prior to being resumed, except to the northern capital of scotland – Balakot where the weather was particularly bad. That left hundreds of injured, cold and terrified people waiting through the helipad, hoping for the weather to clear.In desperately short supply were what was needed most: tents.”We have begged for tents from relief workers but they say there are no more,” said Rehamatullah, a 70-year-old man who hiked to Balakot from the nearby village, looking for supplies. “We’re very worried as our individuals are staying in the open.”Meanwhile, Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan said the death toll from your Oct. 8 quake had risen to 38,000 with 62,000 others injured. Over 1,350 other people have ended in neighboring India.A state toll, which previously stood at 25,000, rose sharply because more bodies are already pulled from the rubble in recent days, army officials said.At 8:51 a.m., a huge number of Muslims gathered at Islamabad’s towering Faisal mosque for special prayers for the dead, exactly a week following your temblor.Prayer leader Qari Nauman Ahmad urged people to donate what you could to quake victims and seek God’s forgiveness, saying continuing aftershocks were an indication that God was not happy.Early Saturday, a magnitude-5 aftershock struck the quake-hit zone, but there was no immediate reports of harm or further injury. There are more than 500 aftershocks over the past week.Rescue workers abandoned the state search Friday for survivors kept in the rubble, though individual efforts continued, with the 18-month-old girl reportedly pulled out alive from your ruins of her home from the town of Balimang, in North-West Frontier Province. no previous page next 1/2 mulberry handbags discount If you don’t wish to move to Nye County, you might consider altering your last name from Anderson to Miller. Probably since i always flip a few pages before pointing, I’ve yet to select a person whose last name starts with an A or B. The rest of the letters are fairly well represented. M looks like it’s the most common (although that could you need to be a fluke).
    Thirteen days after they were separated, the formerly conjoined twins Erin and Jade Buckles were released from the hospital Friday — several weeks prior to expected.The 4-month old girls headed you will find Woodbridge, Va., from Children’s National Clinic, where they were separated June 19.”We’ll disconnect the device, disconnect the doorbell and simply enjoy our family for a few days,” said their father, Kevin Buckles, at a news conference shortly prior to the family left the hospital.Buckles, a gunnery sergeant from the Marine Corps, said he hoped they would be home for your Fourth of July but didn’t expect girls to be released so soon after surgery. Lead surgeon Dr. Gary Hartman had estimated the ladies would remain in the hospital for about a few weeks.But they healed so swiftly they did not need to stay, he explained. On Thursday, the girls took all of their food through their mouths the very first time, which showed they could be released in the hospital, Hartman said.Doctors will see with the family and the girls Tuesday with the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., the place that the twins were born Feb. 26, about six weeks early.The identical twins ended up joined from their chests on their abdomens. They shared a liver, and one baby’s heart rested horizontally, protruding into the other girl’s chest cavity. Surgery to part ways them took six hours and left the women with a 14-centimeter scar from chest to abdomen.They had been in critical but stable condition at the hospital following surgery and were removed ventilators after three or four days. They recovered in separate ICU units. They are going to sleep in the same crib in your own home.The girls will undergo physical and occupational therapy and may even need some other therapy also, Hartman said, adding that he would never know if other surgeries could be needed.Hartman said there might be some delay in reaching their baby milestones, but once they turn one, they should be on track with normal one-year-olds.The household also includes an 11-year-old son, Kevin Jr., along with a 2-year-old daughter, Taylor.”It’s so surreal still to keep one at a time,” said their mother, Melissa Buckles. mulberry discount While George W. Bush may still end up winning the presidency, what has been going on in Florida since Election Day could have changed the political fortunes of his younger brother Jeb.Florida Attorney and conservative Republican Ken Connor thinks so. He told CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod, “I don’t even think there’s any question that Jeb Bush is at for a rough ride for one more two years.”In two years, Jeb Bush’s term increased. After the last five weeks of white-hot politics in Florida, he might not be able to count on another term.Axelrod reports that Jeb Bush was elected with the help of democratic and independent voters. If he loses their support, he might lose his seat. But Jeb Bush still enjoys tremendous popularity — a current poll put him near Sixty percent.Connor said, “Democrats smell blood in water, but what I think they might fail to appreciate is that it is probably their own.”If the sharks are circling Jeb Bush more hopefully now in comparison with were a month ago, he’s got one distinct advantage Time. Two years is a long time for tides not to change and wash away even the bloodiest waters.
    The families of two missing boys said Saturday their bodies had been recovered from a park lagoon near where they disappeared more than a month ago.Purvis Virginia Parker, 11, and Quadrevion Henning, 12, were last seen about the afternoon of March 19 whenever they asked Quadrevion’s grandfather if they could play basketball in the nearby park.The bodies were found in the park lagoon on Friday.”Yes, it’s my son,” said Angela Virginia, who said she identified Purvis from the photo that police showed her. She said Quadrevion was recognized by his family.Police would not immediately confirm the identities.”Honestly I don’t think there was any foul play,” said Dennis Frazier, Quadrevion’s uncle. “That makes it kind of nice for the family that they can weren’t held against their unique will.”Autopsies are being preformed Saturday and police scheduled a news conference later on in the day.Frazier said family members had identified Quadrevion from a photo that police showed them. Angela Virginia said she also identified her son, Purvis, from your photo.The first of the two bodies was discovered about 7:30 p.m. Friday after having a man and his son walking neighborhood saw something floating, Police Chief Nan Hegerty said.Police and Fire Department divers found the other body around 10 p.m. Both bodies were fully clothed, have been in the lagoon from quite some time and were bloated, authorities said.”It’s not a young child, and it’s not an adult,” Hegerty said. “It’s somewhat decomposed. It is rather difficult at this early time for it to make any indication of who the kid might be.”After the boys’ disappearance, police and volunteers searched your neighborhood, posted leaflets around the city making it repeated appeals for information anyone could have.Divers had waded through the lagoon’s icy water, but due to muddy bottom, it was possible the particular groups could have been missed in a search, Hegerty said.The boys’ families said both the had no history of running away coupled with good school attendance records, and police fielded countless calls on a tip line offering possible leads.Police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz complained last month that they didn’t have substantial leads despite hundreds of phone calls to a tip line. As well as the door-to-door searching, officers used dogs and thermo-imaging equipment to find the boys, Schwartz said.The department frequently gets reports of missing children, nevertheless they typically have a history of running away and switch up quickly, she said. The 2 boys do not have a history of running away.A Florida group known as a Child Is Missing also had helped police from the search. The group called all home and office telephone numbers within a mile of where the boys were last seen and played a recording machine about the pair, officials have said.The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and America’s Popular also posted pictures of the boys on their Web sites. mulberry charlie bag A community court judge agreed Wednesday to postpone the truth of President Bush’s 19-year-old daughter who’s charged with alcohol possession by way of a minor.Judge Elisabeth Earle said Jenna Bush’s attorney, William P. Allison, had knee surgery and needed additional time. Neither Allison nor Jenna Bush appeared in the court.Earle said she expected to reschedule the situation in the next couple of days. She cannot estimate when the case might keep coming back up. Once rescheduled, Jenna Bush would not necessarily have to appear in court. She could sign a deferral to get her attorney represent her.Earle said court policy typically dictates that folks living in Austin appear in person in court, but that it is not legally required.Jenna Bush was issued a misdemeanor citation by Austin police early Friday, the day her father returned to the state capital to help dedicate a brand new history museum.The teen-ager is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin.Check in is a Class C misdemeanor, the minimum level of misdemeanors.Undercover Austin cops issued the ticket while checking for minors in possession of alcohol at nightclubs over the popular East Sixth Street entertainment area.Assistant Police Chief Mike McDonald said Bush, who was drinking beer, did not seem to be intoxicated.Bush was certainly one of six who were cited at the bar. She faces a potential $500 fine or community service.McDonald said two Secret Service agents were away from bar and did not know Bush was inside drinking.Earlier this year, Bush found herself in the middle of news surrounding a Mardi Gras party at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.TCU students said they saw her escorted by Secret Service agents at the party. A teen-ager who graduated with Bush from high school graduation was cited for underage getting alcohol. He claimed he was Bush’s boyfriend and allegedly called her from jail, the Tarrant County sheriff said.(c) MMI The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed
    President Bush said Monday a report from his two top foreign policy officials on their own visit to Baghdad shows that Iraq’s leadership is “more determined that ever to succeed” seeing that a new permanent government is within place.”We believe we’ve got partners to assist the Iraqi people realize their dreams,” Mr. Bush said outside the Oval Office after meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. “They have to know that we stand with them.”But Mr. Bush asserted Rice and Rumsfeld didn’t revisit from their surprise joint trip to Iraq last week with all good news.”There’s going to be more tough days ahead,” the president said, with Rice and Rumsfeld at his side.Also Monday, the senior Democrat around the Senate Foreign Relations Committee proposed that Iraq be separated into three separate regions, Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni, with a central government in Baghdad.Within an op-ed essay in Monday’s edition with the New York Times, Sen. Joseph Biden. D-Del., wrote the idea “is to maintain a united Iraq by decentralizing it, giving each ethno-religious group … room to own its own affairs, while leaving the central government in control of common interests.”The new Iraqi constitution allows for establishment of self-governing regions. However that was one of the reasons the Sunnis opposed the constitution and why they demanded and won an agreement to review it this year.Biden and co-writer Leslie H. Gelb, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, acknowledged the opposition, and said the Sunnis “have obtain money to make their oil-poor region viable. The Constitution have to be amended to guarantee Sunni areas Twenty percent (approximately their proportion of people) of all revenues.”Biden and Gelb also wrote that Bush “must direct the military to style a plan for withdrawing and redeploying our troops from Iraq by 2008 (while providing for the small but effective residual force to combat terrorists and the neighbors honest).”The White House on Sunday defended its prewar planning against criticism from an unlikely source, former Secretary of State Colin Powell.In a interview broadcast Sunday inside london, Powell revisited the question of whether the U.S. a large enough force to oust Bottom and then secure the peace. no previous page next 1/2 2. Zuckerberg controls the vast majority that voting power even if he leaves the business. So, should he desire to walk away and leave his horse in control, there’s precious little shareholders are capable of doing about it.
    Broken down, out of shape and with a critical drinking problem, the character played by Bruce Willis in “16 Blocks” features a simple task ahead of him: transporting a prisoner from police custody to a courthouse just 16 blocks away.However the story takes a dramatic twist when Willis, the police, realizes the prisoner will testify against other officers, including his ex-partner, played by David Morse.Both Willis and Morse visited The Early Show Wednesday morning to discuss their intense new film.For Willis, the part meant transforming himself right into a character that was nearly unrecognizable. “He’s an alcoholic. He’s overweight. Has a bad leg,” he told co-anchor Hannah Storm. “It’s fun that will put all those things on and see what comes out and see everything you look like. It was an image of myself about 10 or 15 years from now.”And while his character is racked by regrets, the smoothness played by Morse is not suffering from issues of right and wrong. “For me, I’m doing my job, much like we were doing our job all along. They have to change his mind,” Morse said.Why the movie so gripping may be the triangle of relationships formed by Willis, Morse along with the prisoner, played by Mos Def.”The thing that truly makes this thing work is you’ve got these two relationships at the heart than it,” said Morse. “You have Mos, this also relationship (between the two cops). And it’s really so sweet the stuff that happens between these two guys. As there are so much history between us which is what really is underneath this whole nonstop ride that you take.”The underlying question inside the movie is whether people are able to change. Willis said that off-screen, if there’s something that has really changed him, it was having children. He has three daughters along with his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore.”After you have kids, anything else becomes stupid,” he stated. “Everything else that you worry about, ‘Can I pay this bill? Can one do this? Can I do that?’ … all this changes when you have kids.”Willis also commented while on an issue that made some news in recent weeks, relating to the discredited author James Frey. After Oprah took Frey to task for distorting the truth in his memoir, Willis came to his defense.”I think it is a little unfair,” he was quoted saying. “I respect what Oprah does. I do believe that her book club is an extremely good thing and a good project. I recently think that he’s just a writer, these types of a mix-up or something of his publisher saying these are generally his memoirs, and not a work of fiction, that they didn’t deserve to be publicly crucified.””16 Blocks” opens on March 3. The threat of terrorism is not slowing construction on Habitat for Humanity homes in los angeles. But the foundation that props up building of homes for that needy is on shaky ground. America’s tremendous generosity to Sept. 11 funds collecting for victims from the terrorist attacks may be having unfortunate side affects on other charitable organizations.Since Sept. 11, donations to Habitat chapters nationwide have plunged 40 percent, reports CBS News’ Sandra Hughes. “Our goal is to build fifteen houses next season,” said Erin Rank, of the Long Beach, Calif., Habitat for Humanity chapter. “Significant decreases in individual donations ultimately mean less houses will likely be built.” The Option House Domestic Violence Shelter is packed to capacity. But since the terrorist attack it’s got received just one donation check. “More and more people, less money. It’s a struggle. It’s a struggle for the very basics: milk, bread, meat, putting food shared,” said Veleata Scott, with Option House Domestic Violence Shelter. “It’s hit us quite difficult.”Even the normally successful Aids Walk in Washington, D.C., raised fewer than half of the money it usually draws. Smaller charities also provide become victims of the unprecedented donations to Sept. 11 funds, where greater than a billion dollars have been collected. Legally to have by a coalition of nonprofit organizations found 70 % of Americans gave to a charity collecting for victims within the terrorist attacks on The big apple, Washington and Pennsylvania.But that generosity may have limits. Half of those surveyed said when the economy continues to worsen they’re going to cut back on donations to other charities. “What is going on is that people are afraid,” said Maria Chavez Wilcox, with United Way. “People don’t know what’s gonna happen using jobs, they don’t know what’s gonna happen with the economy.” The United Strategy is so concerned it has launched a serious advertisement campaign, encouraging people to donate one day’s pay to fulfill local needs. Anthrax fears may also be putting a damper on donations. Many charities are redesigning their junk mail campaigns and turning to the Internet for solicitations.One of the most troubling worries to charities may be the bad publicity surrounding a number of the Sept. 11 funds. The Red Cross was in the spotlight for diverting Sept. 11th donations with needs. And there are now accusations that money pledged to a celebrity telethon isn’t getting to victims fast enough.The fallout for small charities defintely won’t be known completely until next season. But if giving is down the 2010 holiday season could be a bleak one for the people most in need.(C) MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved
    Two earthquakes collapsed thousands of buildings in southwest China on Saturday, killing at least four people and injuring 400, officials said. Yao’an county in Yunnan province was hit by a 5.9-magnitude quake that sent people scurrying out of their homes. About 1 1/2 hours later, the county was hit by a much stronger aftershock with a magnitude of 6.5, said a county seismologist who gave just his surname, Su. Four citizens were killed, 29 were damaged, and 371 were slightly hurt, government seismologists and state-run television said. Their state Seismology Bureau in Beijing said 4,000 buildings collapsed, but state-run television said approximately 10,000 buildings collapsed or were seriously damaged. The television broadcast footage of crumbled mud-built walls and a house with a caved-in wooden beam roof. Medical staff in white coats treated many of the injured on beds in the pub. An old woman and three children huddled under quilts over a layer of straw. The main compound of Yao’an’s government headquarters was seriously damaged, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said. Power in the region also was cut, it added. But there was no damage to a valuable historical site 30 miles from your epicenter where remains of China’s oldest fossil man were found in 1965, Xinhua said. The site of Yuanmou Homo Erectus, who dated back 1.7 million years, is now a tourist destination. The police and media did not specify which tremor caused which damages and injuries. Quakes in China often produce high figures for building damage, because officials may count smaller structures aside from homes and because of fragile building materials. Away from cities, one-story homes, sometimes made from mud bricks, are common. In the town of Guantun, 18 miles from Yao’an, earlier morning quakes woke tens of thousands of people and sent residents flocking into the streets, Xinhua said. Guantun started up 10 generators to generate electricity, it added. Authorities moved in 10 plenty of building material, 5,000 rolls of woolen felt and food into affected regions, Xinhua said. A strong tremor also was felt from the provincial capital Kunming, some 125 miles towards the east of Yao’an, it said. Yao’an was also hit by a 6.5-magnitude quake in 1962 and a 5.6-magnitude quake on August 14, 1993, Xinhua said. A Texas court issued a warrant Wednesday for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to look for booking, where he is likely to face the fingerprinting and photo mug shot he hoped to avoid.Bail was basically set at $10,000 like a routine step before his first court appearance on conspiracy and funds laundering charges. Travis County court officials said DeLay was ordered to appear at the Fort Bend Local jail for booking. The warrant was “a few routine and bond will be posted,” DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin said. The attorney declined to say when DeLay would surrender to authorities but said the lawmaker will make his first court appearance Friday morning.For self-evident reasons the former majority leader, who wishes to get that job back, planned to avoid being fingerprinted and having a mug shot taken and prevent whatever unpleasant pictures it cameras might get of him coming from the police station, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Fuss. But it is standard procedure when you are arrested for felonies and the order issued by the judge in Texas suggests gone will be the exception made for DeLay, who must surrender prior to his arraignment. The charges against the Texas Republican stem from allegations that a DeLay-founded Texas political committee funneled corporate money into state GOP legislative races from the National Republican Party. Texas law prohibits use of corporate money to elect state candidates. DeLay is involved in conspiracy to violate state election laws and your money laundering, felony counts that triggered House Republican rules that forced him to step aside as majority leader. Two separate indictments charge that DeLay as well as political associates had the cash distributed to state legislative candidates ultimately – sending it from your political action committee in Texas for the Republican National Committee in Washington last but not least back to candidates’ campaigns. DeLay has denied wrongdoing. The time and effort had major political consequences, first by helping Republicans control the Texas Legislature in the 2002 elections. The Legislature then redrew congressional boundaries according to a DeLay-inspired plan, took command from the state’s U.S. House delegation and helped the GOP retain its U.S. House majority.



    2min: We’ve a pair of really attack-minded organizations right now. Western side Brom simply currently have Claudio Yacob throughout midfield that would rather take a seat, and also Tottenham get Scott Parker within a very similar role. [url=]lv alma bag[/url] The woman’s mother Kris Jenner along with your ex groom’s mother Debra likewise got a bigger carrier each. A lot more…From the keyhole: Ellie Kardashian and Kris Humphries start off marriage inside high-class Playground Method penthouse
    Channelling the girl heartbreak? Selena’s massive date comes after she had recently been hanging out within a La dependent business [url=]louis vuitton zippy coin purse[/url] 5.July: Charge! Delap is definitely penalised for a high nudists start inside the basic route involving Dindane’s nostril. Boateng to look at it.
    The target from the study, however, is the condominium Greene as well as Gliedman resided all the while she has been expectant with their child. Gliedman, Twenty-seven, entered labor through the woman arrest also, since she quit carrying out narcotics through getting pregnant, the little one came to be drug-free. [url=]louis vuitton travel case[/url] John Beales, eventually left, along with Rachel Dougall, proper, are also in prison in Bali following currently being caught with Mrs Sandiford
    The younger Williams cousin is currently Absolutely no.One inch the world to the sixth period in the woman job, at Thirty one will be the older girl previously to carry the top location. Serena has received by far the most career award dollars associated with a girl sportsman in the past and has a very wide range of external businesses, despite having decrease her recommendation deals in excess of recent times. [url=]lv speedy 30[/url] Tough situations: How many empty shops around town companies features attained a new substantial
    52min: Here arrives that Delap toss once again, on this occasion although a new free-kick emerges from Shawcross with regard to driving within the box…no exception towards the charge statements I will include. [url=]lv purse[/url] But all of this shameless attention-seeking behavior offers broken down the particular Catholic-educated actress’s middle-class family members. Your ex grandfather John Flanagan, who has been recently dismayed doing indulge in a series of bad-taste demos on the program, laughed and said he could be very concerned about the woman.
    Peterand Fall got their unique Jubilee newborn Isla At the inside Goal The coming year – her subsequent identify seemingly some sort of coming in contact with gratitude to be able to your ex popular great-grandmother. [url=]louis vuitton usa[/url] Besides its subject to judgment information, makers in addition was the target of fire for utilizing the derogatory concept ‘guidos’ inpromotional product to go into detail this Italian-America sentimentality in the major personas ( space ) regardless of Snooki being Chilean along with JWoww staying Irish and Spanish.
    But once your potential customers include things like Sir Elton Steve, Demi Moore in addition to rapper L’il Wayne, they are able to find the money to have their own meal and feed on the item. [url=]sofia coppola louis vuitton[/url] It’s really a successful small business: neighborhood hair stylists may charge customers around £322 ($500) to help weave authentic curly hair inside their locks, according to Fox news.


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