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    I need a stacker for racking. What does the load center dimension relate too on the specifications? What should I look for?


    Anonymous “We will get there, because plain and simply, it’s a matter of determination,” says Panos Zavos, from the Andrology Institute of America. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Thursday rejected any effort to create a timetable to get U.S. troops beyond Iraq, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss”That would be a mistake,” he told a Senate panel. He explained Americans just have to stay this course and ignore the naysayers. “Timing in war isn’t predictable. There are never guarantees,” Rumsfeld told the Senate Military Committee. “Those who say we have been losing this war are wrong. We are not.”Congressional Democrats are demanding answers concerning the future presence of U.S. troops in Iraq.Rumsfeld, testifying on the progress in training Iraq’s own security forces, said these forces have “a way to go,” but progress had been made.”Success will not be easy and it may need patience. … But consider what has been accomplished in Twelve months,” Rumsfeld said, citing elections in January, economic improvements, plus an increasingly improving security force.The Bush administration contends that Iraqis has to be able to defend their own country against a lethal insurgency before a timeline for bringing home troops can be considered.But progress has been slower than expected. In recent weeks, insurgents have increasingly targeted Iraqi security forces. And U.S. casualties, war spending and public skepticism continue to climb, ruffling both Republicans and Democrats.”Leaving prior to task is complete would be catastrophic,” Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the panel. no previous page next 1/2 Within an hour of the worst mass murder in Hawaii history, local politicians were on national television stressing the abnormality of which violence in the Aloha State.That reflex underscored the keen image-consciousness of a state fed more by tourism dollars than anything else.Police believe Xerox Corp. employee Byran Uyesugi, 40, shot seven fellow copier technicians at his business building Tuesday before fleeing in the company van. He surrendered later inside the day after a five-hour standoff with police.”This is definately a shock for us,” Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris said. “This isn’t kind of violence that we have in our community. Last year in Honolulu, although we are the 11th largest city in the nation, we only had a total of 17 homicides. And in one brutal act, seven individuals citizens lay dead.”Gov. Ben Cayetano, while ordering the state flag flown at half-staff, said the shootings had “disrupted the calm of our own islands.”While making the rounds of the news shows, politicians, police and fire officials noted the crime happened in an industrial district definately not Waikiki, which gets the bulk of Hawaii’s 6.7 million annual visitors.Tourism was an $11.6 billion industry recently. It generates a third of the state’s gross product and fosters a third of its jobs.Though the visitor industry has been dealt a blow by the recent Asian financial crisis, which has hampered Hawaii’s recovery from a nine-year economic slump.In separate interviews, City Council Chairman Jon Yoshimura and Councilman Andy Mirikitani both mentioned Honolulu’s low violent crime rate cheap tourists were not endangered.Experts say Hawaii is one of the safest states when it comes to violent crime, though it is equipped with the fourth-highest property crime rate in america.Honolulu is listed as the least violent with the nation’s 20 largest cities within the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports for 1998. Murder, rape and aggravated assault figures for Honolulu were ranked lowest of cities surveyed.There were 24 murders a year ago in all of Hawaii, which has a population of just one.2 million.”Whenever you talk about these atypical murders ?— mass murder and serial killings ?— these people do sort of travel in a different trajectory than your normal crime,” University of Hawaii criminologist Meda Chesney-Lind said.”You come up with sense of them the best way you could, but the typical news about Hawaii crime is the fact that it’s going down like the other mainland, and our violent crime is going down.”While such tragedies are rare in Hawaii, Chesney-Lind said the public should make an effort to learn lessons from their store.”I think we should all recognize that like violence in the home, violence at work is an increasing problem,” she said. “Our violent crime rate is so much lower than comparable cities on the mainland, I think we get lulled into thinking we now have no problem at all.”By Jean Christensen They call themselves the 77th regiment with the Florida Militia. Now, reports CBS News Correspondent John Blackstone, one among their leaders is under arrest. The FBI says he’d plans to blow up electric transmission lines near St. Petersburg.”They were speaking about that the first thing they had to do was go out and get the explosives,” says FBI special agent Frank Gallagher.In California, the FBI says it’s thwarted plans to blow up propane storage tanks, a TV transmission tower, possibly even the massive aqueduct that carries water from one end of the state to the other. These were potential targets, prosecutors say, of two anti-government militia members arrested yesterday.”We are organized and we are making sure this community stays safe,” says assistant U.S. attorney Jodi Rafkin, The arrests come as local police departments across the country are warned about the threat of millennium terrorism.The warning originates from the FBI in a report having a sobering title: Project Megiddo, named after having a place in Israel also known as Armageddon. The report says “armed together with the urgency of the millennium,” extremists could be moved to violence.Margaret Singer, an authority in extremist groups who brought about the report, says, “The likelihood is it’s just going to be small bands of weird guys that are looking to make a mark.”The Stars and Stripes fly outside of the home of Donald Beauregard, the militia member arrested in Florida. He insisted in the interview four years ago that the militias are patriotic. “Actually we’re pro-government,” he was quoted saying, “because it’s the people who are the government.”Court documents suggest those arrested in California — Kevin Patterson and Charles Kiles — believed the millennium could bring a commitment of martial law in the United States. “The Air National Guard … will corral, handle and transport detainees” one militia contact told Patterson, and the “Army is going to confiscate guns … door to door.”The FBI is worried that some extremists are preparing to take advantage of any disruption due to the Y2K computer bug .”They notice as an opportunity for their adherents to seize control of various government functions,” says Jim Maddock, FBI special agent in charge, Sacramento.In Project Megiddo, the FBI says it has no evidence of any major conspiracy among militias, but it worries there may be some for the fringes who see the millenium because time for Armageddon. The funny money continues to flow. Variety is reporting that “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Ray Romano is closing in on a $40 million-plus contract to continue with the CBS comedy for 2 more seasons. That works to about $800 thousand an episode.Romano’s handle the show’s producers, HBO Independent Prods. and David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, also comes in the wake of last week’s news that “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer has re-upped with Paramount Network Television for any record $1.6 million per episode while Drew Carey has consented to stay with his self-titled ABC comedy for nearly $750,000 per episode.”Raymond” is originating off its strongest season yet, ranking as TV’s second most-watched comedy (behind only NBC’s “Friends”). The series averages nearly 20 million viewers a week, and regularly wins its 9 p.m. Monday slot in viewers and adults 18-49.A representative for HBO Independent Prods. declined comment, as did a CBS spokesman.(C) MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. This fabric may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press and Reuters Limited and contributed to this report Iraq’s government welcomed President Bush’s new strategy and promised it turned out committed to making sure it succeeds. But ordinary Iraqis gave it mixed reviews, with many expressing skepticism that an rise in U.S. troops would quell the violence ransacking their country.A Sunni lawmaker also rejected Bush’s want to send more troops, calling instead for any timetable for them to withdraw as well as direct negotiations with insurgents.”Bush’s plan will be the last attempt to fix the chaos created after the invasion of Iraq. Yet, sending more troops will not end the problem, on the contrary, you will have more bloodshed,” said Sunni lawmaker Hussein al-Falluji.”The increase of occupation troops in Iraq is unacceptable and rejected. Were looking forward to the departure of the troops from the country,” said Falah Shanshil, a Shiite lawmaker.CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan says “Iraqis are already talking about nothing else all day, and a lot of the people we’ve spoken to say they do not want more U.S. troops here. They don’t really believe this is going to help.”Ali Hussein, a Baghdad resident, said: “Iraqis are coherent people and they’re not in need of additional troops. The main thing is the departure of the occupation troops. The united states will be okay if the troops let it rest.” Mr. Bush’s plan was met with strong skepticism throughout the broader Mideast, where many predicted that in spite of more soldiers, America would neglect to break the cycle of violence. Many saw the improvement in troops as a desperate move which will only increase the United States’ failures in Iraq — and might deepen the sectarian divides from the war-fractured country, leading to more bloodshed.There have been deep doubts that U.S. troops, or perhaps the Shiite-led Iraqi government, would tackle what many within the Sunni-dominated Arab world see because chief threat to Iraq: Shiite militias, blamed for fueling the cycle of sectarian slayings.Mustafa al-Ani, a military analyst together with the Gulf Research Center in Dubai, said the American military must take down the Shiite militias — particularly the most feared of which, the Mahdi Army, loyal to cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, an ally of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Otherwise, the U.S. will forfeit any suppport among Iraq’s Sunnis.The president’s announcement won quick support, however, from U.S. allies in the war as a crucial step toward stabilizing the nation and battling terrorism.The leaders of Mexico, Australia and Japan — all longtime supporters in the U.S.-led mission in Iraq — pledged continued political backing and material assistance to the beleaguered war effort.”If America retreats in Iraq, then that has enormous consequences for the stability in the Middle East and it will be an enormous boost to terrorism inside our part of the world,” Australian Prime Minister John Howard said in Sydney.Howard, whose country has 1,300 troops close to Iraq, called Bush’s plan to raise the U.S. presence by over 20,000 troops “very clear, calm and even more importantly, realistic.” no previous page next 1/2



    THR: Stuntmen along with stuntwomen have freely fought to obtain their craft more respect inside race, this also year there’s two stunt categories — one regarding drama and the other for funny. Does this mean that, say, Ity Burrell’s stop double who falls down the stairs in Modern Loved ones could have a chance at a nom? Kristen Wiig
    Anchor Fresh Entertainment can be a division involving Starz and has outposts within Canada, your U.K. and Quarterly report in addition to its HQ within Beverley Hills. “At this time art generally speaking has been spread with nation-wide politics very closely, more than it is necessary,” he was quoted saying. “Therefore it would make judgment <of>the film’s quality] quite challenging. But everybody knows it’s truth that several movie is actually applauded because of the social and political individuality of the video — it’s certainly not the work that’utes applauded. The work is usually regarded as because of its roots or the place or situation of its director, so it can be very difficult to distinguish between the two.”
    E-mail:; Twitting: @SophieSchillaci Network buggy fee conflicts and the desolate man the pay out TV route bundle ended up a key subject of debate with an investor seminar Thursday. our editor recommendsAMC Cpa networks, Verizon Get to Long-Term Carriage DealDiscovery Marketing and sales communications CEO Touts OWN’s Move In the direction of ProfitabilityComcast Beats FCC at Appeals Courtroom in Buggy Discrimination Argument
    Times visitors read unfortunate news this day in 1943, whenever its pages were full of tragic battle news, not every which originated from the front lines. Inside have been details of a crash told in a nutshell on the top the previous day, as well as filled out throughout horrible follow-up depth.
    Horror originated in China, where the latest outrage by rampaging Japanese troops about the population included shooting a united states doctor which tried to safeguard women through rape by drunk invaders. Fascination originated in a peek at among Boeing’s new flying boats, an aircraft that would be impressive even today due to the size as well as luxury.
    “Ultimately, the problems in this case conclude a fundamental distinction between the requirements of clinicians and research workers,” your OHRP’s Lisa Buchanan writes. “Doctors are required, even just in the face associated with uncertainty, to complete what they look at as being perfect for their particular person patients. Researchers do not have exactly the same obligation.” Getty ImagesAdam Bernstein
    Obiagwu mentioned the men ended up hanged regardless of pending matches at the attractiveness court and had been on loss of life row for 16 years. He said a couple of were his clients, convicted of murder, however he didn’t know for what crimes the others ended up sentenced. Castle The actual Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic step-by-step from ABC Studios is a sturdy musician for the network on Wednesday nights reverse increased competitors this season from NBC’s breakout drama Revolution and CBS’ dependable Hawaii Five-O, both of which were previously renewed for your 2013-14 schedule. In 2010, the sequence — which attained an early buy for one further episode, growing its fifth season to be able to 23 symptoms — is averaging nearly 9 million full viewers and a 2.Half a dozen in the adults under 50 measure. Citadel also designated its 100th occurrence this year, as well as launching inside syndication upon TNT.



    DNA testing has been wonderful for identifying inherited diseases, and after this it’s being used more and more in paternity cases at the same time, sometimes with surprising results. Health Contributor Dr. Emily Senay reports for The Early Show. mulberry alexa oversized A college student claiming to be the boyfriend of President Bush’s daughter Jenna was arrested at a fraternity party and released hrs later to a man whom deputies thought to be a Secret Service agent, a sheriff said Thursday.A sergeant from Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission tells the New York Daily News that the teen indicated Jenna was at the party too.Sgt. Charlie Cloud said, “When we were on the way to the jail, he did ask, ‘Was Jenna alright?'”Cloud noted that other partygoers said Jenna was a student in the party, accompanied by the trick Service.He said no officials spotted her at the bust at the home of several members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. White House officials and Secret Service spokesman Tony Ball refused to comment. “We’re not creating any comments about this incident,” said Noelia Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush in Washington. William Ashe Bridges, an 18-year-old Texas Christian University freshman, was jailed early Sunday after law officers arrested him at the house near the Fort Worth campus, Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said. Held in the county jail, Bridges was intoxicated and loudly insisted that he was dating Bush’s daughter, Anderson said his deputies told him. When Bridges was able to make a phone call, he talked a few momemts and then handed the phone to a jail sergeant, who said a young woman on the line identified herself as Jenna Bush, Anderson said. “She just asked whilst could be released,” Anderson said. “No one called for any special favors whatsoever.” Bridges, who had previously been cited for public intoxication and underage having alcohol, was released after four hours’ detention. A black Chrevolet Suburban with Virginia license plates arrived outside, along with a man came inside to grab Bridges, Anderson said. “The deputies didn’t really believe Bridges prior to the black Suburban pulled up and a man came inside,” said Anderson. Jail personnel believed he was a Secret Service agent. A deputy saw a lady in the vehicle but wasn’t sure if it was Ms. Bush, said Anderson. Ms. Bush, 19, is often a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin.Her twin sister Barbara can be a freshman at Yale.© MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report
    With the closest presidential race in a generation rounding the last bend, the focus is shifting from your issues-and-advertising phase to the get-your-committed-voters to the polls phase. CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg reports a good turnout can mean an additional one to two percent of the vote, which could be enough to swing an end race. In the past, the Democrats, with their strong union ties, have enjoyed a built-in edge within this arena. But this year, the GOP has tripled its cover its get out the vote efforts to greater than $70 million. “This is really the part of the campaign we’ve invested the most long term energy in – to rebuild the party and become strong at various levels of government,” Terry Holt of the Republican National Committee told CBS News.From the key battleground state of Michigan, Republican volunteers are manning phones at the dozen centers. Linda Jollicoeur is one kind of those volunteers in Detroit. “You want to make certain they go to the polls and actually vote,” she said. Allies in the Republican party are also cranking up their own campaigns. The National Rifle Association is spending millions on his or her get out the vote drive. The Democrats are mobilizing minority voters, who will be a key part of their base. In Detroit, the Reverend Wendell Anthony, uses his sermons to preach about voting.He told his parishioners, “Black individuals are going to make the difference. When we vote, we win. As we stay home we lose.” Most of President Clinton’s campaigning in recent days, like his appearance in La with Wyclef Jean and Babyface on Thursday and Saturday’s stop by the Bronx, New York, have been directed at minority voters. He told supporters within the Bronx to “go out and confer with your neighbors and win this election on Tuesday!” Another Democratic core group putting in overtime, is organized labor. Ken Petkwitz in the Detroit United Auto Workers said “person to person contact is what the Democratic party is all about. The worker to worker with the union” will probably get the vote out.The parties are also using star power whenever you can. The Democrats called on Paul Newman in Seattle as well as in Maryland, Republicans brought out crowd pleaser Bill Bennett.Each party are fully aware that as many as half the eligible voters are bored enough which they won’t bother to vote which means that the party that does the best job of getting its troops towards the polls will win. Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist, says one full ounce — enough to fill a clear chair shotglass — is a good amount to use for complete head-to-toe coverage, to her patients’ surprise
    CBS News Consultant Col. (Ret.) Mitch Mitchell provides commentary on military matters for The handover of political authority from U.S. Administrator L. Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority to interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi should have been a major step of great importance to coalition forces.Unfortunately, it certainly can’t.For more then a year, the CPA has moved slowly and ineffectively in returning capacity to the Iraqi people. There has been no a feeling of urgency in restoring government functions and making provisions for your Iraqi people to have a livelihood. Programs to establish police and other security forces had long-term objectives, but no short-term execution.Led by the Americans, coalition military forces bore the brunt of maintaining security through the entire country. This proved costly in lives and prestige. For every terrorist or insurgent we killed, we probably incurred the enmity of countless innocent Iraqi citizens who were caught up in the thousands of military operations in towns. Complicating matters further was the fact the glacial pace of Iraq’s recovery was not giving the majority of Iraqi people an improved quality of life. Many turned to the insurgents and terrorists who promised countless used ideological arguments to turn them against the invading infidels.With the handover deadline placed in concrete, Bremer found it necessary to issue 97 legal orders which shape the Iraqi government, largely inside the model of the U.S. government, and prevent leakages against undue influence by insurgents or terrorists.This proof our lack of confidence that this interim government and the follow-on elected government of Iraq can administer the continent properly is a result of our failure to expedite Iraq’s recovery having an aggressive and effective reconstitution plan.Trained and fielded earlier, Iraqi security forces might have been tested and ready for the transition. Instead, they aren’t capable and, in many cases, hesitant to stand up to the insurgents and terrorists who appear to be better organized, led and equipped than in the past.Attacks in recent days by Abu Musab Zarqawi’s followers underscore the requirement for strong and aggressive counterinsurgency forces.Eventually, the Iraqis will decide whether they will succumb to the ever-growing insurgency or resist it and decide to be a democracy. Meanwhile, Coalition forces are the only guarantor of the Iraqi’s right to choose which way they are going to go and the only stabilizing force in the country. What this means for the U.S. military is a lot more of the same difficult fighting for countless years to come. We will not leave Iraq in the near future. “You can’t require a patch and crush it up and snort it and you can’t provide it with away to somebody after you’ve had it on your own body. It doesn’t work by trying to put it on somebody else’s,” says William Pelham of the State University of New York in Buffalo.
    Zargo resides in fear of the disabling bouts of diarrhea and pain brought on by IBS, which forced her to stop work and left her struggling to take care of her family. She says Lotronex means her to live her life again. The Great Wall of China just got a little bit greater. A new 50-mile portion of China’s iconic structure has been discovered in northwestern China, centuries after being submerged through the sands that move through the arid area each year, china government said Wednesday. The segment, around the southern slope of Helan Mountain from the Ningxia region, sits about 25 miles west in the regional capital of Yinchuan, a state Xinhua News Agency reported. That area of the wall was built in 1531 and gradually buried by moving sand, Xinhua said. If the section was repaired in 1540, three watchtowers were added at different parts of the section, which meanders from east to west, the company said. The 21-foot-high chunk of wall is 20 feet wide at its base and 11 feet wide at the top. It has seven drainage ditches and parapets at both flanks of the wall, Xinhua said. The government said song were more fortified as opposed to runners, being protected by stone segments that formed a “double-layered wall.” The Great Wall, from its starting point within the northwestern province of Gansu to Shanhaiguan Pass on the shores of Bohai Bay along China’s new england, is believed to span approximately 3,700 miles through the north, which dynastic China’s emperors considered most prone to attack. A series of dynasties built the truly great Wall over the course of centuries to shield China from outside invasions. But the Ningxia region especially long has been China’s front line as well as a place deemed worthy of special fortification. The freshly uncovered portion is near Great Wall sections built in what was known as the Period of the Warring States (475 B.C.-221 B.C.) and the following Qin, Han, Sui and Ming dynasties, the Chinese government said. Wall sections on the bottom were built with materials including sand, mud, stone and crudely fashioned bricks. The surfacing of a new portion of the Great Wall just isn’t unheard of. In August, archaeologists said they uncovered 2,000-year-old chapters of the wall in the desert northwest – including two fortified castles dating to the Han dynasty, which lasted from 206 B.C. with a.D. 220. The wall’s modern sections round the Chinese capital date in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Some parts have been restored because the Communist Party took power in 1949, as well as some – including the most popular, Badaling, just north of Beijing – draw tens of thousands of visitors each year. In recent months, Chinese and foreigners alike have underscored the need for preserving the decaying parts of the Great Wall and preventing stronger sections from being worn out by tourists and careless visitors.By Ted Anthony
    It’s happened in Yosemite and other parks in the northwest – bears, not afraid of humans, turn over cars and trash campsites seeking food. They often end up needing to be euthanized. Now, as CBS Evening News correspondent Jim Axelrod reports, experts are checking out what may be an unusual source of salvation for the bears – dogs bred to hunt them. It appears as if one of those heart-melting circus stunts. The loveable bear turns a vehicle into a breadbox, stealing the food stored inside. There is however nothing sweet about it. A fed bear can be a dead bear.In the words of biologist Carrie Hunt, “Once a bear’s learned the situation behavior, the bear’s dead within a few years.”They’ve become a majestic menace within the great northwest – bears that ransack cars and cabins searching for food.Tim Manley, is by using the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department. He states, “The most difficult part of my job is usually to go in, trap a bear and euthanize it because we realize there are things we can do today to keep that bear alive.”Topping their list is an unlikely looking way to obtain salvation. Karelian beardogs from Finland. Bred to hunt bear, they’ve now turned teacher.Out in the wild of Utah, biologist Carrie Hunt is wanting to launch a reform school for bears, and breeding Karelians as her drill instructors. It’s actually a place where, for the first time, dog and bear meet face-to-face to evaluate which puppies will be best.As Hunt puts it, “You have to have a dog the bear knows isn’t bluffing because the dog is telling the bear ‘I’m unafraid of you and if you don’t move, if you do not leave, I’m going to get you’.”These puppies won’t get much larger than a collie, which might not look like much of a match against a half-ton grizzly. But, because old saying goes, it’s not the dimensions of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.Karelian Puppies Playing (CBS)The fight in the grown-up Karelian serves as a snarling, life saving warning for bears to look elsewhere for food.”You know, the essential thing is that you have to think that bears can think and feel, plus they don’t want trouble,” Hunt says. In bear country, a bear’s sharp teeth are testing a litter brimming with puppies. Those who pass will attempt to save a generation’s worth of bears. Doug Sues, a bear trainer, explains: “When you go into bear country, it isn’t really spiritless. It’s not silent. It’s stuffed with emotion.” It is a threatened spirit, entrusted now to a pack of puppies who will save only what they can scare. To learn more about the beardog training program, visit The Wind River Bear Institute website. Phone and Fax: (435) 654-6644(C)1999 CBS Worldwide Corp. All rights reserved. These components may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed mulberry factory store The names and bank account details of up to 40 million credit-card holders have come across fraud. Too bad the only way that information reached the population was largely thanks to California. Yes it’s true, the rest of the nation has been made mindful of serious identity breaches because California forces companies to inform consumers when such theft happens. The federal government, in the meantime, hasn’t done something to require the same. Even though other states are following its California’s lead, Congress can’t afford to drag its feet with this national issue anymore. The reason being simple: Consumers have the to certainly know when their personal information has been compromised. “At this point, everybody is affected by identity theft that there is increasing pressure on federal legislators to behave that will go well beyond just holding hearings,” said Susanna Montezemolo, a plan analyst at Consumers Union, which promotes consumers’ interests through its policy initiatives as well as being publisher of Consumer Reports magazine. The figures for this issue are stunning. Nearly Ten million people fall victim to identity theft each year, costing consumers $5 billion in out-of-pocket losses and businesses $48 billion, based on the Federal Trade Commission. More than just money is lost. The Identity fraud Resource Center, a non-profit group situated in San Diego, estimates the average victim spends about 600 hours wanting to clear up credit problems. The greatest data breach so far came last week with news that 40 million accounts were encountered with possible fraud. While the compromised data would not include addresses or Social Security numbers, the knowledge that may have been viewed may be used to steal funds. This mess was traced to Atlanta-based CardSystems Solutions Inc., which processes credit card and other payments for banks and merchants. CardSystems, as outlined by MasterCard International Inc. which publicized the breach, inappropriately held on to card data for research purposes as an alternative to deleting it. Forty million accounts were exposed, and records related to at least 200,000 were known to have been stolen, primarily MasterCard and Visa cards. Latest research by, Citigroup Inc. said UPS lost computer tapes with sensitive information from three.9 million customers of CitiFinancial, which provides loans. ChoicePoint Inc. said in February that thieves using stolen identities created 50 dummy companies that pulled data including names, addresses and Social Security numbers on up to 145,000 people. This spring, LexisNexis Inc. disclosed that hackers had commandeered a database and gained accessibility to personal files of as many as 310,000 people. no previous page next 1/2
    Tom Cruise has replaced his sister with a Hollywood insider as chief handler of his publicity, a trade publication reported.The 43-year-old actor hired veteran publicist Paul Bloch, that is also co-chairman of the public relations firm Rogers & Cowan, in line with the Daily Variety trade paper. Bloch will also oversee publicity for the actor’s production company Cruise-Wagner Productions.Bloch replaces Cruise’s sister, Lee Anne DeVette, who was crowned the his publicist in March 2004 after he left longtime representative Pat Kingsley.”Lee Anne is doing a wonderful job on behalf of myself and Cruise-Wagner Productions throughout the last few years,” Cruise said in the statement. “But she has always expressed a desire to oversee and expand the day-to-day activities of my charitable endeavors. With your current plans to increase those endeavors, and Cruise-Wagner’s increased production slate of film and television projects, this seemed the appropriate time to make that segue and produce Rogers and Cowan on board to handle mine and the company’s entertainment-related publicity needs.”Cruise might use some public relations help.He generated some negative publicity a few months ago for criticizing actress Brooke Shields when deciding to take anti-depression drugs and berating “Today” TV talk show host Matt Lauer for suggesting that psychiatric treatment can assist some patients.He also developed a sensation on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” while he got down on his knees and repeatedly jumped on the talk-show host’s couch, saying the romance for actress Katie Holmes was “beyond cool.” Shields called Cruise’s remarks “a disservice to mothers everywhere” in an op-ed piece in The New York Times.”His whole behavior is really shocking,” veteran actress Lauren Bacall told Time magazine august. “It’s inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially, on the other hand think it’s kind of a sickness.”But Cruise told CBS News Early Show contributor Jess Cagle the negative comments don’t matter.”I don’t waste my time worrying about it, even thinking about it. It doesn’t matter,” Cruise said. mulberry ledbury Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues for CBS News and Michael Jackson won the battle of his molestation and conspiracy trial and sometimes it seemed like it wasn’t even close. But his in-court victories, small and large, which piled up almost daily, don’t be certain that he’ll win the war and steer clear of a catastrophic conviction.Jackson’s dilemma is always that jurors could believe with metaphysical certainty what witnesses established about the alleged victim’s lack of credibility and reliability — and still convict Jackson of a serious crime. Strong proof of the family’s creepiness and predatory behavior does not necessarily disprove evidence of Jackson’s bad behavior. Sometimes, shady individuals are victims, too. And sometimes, guilty defendants have been the targets of their witnesses.This seedy case has long been all about conflicting patterns. Prosecutors argue that the key pattern in this case is Jackson’s seduction of young children and the manner in which he had his henchman try to cover it up. Defense attorneys argue that the vital pattern here’s the accusing family’s manipulation and extortion of celebrities, specially the particularly vulnerable and na?ve Jackson. If your question for jurors were merely “is Jackson predator or prey?” the work for the panel later this week may be easier than it is otherwise likely to be. At least in that scenario the option is clear and unambiguous.But what if the jury is inclined to trust that Jackson is both predator and prey? Recommendations where the panel comes down during deliberations, the King of Pop are usually in big trouble. This is not a competition between an alleged victim as well as a defendant over who is more culpable. There isn’t any comparative guilt in a criminal case. The child and his family are not the methods on trial. And a “tie” over wrongdoing needs to go to the prosecution, despite the burdens of proof and the presumption of innocence. None of the bodes well for the defense. If jurors think that Jackson is both predator and prey, what’s more, it means that the panel believes how the defendant and his accuser (and family) essentially conspired with each other, each to achieve his or her own particular goals. If you decide on into this theory, Jackson conspired to lure the child into his confidence to molest him along with the young man and his family encouraged this, even pushed because of it, to get close to Jackson so they could get rich off him. One plan couldn’t have occurred or succeeded without the other. The defendant and also the alleged victim, the argument goes, enabled one another down a path that, successful or unsuccessful, has led them both to bad times. no previous page next 1/2



    The Institute of drugs, which advises the Food and Drug Administration, lowered the vitamin-a RDA from 5,000 International Units (IU) to three,000 IU for men and to 2,300 IU for women. cheap mulberry handbags Shaken passengers, some wrapped in blankets, were relieved to get safely back on the ground early this morning after their Boeing 747 made an emergency landing in Newfoundland.”I was not calm. We have my four-month-old baby with me,” one passenger told CBS News Correspondent Bob Orr. British Airways Flight 222, enroute from Washington to London, was cruising within the North Atlantic when the pilots and chief flight attendant John Streek smelled smoke within the cockpit.Streek says that he “definitely” smelled the smoke.The pilots declared a crisis, donned protective smoke hoods, and turned back for St. John’s. The plane’s 227 passengers were alerted — first with the audio tape that said “Attention, attention, it becomes an emergency.” Then they been told by the crew.”The captain came on to say, ‘We’re turning back to Newfoundland to generate an emergency landing,'” recalled passenger Roy Burris.Chief Flight Attendant John StreekThe captain warned passengers it will be rough. It was clear the pilots were thinking about the recent Swissair crash.The Swissair MD-11 jetliner crashed Sept. 2 off Nova Scotia, killing all 229 people aboard. The plane occurred while after its pilot reported smoke from the cockpit.”He came on again about five minutes before the landing and declared that because of recent news events i was doing this as a precaution,” said Eric Bridges, a passenger.The truth is, reports of smoke and emergency landings looks like it’s happening more frequently. Early Tuesday, American Airlines Flight 87, enroute from London to Chicago, was expected to land after smoke had the air conditioning system. The Boeing 747 was diverted to Boston’s Logan Airport.And Canadian investigators, busy seeking the cause of the Swissair crash, have experienced a fivefold increase in the number of reports of smoke and suspicious odors. It’s all regulated out of an abundance of caution, aviation experts say. Investigators suspect the “smoke” from the British Airways incident was just vapor from a humidifier. But Swissair has taught pilots to adopt no chances, no matter how small the danger may seem. Boeing took over production of the MD-11 when it purchased St. Louis-based McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Earlier this year, Boeing announced that it planned to stop making the airliner in 2000. The MD-11 will be the world’s only modern wide-cabin airliner run by three engines.
    Three pilots who flew in to the teeth of Serb air defenses were decorated Wednesday inside a ceremony which unintentionally underscored one of the biggest failures of the 78-day air war, CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reports. Despite flying 38,000 combat missions, and hitting every radar dish and communications site it could find, NATO never succeeded in knocking out the Serb air defenses, according to a report done by admiral James Ellis, one of NATO’s top commanders.Because of this, NATO planes delayed going after Serb forces from the field — the ones doing the killing in Kosovo. When they finally did go after Serb forces, NATO planes stayed above 15,000 feet, for concern with being shot down. At this altitude pilots had a problem seeing targets through the clouds, and strikes against fielded forces were in the beginning “nearly ineffective,” according to one senior commander. The Carrier Roosevelt were required to fly 14 combat sorties looking at the decks to hit one target. The pilots improved their tactics, and by the end of the war only needed two sorties for every target hit. According to Admiral Ellis, NATO was “absolutely wrong” in thinking several days of bombing would convince Slobodan Milosevic to tug his troops out of Kosovo. As a result, the air campaign was so poorly planned which it took nearly two months going to targets that could have been attacked from the first 24 hours of the war.Of course the air war did, in the long run, succeed: Milosevic withdrew his troops and NATO not lose an individual pilot to enemy fire. But Admiral Ellis says, “We were lucky,” and you also can’t count on luck to win wars.One of many three Air Force pilots were awarded the celebrated Silver Star on Wednesday was the helicopter pilot who commanded a daring nighttime rescue of an shot-down fighter pilot.Capt. James L. Cardoso led a crew of three Air Force search-and-rescue deep into Serb territory for the moonless night of March 27 just 72 hours into the war and retrieved the F-117A pilot, whilst Serbian soldiers who had intercepted the downed pilot’s radio messages closed in on him.Within a ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, Silver Stars also were awarded to 2 F-16 pilots, Capt. Sonny P. Blinkinsop and Capt. Adam B. Kavlick, because of their role in the war.The F-117A incident was just about the most sensational of the 78-day NATO air campaign. Serb TV pictures in the downed fighter gave Belgrade a momentary propoganda victory, nevertheless it turned out to be the first of only two downings of NATO aircraft; no allied crews were lost in the air campaign. bailey button uggs on sale Despite recent efforts by George W. Bush to describe his proposed $1.3 trillion tax cut, it hasn’t ignited like his campaign expected, reports CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker. “We use a surplus,” Bush states on the campaign trail. “I wish to share some of that surplus with the people who pay the bills.”Bush proposed massive cuts last winter when tax-bashing billionaire Steve Forbes seemed his main opponent inside the GOP primaries. Yet not even tax-averse Nh warmed to them, for Bush lost its primary to John McCain. Even on Bush’s first return visit to New Hampshire on Wednesday, tax cuts still don’t sparked much support, just debate. “Being a native of New Hampshire, what the people are looking for is not so much a tax cut as a future,” said Floyd Parshley, a resident of the Granite State.Steve Smith, another New Hampshirite, said tax cuts really are a big issue for him.”I’ve got a family,” he said whilst getting his haircut. “I could use the tax money.”But George Frangos, a barber, discovered it differently.”That’s for the rich, that is what I think,” said Frangos. “Rather let us take the deficit down, so our kids don’t have to pay for it.”More than half Bush’s across-the-board cuts travels to households earning more than $90,000. But Bush argues everyone would pay less. A two-income class of four earning some $47,000 would enjoy almost a $2,000 cut. Still, polls show tax cuts aren’t the voter magnet they used to be here or across the country.”It’s difficult to sell a plan when you have the economy going good and there is nothing for people to get mad about,” said Andrew Smith, a political scientist on the University of New Hampshire. “I don’t think marketing taxes as more money in the pocket, because individuals already have money in their pockets.”And that may be a problem for Bush. Adam Fishman, a completely independent New Hampshire voter who voted for John McCain within the February primary, said he won’t opt for Bush, partly because of taxes.”The adult action to take is accept that we spent other’s money for 15 years and you pay it back,” said Fishman, who regarding his wife Madeline first spoke to CBS News prior to primary. “You know, it didn’t wash beside me back in February – and yes it still doesn’t wash with me at night.”Still, the Bush folks insist their tax program’s a winner. And though they boost the comfort hasn’t caught fire so far, they continue to be confident it will as the campaign heats up these final two months.
    AFPreports that Groenewald is accused of being the mastermind of the poaching ring, which the men allegedly legally bought rhinos before illegally slaughtering the crooks to sell their horns. mulberry factory shop shepton mallet Long-time rancher Jim Link says watching England’s livestock climb in smoke is fueling concerns. “If it reaches your place, you’re in trouble. Your animals will probably be slaughtered and there’s no way out of that,” he says.
    A top Afghan official says Abdul Rahman, arrested last month for converting from Islam to Christianity – a capital offense – has become released from jail. He still faces death threats from angry Muslims with his fantastic current whereabouts are a secret.Word of Rahman’s release from your high-security Policharki prison on the outskirts of Kabul late Monday night came early Tuesday from Deputy Attorney General Mohammed Eshak Aloko.”We issued correspondence saying he was mentally unfit to be trial, so he has been released… I am not sure where he is now,” said Aloko, who says Rahman, 41, was freed about the orders of prosecutors, and his family was there when he was released.Monday, Rahman – who during those times expected to be let go, following Sunday’s court decision dropping the charges against him – appealed to the United Nations for assist in finding a country to grant him asylum.U.N. spokesman Adrian Edwards said then that the world body was working together with the Afghan government to help Rahman and expected asylum would “be supplied by one of the countries interested in a peaceful strategy to this case.”Court dismissal of the charges against Rahman came after heavy international pressure, including in the U.S. and the Vatican.About 700 people chanting “Death to Bush” along with other anti-Western slogans protested Monday against the decision in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. Police commander Nasruddin Hamdrad says security forces surrounded the demonstrators but didn’t intervene.A Supreme Court spokesman, Abdul Wakil Omeri, said the case was dismissed because of “problems with the prosecutors’ evidence.” He said a few of Rahman’s relatives testified he is mentally unstable and prosecutors must “decide if he is mentally fit to square trial.”CBS News correspondent Sheila MacVicar quotes one investigator as saying the testimony included an argument from Rahman’s daughter, saying that she has mental problems.The assertion that Rahman has mental problems, reports MacVicar, definitely seems to be the basis of a face-saving deal in which he may be declared incompetent and unfit to reply to for his actions, released and quite a few likely, flown out of the country.An Afghan official closely included in the case told The Associated Press how the court ruled there was insufficient evidence and returned the case to prosecutors for further investigation. But he explained Rahman would be released in the meantime.”The court dismissed today the situation against Abdul Rahman for a lack of information and plenty of legal gaps in the case,” a state said, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to publicly reply to the case.Rahman, 41, became a Christian inside the 1990s while working for a guide group in neighboring Pakistan.Muslim extremists have demanded death for Rahman while he has turned away from Islam. Some clerics vowed that they would incite Afghans to kill Rahman if he was let go. no previous page next 1/2 ugg classic short grey Russia’s Labor Ministry put the dispute over a top dancer’s firing from the Bolshoi ballet in the spotlight on Monday, calling her dismissal illegal and saying she should be back at the barre at the renowned theater.The ministry’s Federal Labor Inspectorate reviewed a complaint from dancer Anastasia Volochkova and determined that this Bolshoi violated the law when it dismissed her, said Andrei Pryanishnikov, a spokesman for Labor Minister Alexander Pochinok.”The Bolshoi Theater personnel department has breached what the law states,” the Interfax news agency quoted Pochinok as saying. “The inspectorate asserted Anastasia Volochkova should be restored to her position.”Pryanishnikov said the ministry’s finding did not necessarily mean that Volochkova’s reinstatement could be mandatory. He did not give details about the grounds for the inspectorate’s decision.Volochkova, 27, was fired through the Bolshoi Theater two weeks ago amid a legal contract dispute and claims by theater officials they could not find partners to bounce with her because she was too large.The ballerina said that the theater offered a contract through December, instead of a customary one-year deal, and that it refused to promise her parts in already scheduled performances.The Bolshoi states it wants to give a free hand to a new ballet director who takes over in January, when the contract would have expired. The controversy spilled to the open in early September and attracted a great deal of media attention.Volochkova has dismissed the allegations that she was too big and said her numerous partners hadn’t complained. After her dismissal was announced, she asserted she weighs about 110 pounds and is also 5 feet 6 inches tall.An ancient partner who quit the Bolshoi in 2010, Yevgeny Ivanchenko, threw his weight behind the theater within an interview published last week, praoclaiming that Volochkova had become heavy to lift which dancing with her meant risking injury.
    “I think it has far-reaching implications. There are many drugs that could be affected by St. John’s Wort,” said Piscitelli. ugg boots jimmy choo Dr. Emily Senay dropped by The first Show Friday with an update on the mumps epidemic that’s hitting the U.S. Midwest. Dieticians are reporting hundreds of cases in eight states, and they believe they may have found the origin of the outbreak, too.Gets the epidemic worsened since a week ago?”Sure. Not unexpected,” said Senay. “Now 605 cases have already been reported in Iowa. You can find hundreds of other cases and in surrounding states. And what that is saying is that, you know, we’re just beginning, I think, to get a handle on what are you doing.”She added that there has been “some fantastic research” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “It looks like they have a clue as to how this … began,” Senay explains, and it turns out that airplane travel have played a role.”Right now,” Senay said, “they’re attempting to track down about 200 people that were probably exposed to it, no less than two people who had infectious or contagious installments of the mumps.”Those flights took place predominantly inside the Midwest and also going tothe East Coast and then back again. (This was in late March and earlyApril.)Also, reported Senay, “they are seeing several cases on some college campuses. You know that dormitories are real incubators.When we consider the mumps, explained Senay, we think of the classic swollen chipmunk-like look that develops because of infected salivary glands. People focus on body aches, fever, headache, a sore throat and then it progresses to prospects swollen glands.The good news: Most cases are mild. But, unfortunately, in a number of cases, there can be serious complications. There could be meningitis. It could affect your sterility. So this is exactly why it’s still a serious disease and why vaccination is really important.But aren’t many people vaccinated? Is the question now: Does thevaccination work?Senay so named “the real question here, the elephant in the heart of the room: Why is this happening? They do not know. Is it that immunity wanes as time passes? They’re seeing this mostly in the younger generation, not in little kids or children.”Is there something unique concerning the virus? Even people who are immune remain able to get it. That’s the question that researchers really are going to be looking at very closely.So what should you do if you are from the Midwest and you’re afraid the mumps have been in your neighborhood?”First of all, if you have any symptoms, you ought to call a health care professional,” said Senay. “But you should isolate yourself. The CDC is recommending about five days.”If you want to protect yourself from getting it, you want to be very careful about hygiene. This is spread all the usual ways we presume of how viruses are spread. So good hygiene is important, too.”And finally, Senay said, there is no specific treatment for the mumps. “You kind of just have to live through it, unfortunately.”
    FEROP co-director Eric Hoyt said the whale will be the third white orca found in the wild since a white female orca was captured by a fish tank in 1970, RTV reports. mulberry purses outlet A report in today’s British Medical Journal underscores the fact that the fear of anthrax may be a great deal more stressful and damaging to public health than the few cases of the disease who have actually been diagnosed.



    Searching of his home did not turn up his handgun and police believe he may have taken it with him. mulberry tillie bag Bitter over his ouster as Labor Party chief, Shimon Peres quit his political home of six decades Wednesday to campaign for Ariel Sharon’s new party, saying the top minister is the best choice to lead Israel to peace with all the Palestinians.Peres’ defection was an important coup for Sharon inside the scramble by the major parties to recruit high-profile supporters during a political realignment the past 21 days as the country prepares for parliamentary elections in March.Many Israelis respect Peres, an 82-year-old former prime minister, as an elder statesman and peacemaker, nonetheless they remain wary of his dovish politics.His resignation from Labor could give rise to the view that he is a political opportunist. Peres also brings with him a title as a perennial loser with the polls who led Labor to five electoral defeats and lost a race this month to lead the party into a sixth election.”This has not been an easy decision for me, however found myself faced with the contradiction involving the party of which I am a member and the requirements of the political situation,” Peres said. “Without ignoring the deep connection that I have to the party’s historical path and its members, I must prefer the more urgent and greater consideration … My party activity originates to an end.”If Sharon’s Kadima party wins early elections in March, Peres will be appointed chief peace negotiator using the Palestinians, reports CBS News correspondent Robert Berger.Within a reported deal worked out with all the prime minister, Peres will support Kadima, the centrist party Sharon formed yesterday after leaving the hard-line Likud, but he’ll not officially join the party and the man will not run for a seat in parliament, where he has served since 1959.His voice shaking with emotion, Peres said the choice to leave Labor was not easy, but he believed Sharon was best suited to pursue a peace cope with the Palestinians.”I am convinced that he or she is determined, as I am, to continue together with the peace process and restart it soon after the elections,” he said. “I decided, therefore, to aid his election and cooperate with him to comprehend these goals.”Peres’ critics said he was more worried about remaining at the center of Israeli politics than with ending the Mideast conflict.”You can present everything as a principle … The peace process is important, but more important is: ‘Where will i stand with the peace process? Is peace being performed without me?”‘ said Shlomo Ben-Ami, an early Labor foreign minister.Despite their differences, Peres and Sharon forged a friendship over the decades that they turned into a political partnership as Sharon fought attempts by Likud hard-liners to torpedo his Gaza withdrawal plan. Sharon has said Israel would have to leave parts of free airline Bank, while maintaining major settlement blocs, in any final peace deal with the Palestinians. no previous page next 1/2
    A recently released study points too the differences in how women and men deal with stress are rooted in biology and evolution. Some scientists, CBS News Correspondent Sandra Huges reports, say they have got proved that women cope with stress far differently and perchance better than men. Since the 30’s, scientific wisdom has held that many of us alike respond to stress using the fight or flight reaction, an outpouring of hormones that will get a person to gear-up for battle or maybe run away. That view has been questioned by researchers with the University of California at L . a .. Citing dozens of human and animal studies, they suggest there exists a hard-wired tendency for females to handle stress by nurturing their young hoping social contact, especially with other females. This reaction they call tend and befriend . Such tendencies may explain why, as an example, women are more likely to telephone friends in a crisis, or why “women ask for directions and men don’t,” lead researcher Shelley E. Taylor, a UCLA psychology professor, told CBS News Correspondent Dan Raviv. “Men and females do have some reliably different responses to fret.” The “tend-and-befriend” pattern might keep stressed women calmer and explain why they live longer, an average of, than men.They suggested the “tend-and-befriend” pattern could be linked to the hormone oxytocin, which is released during stress and possesses been shown to make rats and humans calmer, less afraid plus more social. Women apparently convey more of this hormone, which seems to lead people to want to be online websites. Men secrete oxytocin too, but male hormones did actually reduce its effect, whilst the female hormone estrogen amplifies it, Professor Taylor said.24 studies showed that after a stressful of the work day, women were more likely to “plop upon the ground with their kids and hug ’em,” while men had a greater tendency to seek privacy as well as to argue with family members, Taylor said.The behavior differences may be survival strategies dating back to the days when men were very likely to be “on the front lines” against predators while women were “wrapping up offspring and becoming them out of the way,” Taylor said.But, as Alice Eagley, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, highlights, “Different behaviors can be learned practical. Women learn how to cope with social behaviors. And we all don’t know how much to attribute this difference in behavior to learning and roles as opposed to hormonal in behavior.”On one other hand, biological factors might help explain why people with strong social support systems appear to live longer and they are healthier than isolated people, and why guys are more prone to murder, drug and alcohol abuse and stress-related disorders for example hypertension, Taylor said. The study is going to be published late this year or early next season in The Psycological Review of the American Pychological Association . CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press led to this report chestnut bailey button ugg boots BTK serial killer Dennis Rader was ordered to serve 10 consecutive life terms Thursday after a tear-filled hearing in which his victims called him a monster and said he must be “thrown in a deep, dark hole and left to rot.”The sentence — no less than 175 years without a chance of parole — was the longest possible that Judge Gregory Waller could deliver. Kansas didn’t have any death penalty at the time the killings were committed.The two-day hearing featured testimony from detectives who graphically detailed the 10 killings and tearful relatives from the victims. It culminated with rambling testimony from Rader, who said he been dishonest to his family and victims at times wiped his eyes.”Nancy’s death is a like a deep wound that can never, ever heal,” Beverly Plapp, sister of victim Nancy Fox, testified. “As far that i’m concerned, Dennis Rader does not deserve to live. I want him to suffer just as much as he made his victims suffer.””This man has to be thrown in a deep, dark hole and left to rot,” she said. “He shouldn’t, ever see the light of day.”Rader offered Biblical quotes, due to police and an apology to victims’ relatives before Waller sentenced him.”A negative side is there, but now I think light is beginning to shine,” Rader said. “Hopefully someday God accept me.”Rader, 60, a former church congregation president and Boy Scout leader, led a double life, calling himself BTK for “bind, torture and kill.” He was arrested in February and pleaded guilty in June towards the 10 murders from 1974 to 1991.Family members members who spoke called him a coward, and they also quietly sobbed.Some of those who were given a few minutes to speak to Rader and the court, like Carmen Otero, expressed pure anger, CBS News Sixty minutes correspondent Erin Moriarty reports for Others, such as Kevin Bright, gave testimony almost too intense to listen to.”No remorse, no compassion — he had no mercy,” said Bright, the brother of victim Kathryn Bright, who himself was shot but been able to flee. “I think that’s what he must receive.”Rader’s voice choked as he made a rambling, half-hour address to the courtroom, saying he had been dishonest to his family and victims and selfish. no previous page next 1/2
    Republican Party leaders are meeting in New York this weekend, plotting strategy for the November elections. Which has a bare 22-seat advantage in the House, some argue the party should reach out to new voters. CBS News Correspondent Jeffrey Kofman reports that the GOP are listening to some viewpoints not traditionally Republican.”I understand that some of you wonder how a chairman could have the audacity to ask a lifelong Democrat,” said the Reverend Floyd Flake. If this Democratic Congressman seems like an unlikely speaker with a meeting of the Republican National Committee, well, this is the point. “I think the evidence clearly implies that it’s time for some of us to think about both parties,” said Flake.That’s the dream of the Republican leadership, however the reality is more sobering. Minorities remain the Democratic party’s most loyal supporters; during the last presidential election, almost nine beyond ten African-Americans voted for Clinton.So the Republican party leadership talks about its “Big Tent,” meaning they have room for diversity. But perhaps there is room for diverse opinions on sensitive social issues? Some Republicans aren’t so sure.Like Tim Lambert, an RNC member from Texas, led an offer last January to cut off funding to any Republican candidate who supports late-term abortions. The move was defeated, nevertheless the sentiment remains.”Anybody can be a Republican,” says Lambert, “but I do believe people that hold a radical position on supporting partial birth abortions and homosexual rights, people are not in the mainstream with the Republican party.” New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman is one of those moderate Republicans conservatives like Lambert has attacked. As Whitman sees it, Republicans must be emphasizing education and economic issues.”There a multitude of good, positive things that we can easily talk about, on which everyone agrees,” said Whitman, “that to acquire sidetracked on one or two of the social issues where there is unquestionably a deep division would be really detrimental to the best interests.” Which is why this weekend meeting was about presenting a unified front, even though it is a fragile one. CBS News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman knitted ugg boots sale It’s the third day that The Early Show has been tracking the home’s construction and Habitat for Humanity volunteers are nevertheless working away. Home Improvement Contributor Bob Vila reports about the house’s progress, and a conversation he’d with the soon-to-be new homeowner Mary McGhee since they walked down a quiet country lane a few days ago. Even though McGhee’s old home does not have proper facilities, she’s for ages been a happy woman. She has lived in Lothian her life, and for 27 years she’s got been a renter of her current home. McGhee has experienced electricity, oil for heat, and gas to prepare with, but as for running water, she has had to haul everything those years.So the prospects of coming to the new place at the end of a few days are making her very excited, she says.Her family consists of Florence Blake, whom McGhee calls, “her mother in Christ,” her daughter, Pamela Anderson, who works with a clinic, and her granddaughter Raynice, that happen to be back in school in a short time. More News “I’m just enjoying seeing her. She’s been excited now for about few months,” Anderson says.”She’s a hard worker. She deserves that house and another one, because she’s been through some stuff. People have. But I think the basic thing on her, she has never wanted for anything,” she notes proudly. “She’s like, I’m indoors; We’ve food and shelter. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. That’s how she has been through this,” she adds.A few women say they are looking forward to seeing the home completed on Friday and to moving in.On Tuesday while some of the volunteers were donning the siding, a crew of 10 was on the top putting the shingles on and getting the front porch in place. Inside, about 12 people were adding the plaster. The cathedral ceilings along with the rest of the house are ready for your paint crews. So Wednesday can be a quieter day in terms of the hammering.McGhee continues to be painting the porch exterior. The siding is pre-primed, in order that eliminates a step. All she has to do is apply two coats of latex exterior paint.Her daughter can also be with her, contributing to the project and taking some time off from the clinic.Therefore it is just two more days to visit and project manager Roger Belch says, “Things are moving along virtually.” On Thursday the interior will be completed, and the local inspectors should come to check the house. For more on this project from The Early Show , see Creating a ouse, Day By Day (C)1999 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved
    Talks on ending North Korea’s nuclear program continue beyond a Saturday deadline that were set for negotiators to respond to a brand new draft agreement affirming Pyongyang’s to peaceful nuclear activities after it disarms.It had not been immediately clear how all six countries mixed up in the talks had responded to the modern draft and some had said there were dissatisfaction with it, but the Chinese media center to the negotiations, being held in Beijing, said meetings would continue Sunday.All chief envoys were also set to go to a dinner Saturday evening hosted by Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo.Earlier Saturday, the key U.S. envoy declined to discuss whether Washington approved of the new proposal. The North on Friday had steadfastly refused to give up its nuclear program with no concessions from the United States, a stance that puts it at odds with Washington.”The Chinese have provided us a text to answer, some ideas, so we’re considering those and having some internal discussions and talking to people in Washington,” U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said Fun.”We’ll see where we go,” he stated. “We’ve had a fairly fast pace the past 24 hours and I think that will are the next 24 hours.”Seeking to break the deadlock, host China proposed that North Korea retain the right to a civilian nuclear program after abandoning its weapons, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev said Friday.The proposal contains “compromise wording that may satisfy both sides,” Alexeyev said, speaking about the United States and North Korea.However, Japan’s envoy to the talks said none of the participants were thrilled with the new draft.”All the participants concerned incorporate some points that they are unsatisfied with,” Kenichiro Sasae, director in the Asia and Oceania Bureau at Japan’s Foreign Ministry, said Saturday. “We usually are not necessarily satisfied.””I don’t think that people can see the prospects for reaching a legal contract yet,” Sasae told reporters. no previous page next 1/2 Tropical Storm Emily picked up speed Tuesday and was likely to gain strength as it following a course straight for the Caribbean.Hurricane watches were posted for Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent as well as the Grenadines, meaning hurricane-force wind could be felt there late Wednesday or early Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said. A tropical storm watch was issued for Tobago.The storm is forecast to get near Puerto Rico by Friday and may approach the U.S. mainland early in the near future.At 2 p.m. EDT, Emily was centered 530 miles east-southeast of Barbados and was moving west around 20 mph, up from 13 mph on Monday. It had maximum sustained wind of approximately 50 mph and was anticipated to strengthen while gradually turning toward the west-northwest.Hurricanes have sustained wind with a minimum of 74 mph.Emily grew right into a tropical storm late Monday, the first date on record that five named storms received, the hurricane center said.Meanwhile, it’s yet another day of assessing damage and taking care of the debris left behind with the fourth named storm, Hurricane Dennis. Thousands of residents ventured out to survey the harm, and most of them, reports CBS News Correspondent Trish Regan, were relieved. The heaviest damage was in the Florida communities of Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach, that had been all slammed by Ivan.Jason Wilburn of Navarro Beach did not know what to expect when he ventured time for his seaside home. “A little nervous,” he was quoted saying as he went home. Then: “That’s my house and I’m so glad it is here.”Alabama Power says only 37,000 of their customers are still without power, down from your peak of nearly 240,000.Within the northwestern Florida panhandle town of Century, Marion Cooper’s general store was being powered by a generator. The entire town, which was hard hit by the storm, is without electricity, reports CBS News Correspondent Cami McCormick; nearly every home suffered some sort of damage. Still, Cooper says the city was lucky.”Oh, yeah, we’re alive!” he laughed.Remnants of Hurricane Dennis could bring a lot more than rainfall to the Midwest’s parched fields: The storm clouds also could carry spores of the potentially devastating soybean fungus.When Dennis made landfall along the Gulf Coast Sunday, its winds swept a place of southwestern Alabama where fields are contaminated with soybean rust, said Purdue University plant pathologist Greg Shaner. The storm then moved inland toward the Tennessee and Ohio river valleys. no previous page next 1/2
    Zane says, “We’ve given about 700 vaccine injections. Is unusual?It’s very unusual. Oahu is the most we’ve ever given.” ugg boots classic tall Youths armed with gasoline bombs fanned out from Paris’ poor, troubled suburbs to shatter the tranquility of resort cities on the Mediterranean, torching scores of vehicles, nursery schools and also other targets during a 10th straight night of arson attacks.Police deployed a helicopter and tactical teams to chase down youths speeding in one attack to another in cars and on motorbikes. Some 2,300 police were brought in the Paris region to bolster security, France-Info said. Greater than 250 people were arrested.Meanwhile, the urban unrest reached Paris early Sunday, with police reporting that 11 cars were burned.By 1 a.m., at least 546 vehicles were burned — including those invoved with Paris, said Patrick Hamon, spokesman for that national police. The overall figures were supposed to climb by daybreak, he added.The violence — originally concentrated in neighborhoods northeast of Paris with large immigrant populations — is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger rolling around in its suburbs, where many Africans and their French-born children live on society’s margins, struggling with unemployment, poor housing, racial discrimination, crime and a lack of opportunity.CBS News correspondent Richard Roth reports that French authorities say religious extremists have a foothold in the suburbs of Paris along with other cities, but while some officials claim there’s organization behind the violence, it is said they don’t know who’s responsible.The unrest, triggered by fury on the deaths of two teenagers, has gotten on unprecedented scope and intensity. The violence reached far-flung corners of France on Saturday, from Rouen in Normandy to Bordeaux in the southwest to Strasbourg near the German border, nevertheless the Paris region has borne the brunt.In quiet Acheres, on the edge of the St. Germain forest west of Paris, arsonists burned a nursery school, where part of the roof caved in, and about twelve cars in four attacks that this mayor said seemed “perfectly organized.”Children’s photos clung to the blackened walls, and melted plastic toys littered the bottom. Residents gathered at the school gate demanded that the army be deployed or suggested that citizens band together to shield their neighborhoods. Mayor Alain Outreman experimented with cool tempers.”We are not going to start militias,” he explained. “You would have to be everywhere.”Arson attacks were reported from the Paris region and outlying cities, many recognized for their calm. Cars were torched inside the cultural bastion of Avignon in southern France and the resort cities of Nice and Cannes, a police officer said.Arson was reported in Nantes from the southwest, the Lille region inside the north and Saint-Dizier in the Ardennes region east of Paris. In the eastern city of Strasbourg, 18 cars were set alight fully daylight, police said.In a single attack, youths in the eastern Paris suburb of Meaux prevented paramedics from evacuating an ill person from a housing project. They pelted rescuers with rocks and after that torched the waiting ambulance, an inside Ministry official said. no previous page next 1/2
    “There’s only a point when you have to get off the merry-go-round, and that point is now,” Spoonhour said at the news conference. “I feel that this is what I need to do.” Until now the only way to turnaround for the paralyzing effects of a severe stroke ended up being administer a clot-busting drug, tissue plasminogen activator (T-PA), within three hours. Though the Early Show ‘s Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay reports there is a new drug being tested which might be able to double the window of opportunity. “Less than 2 percent of stroke patients now get intravenous T-PA for the reason that they just don’t get to the hospital punctually,” says neurologist Anthony Furlan of the Cleveland Clinic.Dr. Furlan has been playing a leadership role in a study to see if an experimental clot-busting drug, Pro-UK (prourokinase), may help stroke victims beyond the three-hour limit when T-PA is no longer effective. More News”Perhaps the major finding…could be that the window is not stuck at three hours now; we’ve opened from the out to at least six hours,” he explains.Julie Leibold would be a prime candidate for the drug when a stroke completely paralyzed her left side. “I went to get out of bed and I fell. I just fell out of bed and hit my go on the wall, and I lay there not acknowledging that I couldn’t get up,” Leibold recalls. She had to be airlifted to Cleveland from her small town hospital 50 miles away. Only in her own 30s, she readily agreed to receive Pro-UK. “I said yes because I must many years to live and excessive life to live yet,” she explains.Along with the benefits were almost immediate and longer lasting. “They were administering the drug in my experience, and I told the nurse, I said ‘I can feel my fingers.’?…Which was really a great feeling because, I mean, I was going to be OK then,” she says.”When patients were studied ninety days after treatment with Pro-UK, the clot-dissolving drug, vs. a control group that didn’t receive the drug, 40 percent of the treated patients were functionally independent. We were holding able to go back to work, drive a car, do their normal activities,” explains Dr. Furlan. “I’m back to work full time; I’m very active with my loved ones,” says Leibold. “I think that I’d have had long rehabilitation, with this drug I only had about six weeks of minimal rehabilitation. I think the experimental drug made the difference in the world,” she adds.Pro-UK has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet. Also it must be given in an artery, not within a vein as T-PA now is. That requires a special surgical team, a thing that most hospitals do not have.To learn more about stroke and who is vulnerable, visit the American Medical Association or the National Stroke Association Internet sites.(C)1999 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved



    Twin brothers who have appeared in hardcore gay-porn online videos are charged with your roof burglary of a South Philadelphia business and they are suspected in lots of similar crimes in a minimum of three states, authorities said.Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney, 25, of suburban Pennsauken, N.J., were arrested Feb. 19 after authorities from the multi-state task force said they watched the twins enter a South Philadelphia beauty shop tremendous.The twins allegedly stole $2,000 from an ATM, reports CBS News affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia. The brothers are suspects in a large number of burglaries committed in the last 18 months throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, where intruders gained entry by hacking over the rooftops of businesses, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.Keyontyli, arrested in the scene of the Philadelphia burglary, was published after posting bail. Taleon, arrested a few days later, was being in a Philadelphia jail.The brothers face charges of burglary, trespassing, theft and related counts. A preliminary hearing is expected next month, authorities said.Both the used only a handsaw and ax to go into through the roofs with the establishments, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Taleon has a lengthy criminal history, including charges for rooftop burglaries in Alabama and Florida, and former arrests in Philadelphia along with Camden and Salem counties in Nj, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.There aren’t any records of any felony convictions for Keyontyli in Philadelphia or his native On the internet services.Taleon faces sentencing in March after you have pleaded guilty to burglary along with other charges in two cases in Nj, his lawyer, Jeffrey Zucker, told the Inquirer.Zucker told The Associated Press on Thursday that attorney Michael Gushue represents Taleon inside the Philadelphia case, and that he did not know if Keyontyli features a lawyer. Gushue did not immediately return a trip seeking comment.Court papers in Philadelphia failed to list any lawyers for either brother. The brothers have appeared in online gay porn videos within the names Teyon and Keyon, said Erik Schut of Philadelphia-based video retailer TLA Entertainment Group, which sells gay porn DVDs online.He was quoted saying they could have had an excellent career if they hadn’t gotten struggling.”They are incredibly good-looking, and being identical twins, it’s actually a novelty,” Schut said.Keyontyli has appeared in gay porn since at the very least 2002 and worked like a fashion model, while Taleon got linked to porn more recently.Taleon, who police believe can be a trained gymnast and karate expert, has used his athleticism to make several daring escapes from police.He was handcuffed in the rear of a moving police cruiser after a 2006 drug arrest in Clementon, N.J., while he broke out the glass together with his head and jumped in a lake while still handcuffed, police Chief Dave Kunkel said.”He swam across like Flipper, taunting the officers, saying, ‘You’ll never catch me,” Kunkel told the Daily News.Taleon turned himself per week later.In January 2007, Taleon jumped 30 feet in the roof of a Camden, N.J., liquor store and swam over the frigid Cooper River before he was caught, police said.”I told him he should have signed up for the Olympics,” Zucker said. “The prosecutor and that i even referred to him as Spider-Man.” ugg bailey button triplet
    Islamic militants attacked police and government buildings within the main cities of Russia’s turbulent Caucasus region Thursday, sparking battles where dozens of people died, officials said.Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by ordering an overall blockade of the capital of scotland – Nalchik to prevent militants from slipping out and ordered security forces to shoot any armed resisters.Chechen rebels claimed responsibility for your attacks in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkariya, a republic near Chechnya. Death tolls ranged from 49 to 63.Twenty-five rebels died, along with 12 police and 12 civilians, said Fyodor Shcherbakov, a spokesman for presidential envoy Dmitry Kozak. He explained the number was rising as bodies happen to be discovered.Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Chekalin told Putin that 50 militants was killed and that ten police had also died. Local officials said another three civilians were one of many dead, and that 84 were wounded.The Interfax news agency quoted Russia’s deputy prosecutor as saying 12 rebels had been detained. Estimates in the number of militants involved were from 60 to 300.The Chechen rebels’ decade-long struggle against Russia, originally a separatist movement, has melded increasingly with Islamic extremism in the past decade and spread far beyond Chechnya’s borders to encompass the whole Russian Caucasus region.If your battles once shaped up between Russian troops and Chechen rebels, the picture has since grown a great deal more complicated. Police and security forces have fought pitched battles with militants throughout the region, often engaging in urban warfare, and the rebels have employed terrorist methods including suicide bombings and the seizure of more than 1,000 hostages this past year in a school within the town of Beslan, 60 miles southeast of Nalchik.The Kavkaz-Center Internet site, seen as a voice for rebels loyal to Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, said it had received a brief message claiming responsibility for Thursday’s attack with respect to the Caucasus Front. It said the viewers is part of the Chechen rebel military and includes Yarmuk, an alleged militant Islamic group located in Kabardino-Balkariya.The strategy of launching simultaneous attacks on police facilities was similar to last year’s siege in another Caucasus republic, Ingushetia, in which 92 people died and police armories were looted. Basayev claimed responsibility for anyone attacks.Chekalin, the deputy interior minister, said Thursday’s fighting began after police launched a surgical procedure to capture about 10 militants within a Nalchik suburb, and that the attacks were targeted at diverting police. All 10 suspected militants were killed, he said.Kozak, Putin’s envoy to the southern region, said the assailants were holding hostages with a police station. A spokeswoman for that republic’s Interior Ministry said police around the upper floors of the building were battling attackers on the floor floor. He denied, however, that hostages ended up taken. no previous page next 1/2 ugg boota
    As officers gingerly questioned 8-year-old Shasta Groene concerning the time she spent with a convicted sexual predator charged with her kidnapping, hopes faded on her behalf still-missing brother.Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson told reporters that human remains were found while searching a site in western Montana, and also the remains have been delivered to an FBI lab for DNA testing. There was no word on whether investigators believe the remains may be those of 9-year-old Dylan Groene.Sheriff’s Capt. Ben Wolfinger said Sunday that deputies believe Dylan is dead, depending on information from Shasta and evidence through the stolen vehicle the suspect was driving.He was quoted saying interviews with the girl were going slowly at Kootenai Clinic, where she has been since she was recovered early Saturday while eating at the Denny’s restaurant with Joseph Edward Duncan III, a registered sex offender.”She’s somewhat girl and God only knows what she has been through in the last six weeks,” Wolfinger said on CBS News’ Early Show . “We keep one investigator that is available for her to chat to… and we get little pieces of information as time goes along.”Duncan, 42, of Fargo, N.D., was arrested and faced with kidnapping, but he has requested a lawyer and is refusing to speak to authorities, Wolfinger said.CBS News Correspondent Cynthia Bowers reports that Duncan’s residence is also now being searched for clues. Authorities said Duncan, who operated a chilling Web page in which he recently warned of upcoming violent deeds, won’t be appointed a public defender until a court Tuesday.The two children were missing when authorities arrive at their rural home on May 16 determined the bound and bludgeoned bodies of the mother, Brenda; 13-year-old brother Slade; as well as their mother’s boyfriend, Mark McKenzie.Sunday night, the children’s father, Steven Groene, spoke publicly initially about being reunited with his daughter.”When I walked in the door, her face just illuminated,” Groene told Fox News, choking back tears. “She put her arms out and said ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ It absolutely was one of the better moments of my well being.””She looks real good,” he stated. “Very upbeat. She acts just like the little girl I saw three weeks before she disappeared.”Groene said police had instructed him to never ask Shasta questions about what had happened. He stated he had never heard about Duncan before Saturday and still did not know much concerning the man. Authorities weren’t telling him much regarding the evidence involving Dylan, either, he explained, but they didn’t tell him to give up hope.”Obviously, regarding Shasta, someone can be missing quite a while and still come back safe,” he said.There was no sign of the boy when Shasta was found around 2 a.m. Saturday from the restaurant with Duncan. Shasta was recognized by a waitress at the restaurant, who called police, as well as the little girl was reunited with her father, Steve Groene. The waitress explained for the Early Show how she stalled to help keep Shasta and Duncan in the restaurant until police could arrive.”Every child likes desserts,” Amber Deahn said. “I travelled through all of our dessert options. When she finally selected a shake, I experienced every possible combination of shake that we could make. And she decided on vanilla. It just took a little longer than usual to make it.”Duncan had spent more 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint, possibly at the time of his arrest was a fugitive from justice for allegedly molesting a boy in Minnesota. no previous page next 1/2
    Qatar shut down the Israeli trade mission Thursday, buckling to pressure from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Those countries had threatened to boycott a future summit of Islamic nations in the event the office in a two-story villa remained open.Qatari Foreign Minister Sheik Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabor Al Thani didn’t give details on how and when the mission could be closed, but told a news conference that “a logical procedure” would be used.Nor did Sheik Hamad say whether Qatar would completely sever relations with Israel. Israeli-Qatari ties derive from the trade mission which opened in 1995. There isn’t any diplomatic relations between the two countries.Sheik Hamad said the emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, instructed his ministry to seal down the mission.News of the Qatari move broke on the Qatar News Agency, which quoted an unidentified Qatari Foreign Ministry official as saying: “To coincide using the opening of the ninth Islamic conference in Qatar, your Qatar has decided to close the Israeli trade representative office in Doha to consolidate Islamic solidarity.”The move was welcomed by Iran, which promptly announced that President Mohammad Khatami would attend this company of the Islamic Conference summit on Nov. 12-14.”This decision was the most appropriate one and it comes in line using the wishes of the Islamic nation,” Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said.Saudi Arabia was more cautious. The kingdom wanted assurances that this closure of the Israeli mission could be permanent and would not be reversed after the summit, Saudi officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Only when it received such assurances would Crown Prince Abdullah attend, the sources said.Nobody answered the telephone Thursday at the Israeli trade mission, that’s hidden behind a white wall in the quiet residential area. Qatari police, soldiers and plainclothes security officials stood guard outside the villa, which is equipped with security cameras.In Jerusalem, a spokeswoman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Yaffa Ben-Ari, declined to comment, saying the ministry had not been notified by Qatar.The Qatar News Agency said the move contrary to the mission came “in appreciation of the items the leaders of Islamic countries inside the Organization of the Islamic Conference had expressed toward the critical circumstances the Middle East will go through.”The decision followed 2 days of intense mediation by Oman between Qatar, on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia and Iran on the other, Omani officials said.The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Qatar opted for shut down the pursuit for ensure the summit’s success. Oman, the only other Gulf state with ties to Israel, severed those relations following a eruption of Israeli-Palestinian clashes Sept. 28. No less than 178 people have been killed from the clashes, most of them Palestinian.Pressure began to mount on Qatar greater week before a miisterial meeting opened Thursday to prepare for the summit.In an opening statement with the meeting, Iran’s Kharrazi called on the Islamic nation to “unify and solidify our positions simply Palestine.””People in the Islamic world pin their hopes on this conference to take immediate, effective and lasting measures to ascertain ways and means to counter the brutal and inhumane aggression and alleviate the suffering with the Palestinian people,” the minister said. mulberry for target
    He’s got spent the last eight to 10 months strengthening his legs so they really could support his still sizable torso. fake bailey button uggs
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks plunged on Friday, diving toward declines for the week and the month of February after massive losses by American International Group Inc. shook Wall Street and poor is caused by Dell Inc. rocked the tech sector.The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 275.74 suggests 12,306.44, effortlessly 30 of its components trading in the red.The blue-chip bleeding was fronted by American International Group , off over 7% in the aftermath of the insurance giant reporting the largest loss in its almost 90 years operational. .Other financial stocks were hit also, with shares of Ambac Inc. documented on reports that a want to provide the firm with new capital has hit a snag. Outside the Dow industrials, Dell Inc. fell 4.5% following your PC maker reported fourth-quarter profits fell 6% coming from a year ago. The S&P 500 dropped 31.70 points to 1,335.98, whilst the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite declined 50.20 suggests 2,281.37.Volume about the New York Stock Exchange topped 1 billion, with six stocks posting losses per share on the rise. About the Nasdaq, 781 million shares traded hands, with decliners stocks topping those advancing greater than 4 to 1.Sector snapThe tech sector was among those retreating, with declines originating from bellwethers including Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp. . . Retail stocks also slipped amid gloomy news on consumer spending, with all the S&P Retail Index off about 1%. . Gold futures finished with gains, having hit a record high of $978.50 an oz overnight, as the metal will continue to draw support from weakness inside the U.S. dollar and rising investment flows into commodities. Gold for April delivery found themselves $7.50 at $975 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Gold posted a weekly gain of $27.20 from last Friday’s closing level of $947.80. .Elsewhere on the Nymex, crude-oil futures hit an archive high of $103.05 overnight before trimming gains to finish at $101.84 a barrel. . The dollar pared its losses after dropping to three-year lows contrary to the yen, with the greenback buying 103.95 yen after a young fall as low as 103.81 yen – the first time the pair fell under the 104 level since March of 2005 – weighed against 105.33 yen in late U.S. trade Thursday. .Downbeat dataThe stock indexes steepened their losses over a decline in consumer sentiment in February, with an increase of households reporting bankruptcy than anytime since worst of the 1991 recession. . The sentiment data coincided having a survey of manufacturing and sector activity in the Chicago area, which fell to 44.5 in February, “indicating a contraction for the overall design in the region,” as outlined by Lehman Brothers economist Drew Matus.Earlier data had the Commerce Department reporting consumer spending climbing over predicted in January, together with the 0.4% hike in buying illustrating a boost in costs that is denting Americans’ purchasing power. .”Today’s data on personal spending showed a reasonably good gain of 0.4%, but the gain was eaten up fully by higher prices,” said Tony Crescenzi, Miller Tabak & Co.”The Federal Reserve certainly won’t be happy with the 0.3% surge in core consumer prices in the current report, but we percieve from the Fed continued focus on growth risks, which for now reduces the importance of the inflation news from a monetary policy perspective,” said Crescenzi.Active issuesFriday’s most active stocks included MF Global Ltd. , down nearly 17% in the second day of steep losses amid ongoing fallout through the broker’s disclosure of a $140 million loss on unauthorized trades in wheat futures. Shares of 3Com Corp. were up 18%, using the networker gaining on news that work well continues on securing the sale in the company to a U.S. investment firm and its particular Chinese partner. .The Gap Inc. gained a lot more than 4% after the country’s largestclothing chain reported fourth-quarter profits climbed 21%In overseas trade, British shares pulled lower on losses for banks and airlines. . By Kate Gibson genuine mulberry bags



    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks were poised to get a higher open on Friday, together with the market set to recoup from an afternoon sell-off within the prior session, as investors welcomed more deal news such as Nasdaq Stock Market receiving buy Nordic exchange operator OMX and Coca-Cola Co. receiving buy Energy Brands.Caution might still dominate trading ahead of the release of existing home sales data after that the open. Trading volumes are anticipated to remain thin in front of the three-day Memorial Day weekend.The market first rallied on Thursday after news of your unexpected jump in home sales, before selling off amid concerns about the direction of interest rates. Futures for your Dow Jones Industrial Average were up 37 points at 13,317, while those to the S&P 500 gained 4.60 suggests 13,516.Nasdaq 100 futures were up 6 at 1,888.Deal news has stayed the key fuel of the market’s advance, in addition to share buy backs, as deals reduce the overall share count and leads investors to produce bets on potential acquisition targets. Dow component Coca-Cola gained 1% before the open after saying it’s decided to buy Energy Brands Inc., also known as Glaceau, for $4.1 billion. The acquisition will provide Coca-Cola with Energy Brands’ enhanced water products, such as the vitaminwater and smartwater brand.Nasdaq dropped 5.8% in electronic trade. It claimed it would pay $3.7 billion for OMX. The U.S. exchange has become under pressure to find a partner following its failed bid to the London Stock Exchange after rival the New York Stock trading game completed a deal to acquire Euronext, creating NYSE Euronext . HousingThe key housing sector remains in focus, with economists expressing doubts which a surge in new home sales in April was driven by a plunge in prices as homebuilders attempt to liquidate inventory.Existing home sales, driven by existing property owners, might prove more sticky. Economists polled by MarketWatch expect sales in April to own slipped to 6.11 million, from 6.12 million.Other marketsThe dollar strengthened slightly against the yen after a are convinced that North Korea had fired several short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan. The U.S. currency was a touch lower contrary to the euro. Against the Japanese currency the dollar added 0.3% at 121.65 yen.Oil prices firmed, using the July light crude contract adding 64 cents to $64.82 a barrel in electronic trading.Gold futures advanced, together with oil, adding $3.30 to $656.60 an oz.Bonds fell in front of the housing data. The benchmark 10-year Treasury bond was down 2/32 at 97 7/32, yielding 4.857%.Corporate newsLate Thursday, Gap Inc. posted a 26% loss of quarterly profit, hit by steep markdowns plus a write-down related to store closures.The newest York Times reported how the Securities and Exchange Commission has started an inquiry into whether two Dow Chemical executives secretly attempted to arrange a sale with the company.Also on the regulatory front, Google Inc. is in focus after the European Commission wrote for the firm asking for facts about the search engine’s privacy policy. The Commission is concerned that Google keeps private data for two years, as outlined by a Dow Jones report.Aeropostale late Thursday said first-quarter net profit climbed 64% to $13.8 million, or 26 cents a share, from $8.36 million, or 15 cents a share, 2009. The New York clothing retailer said sales for the period ended May 5 grew 12% to $275.8 million.Shares of Verigy were indicated up over 8% inside the pre-open market after it swung to some profit of $22 million, or 36 cents a share.Among companies because of report Friday, Agilysys is anticipated to report fourth-quarter earnings of 24 cents a share.By Nick Godt bicester village mulberry
    Guards working for an Australian-owned security company fired on the car as it approached their convoy Tuesday, killing two women civilians before speeding out of the latest bloodshed blamed on the deadly mix of heavily armed protection particulars on Baghdad’s crowded streets.The deaths of the Iraqi Christians – including one that used the white sedan just as one unofficial taxi to raise money on her family – came every day after an Iraqi government report called on the U.S. to sever all contracts in Iraq with Blackwater and also to pay a total of $136 million in compensation to the families of those killed in the Sept. 16 incident. CBS News found the Iraqi witness accounts of the shootings are remarkably consistent.The deaths Tuesday at the Baghdad intersection may sharpen demands to curb the expanding assortment of security firms in Iraq watching over diplomats, aid groups yet others.”We deeply regret this incident,” said an announcement from Michael Priddin, the main operating officer of Unity Resources Group, a burglar company owned by Australian partners but headquarters in Dubai from the United Arab Emirates.Priddin said the business would disclose more details of the shooting after “the facts are already verified and the necessary people and authorities notified.” Priddin may not comment on whether his guards killed women.But initial accounts – from company statements, witnesses among others – suggested the guards opened fire because car failed to heed warnings to avoid and drifted closer to the convoy near a Unity facility in central Baghdad’s Karrahah district. It was not immediately clear if the guards were protecting complaintant at the time, but friends that uses its security agents said its personnel were not at the scene.Four armored SUVs – three white then one gray – were about 100 yards from the main intersection within the Shiite-controlled district. As the car, a white Oldsmobile, moved into the crossroads, the Unity guards threw a smoke bomb in an apparent bid to warn the vehicle not to come closer, said Riyadh Majid, an Iraqi policeman who saw the shooting.A couple of the Unity guards then opened fire. Over driving the car tried to stop, but was killed together with her passenger. Two of three folks the back seat were wounded.Priddin’s statement provides a similar account: “The first information we’ve is that our security team was approached at speed by a vehicle which still did not stop despite an escalation of warnings which included hand signals as well as a signal flare. Finally shots were fired in the vehicle and it stopped.”Iraqi police investigators said they collected 19 spent 5.56mm shell casings, ammunition frequently used by U.S. and NATO forces and many Western security organizations. The pavement was stained with blood and covered with shattered glass through the car windows.In other developments:Britain’s decision to create half of its 5,000 troops home from Iraq by spring may be the latest blow on the U.S.-led coalition – but it is not the only one. The alliance is crumbling, and fast. A brand new review by The Associated Press states that by mid-2008, excluding Americans, there will be about 7,000 troops in the multinational force, down from a peak of about 50,000 at the start of the war 4? years ago. In a move that could lead to an invasion of northern Iraq, Turkey’s government has decided to seek parliamentary authorization for any cross-border military operation to chase separatist Kurdish rebels who operate from bases in the area, a party official said Tuesday.Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday that Britain will cut its troop levels in Iraq to 2,500 in early 2008, trimming the force by up to 50 %. Brown told Parliament he planned “from next spring, to cut back force numbers in southern Iraq to some figure of 2,500.” Decisions about further cuts will probably be made once that reduction is complete, he said. no previous page next 1/2 mulberry factory shop uk
    Vermont State Police say they’ve got found a body considered to be that of a missing 12-year-old girl.Col. James Baker says Brooke Bennett’s body is discovered in Randolph shortly before 5 p.m. and her family has been notified.In accordance with an affidavit, a 14-year-old witness has told investigators that Brooke’s uncle brought Brooke to his you will find initiate her in a child sex ring your day she disappeared.She was last seen alive using the uncle, Michael Jacques, in a convenience store a week ago. The 14-year-old told authorities she helped Michael Jacques take Brooke to Jacques’ Randolph home on June 25 to become initiated into the ring. The 12-year-old is not seen since then.The 14-year-old girl, a family member of Jacques, said she understood that within the initiation, the 12-year-old “would have sex with adult males,” based on the affidavit in U.S. District Court.Your ex said she as well as the 12-year-old watched television for some time before Jacques told her to leave and took the lady upstairs. The witness said she left your home with her boyfriend and would not see the girl again.The 14-year-old said she herself ended up sexually assaulted by Jacques, 42, since she was 9.On Monday, Jacques, 42, was arraigned while on an aggravated sexual assault charge involving a different girl, who is quoted in the courtroom papers as saying Jacques said he would be her trainer within a “program for sex.”The girl said she had met three men from the program, including Jacques, understanding that she was told two other girls also were in the program. “The first would you it lives along with the second gets her throat cut,” she told police, based on an affidavit filed in the court Monday.Jacques dropped Brooke off in a convenience store on June 25, and surveillance video shows they left in separate directions. She had told family members she would definitely meet a friend and go to a hospitalized relative in the friend but police think that was a lie.Jacques has 1993 convictions for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. Prosecutors argued against bail, saying he posed a threat to the accuser and had violated probation.The 2009 week, the former stepfather of Brooke Bennet was arrested and authorities said Tuesday although be charged with obstructing justice for destroying evidence.Neither the FBI nor the head of state police discussed what evidence Ray Gagnon is imagined to have destroyed or whether that evidence was section of the investigation into Brooke Bennett’s disappearance or unrelated sexual assault accusations against him.Gagnon had been scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday over a sexual assault charge involving any small but the arraignment was canceled as federal authorities took over. At an afternoon news conference, state police head Col. James Baker declared that case was still being investigated along with the charge could be refiled.Brooke’s father, James Bennett, who identified Gagnon as Brooke’s stepfather, told CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith on Tuesday, “I don’t know what to think. There is so much information out there, so many stories. All I could hope is that she’s okay.”Bennett, who appeared via satellite link around the Early Show together with Brooke’s emotional mother and sister, said law enforcement were not giving them anymore information than they were releasing to the media. “It’s frustrating, but I understand why they can’t give to us the details.” mulberry heart keyring
    Regular use of aspirin and perchance other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may reduce cancers of the breast risk by as much as 20%, however it is still not clear if the risks of long-term treatment outweigh the opportunity benefits, a review of the research shows. The good news in the studies is that aspirin does manage to protect against breast cancer, study researcher Ian Fentiman, MD, of London’s Guy’s Hospital, tells WebMD. The bad news is that the protective effect wasn’t seen with lower doses of the pain reliever, like those routinely given to protect against heart attacks and strokes, according to him. Long-term use of aspirin carries the potential risk of serious side effects, including stomach bleeding and ulcers . There have not been enough studies of other NSAIDs, such as the Cox-2 inhibitors (such as Celebrex ), to determine when they too have protective benefits, Fentiman says. “What we now have done with this review is say, ‘Yes, the NSAIDs have promise for cancer of the breast prevention ,'” Fentiman says. “But there are lots of unanswered questions pertaining to toxicity and how we are able to best avoid it.” Aspirin and Cancer of the breast Fentiman and colleague Avi Agrawal reviewed 21 studies involving a lot more than 37,000 women published between 1980 and 2007. Eleven in the studies included women with cancer of the breast, while the remaining 10 compared girls that had the disease with those who did not. The studies showing a protective benefit for NSAIDs against breast cancers were found to be better quality than those showing no link between NSAID use and breast cancer risk. “Recent studies using NSAIDs demonstrate about a 20% risk lowering of the incidence of breast cancers but this benefit might be confined to aspirin use alone instead of to other NSAIDS,” they write. Additional principals are needed to confirm the effect also to determine if the cancer prevention great things about taking specific NSAIDs outweigh the hazards. A study involving daily treatment using the Cox-2 inhibitor Celebrex is now under way in Europe to find out if the drug will manage to benefit breast cancer patients. Cox-2 drugs carry less gastrointestinal risk than that seen with aspirin as well as other NSAIDs, but there is concern about cardiovascular risk. The best-selling Cox-2 arthritis drug Vioxx was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in September 2004 following reports of your increased incidence of heart attacks and strokes among users. Developing Targeted NSAIDs A targeted NSAID that could protect against breast cancer with little risk may be the goal, Fentiman says. “I don’t want to give women the notion that aspirin is the answer for everything,” he admits that. Harvard Medical School researcher Julie E. Buring, ScD, tells WebMD that this message to women regarding NSAIDs and breast cancers risk is far from clear. Buring and colleagues followed ladies who took a low-dose aspirin regularly alternate day and women who didn’t for Decade as part of the Women’s Health Study. They found no evidence that low-dose aspirin had any impact on breast cancer risk. “Because with the risks, if higher doses are needed this is likely to be seen as prevention strategy only for those women in the highest risk <for>breast cancer],” she says.By Salynn Boyles Reviewed by Louise Chang?2005-2006 WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved mulberry factory shop online
    President Bush on Thursday put his positive spin on developments in Iraq, including the news of clashes between Iraqi security forces and Shiite militias in Basra. The fighting will be presented as evidence how the increase in security with the surge of U.S. troops has allowed Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government to try and break the grip of those militias and criminal gangs on the strategically vital port city. “It appears to be though it is a by-product with the success of the surge, in the sense that the Iraqi government is continuing to grow and increased in chance to the point where they now feel confident pursuing extremists,” says Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell. “And and we all, at this point, though still early, would view it as a sign of success.”But military officials are following the developments warily. “It’s not a sign of success,” concedes one senior military official. Specifically, military officials are expressing fears how the move could herald an end to the cease-fire declared by radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr last August. The cease-fire may be widely credited as one of the pivotal factors behind reduced violence throughout Iraq. “Clearly what a concern,” says the senior military official. “It’s too early to tell.”There are concerns, too, the open fighting between Iraqi Army soldiers and folks Sadr’s militia, the Mahdi Army, could fuel still more violence in Baghdad and elsewhere at a time when the administration has brought pains to emphasize security gains in Iraq–and when U.S. surge troops are leaving the country for a price of one brigade per month.But also for that reason too, say U.S. military officials, Iraqi security forces must prove their mettle, and, they add, Basra will be the place to do it. “If this works in Basra,” says the senior U.S. military official, “it would be the Iraqis who quelled it.”Meanwhile, following an hour-and-a-half-long meeting in the secure “Tank” at the Pentagon on Wednesday with President Bush, Chairman in the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen told U.S. News the president was “well mindful of concerns” over stress on the U.S. force from the level of deployments–and the duration–needed for Iraq. “It’s something that we’ve addressed with him routinely in every of the times we’ve had with him,” Mullen says, “and actually he’s expressed a concern in that regard.”The joint chiefs have repeatedly emphasized the strain that the surge of U.S. troops in Iraq has added to soldiers and marines, particularly as deployment lengths increased recently from 12 to 15 months to meet the stress for more troops on the ground in Iraq.Recent security gains in Iraq “have afforded us the chance, potentially, depending on force requirements in Iraq, to consider whether we should which enable it to put additional forces in Afghanistan,” he states, adding, “We need them.”These forces can be in addition to the 3,500 Marines now headed to the country. “Can we do it? The potential is now there to respond to that question,” says Mullen. A better solution hinges on balancing demands in Iraq and Afghanistan and the stress on the military, Mullen adds. “Security in Iraq may have to be sustained and attempt to improve.”For now, conditions on the ground in Iraq continue to be the dominant demand. “Should we be in a position to reduce forces in Iraq to also meet those other needs? Essentially if we are not able, if conditions don’t permit continuing the drawdown” beyond pre-surge numbers of forces this summer, warns Mullen, “There aren’t going to be a lot of other forces in stock that we can use.”By Anna Mulrine ugg classic short black
    South Korea balked Monday at Washington’s demand it fully join a U.S.-led effort to intercept North Korean ships suspected of carrying supplies for your North’s nuclear and missile weapons programs.The South insisted rrt had been already doing enough to stem possible weapons proliferation from North Korea — which detonated a nuclear bomb on Oct. 9 — and announced no new measures to sanction the North under a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the test.The decision underscored Seoul’s reluctance to anger Pyongyang and complex efforts to resolve the standoff within the North’s nuclear program since the communist regime has opted for return to long-stalled international nuclear disarmament talks.”It’s basically not required to take (new) measures,” Park In-kook, a deputy foreign minister, said in a news briefing, citing “the unique circumstances” around the Korean peninsula as motivating the South’s decision to never fully join the U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiative, or PSI.Seoul has joined the initiative aimed largely at stopping North Korean weapons traffic sailing, which has gained new impetus because the North’s nuclear test, only being an observer out of concern that it is stopping and searching North Korean ships might lead to armed clashes with North Korea.Monitoring North Korean shipping could be much more difficult without The philipines, because countries from the initiative can only conduct searches within the territorial waters of participating countries. Ships for the high seas have right of free passage under international law.Columbia is to submit a written report Monday on how it will carry out the unanimously adopted Security Council resolution with a U.N. committee faced with overseeing the sanctions on North Korea.The resolution bans the sale of major arms to North Korea and requires the inspection of cargo entering and leaving the nation. It also calls for the freezing of assets of companies supplying the North’s nuclear and ballistic weapons programs, in addition to restrictions on sales of luxury goods and travel bans on Pyongyang officials.South Korea has rejected criticism it is too soft on North Korea, citing as one example of its toughness its suspension of humanitarian help to the impoverished North after it test-fired a number of missiles over international objections.The South insists it could possibly inspect North Korean ships under an inter-Korean agreement however it has never done so despite allowing dozens of Northern vessels to transit its waters.On Monday, Lee Kwan-se, the official of the Unification Ministry that deals with reconciliation with North Korea, said the South would continue a hold on tight regular humanitarian help to the North.Lee also said Mexico will suspend subsidies it can be profitable for a tourism program in the North’s Diamond Mountain resort, plus keep on hold an expansion policy for an inter-Korean industrial park from the North’s border city of Kaesong.The 2 projects, considered key symbols of inter-Korean reconciliation, are a major way to obtain hard currency for your cash-strapped North and have been under fire over concern that they may fund the North’s missile and nuclear programs.Seoul’s measures against the projects are not anticipated to affect them seriously because the subsidies for the tour project are believed to be rather smaller than average the industrial zone expansion plan’s already in limbo because of the North’s provocations.The two Koreas are still technically at war as the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. However their relations have warmed since the first, and only, summit with their leaders in 2000, with Seoul pursuing engagement instead of confrontation under the so-called sunshine policy. ugg boots chestnut
    In a chilling but much less bloody replay of the suicide bombings that killed 56 people a couple weeks ago, small explosions struck the London Underground plus a bus at midday Thursday. Just one person was reported injured in the nearly simultaneous lunch-hour blasts, which shocked and disrupted the funding and were hauntingly exactly like the July 7 bombings by four attackers.Police said two men were arrested and happen to be questioned. One man was detained near Downing Street, site with the prime minister’s residence; another was picked up near Tottenham Court Road, close to the Warren Street subway station where one attack took placeCBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports that this man who was arrested on Downing Street was wearing a backpack. Police drew their weapons but found nothing suspicious in the backpack.Police Commissioner Ian Blair (video) said earlier that forensic evidence collected in the crime scenes could give a “significant break” in solving the case.As Roth reports, the explosions were small, suggesting they may have simply been detonators which failed to trigger deadly bombs, but police said the bombers’ objective was plain.”Clearly, the intention should have been to kill,” Blair told a news conference. “You do not do this with some other intention.”He also said it was not clear in the event the two sets of attacks were connected.Panicked and screaming commuters fled the 3 affected Underground stations, sometimes abandoning their shoes. Firefighters and police with bomb-sniffing dogs sealed off nearby city blocks and evacuated rows of restaurants, pubs and offices.Prime Minister Tony Blair (video) appealed for calm.”We can’t minimize incidents this way,” he said with a joint news conference using the Australian prime minister at No. 10 Downing St. “They’re carried out to scare people, to frighten them to make them worried.”He held a crisis Cabinet meeting but said no policy decisions were created.President Bush was briefed for the explosions and said the terrorists “understand once they kill in cold blood it winds up on our TV screens and they are trying to shake our will. And they are trying to create vacuums where their ideology can move.”U.S. mass transit systems stay with code orange, or high alert, since London bombings two weeks ago, but the rest of the country is a yellow, signifying a heightened risk.New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said police begins conducting random searches of packages and backpacks carried by people entering the city’s subway, which carries about 4.5 million passengers about the average weekday. Officials would not immediately say how frequently the checks would occur.London Transport spokesman Steve Taylor told The Associated Press who’s would be impracticable to check bags, or to install airport-style metal detectors and X-ray machines within a subway network that carries 3 million passengers per day, or a bus system that carries some Six million daily.Ian Blair referred to as blasts “a very serious incident.””We know that we have four explosions or attempts of explosions, in fact it is still pretty unclear as to what has happened,” he was quoted saying outside Scotland Yard.”At the minute the casualty numbers seem very low … the bombs seem to be smaller” than those detonated July 7, he said. He added later that does not all the bombs discontinued. no previous page next 1/3 knee high ugg boots
    Pakistan’s Election Commission approved President Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s re-election invest in Saturday, while riot police fired tear gas and used batons on lawyers protesting the decision.A day after the Top court quashed legal challenges to Musharraf’s candidacy, the Election Commission approved his nomination, a senior commission official said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to media.The commission approved only five of 43 candidates, including Musharraf’s two main challengers: Wajihuddin Ahmed, a retired judge nominated by lawyers, and Makhdoom Amin Fahim, vice chairman of ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party, a state said. A full list was to be released later Saturday.Musharraf was nominated by Pm Shaukat Aziz and 16 other allies for one more five-year term. Shortly after they attained the commission to respond to objections filed by Musharraf’s opponents, about 200 lawyers – who earlier burned copies in the court ruling – tried to approach from the nearby Supreme court building.Scenes of chaos ensued on barricaded Constitution Avenue. Police fired tear gas shells and beat the protesters, with one or more officer using a tree branch. An Associated Press reporter saw two lawyers with head injuries.Television footage also showed police arresting some female supporters from Bhutto’s party and shoving them right into a waiting van. A minimum of two opposition legislators also were dragged away.Running clashes continued in excess of two hours. Several journalists were beaten by police, with ARY news channel correspondent Asma Shera saying these were deliberately targeted. An AP reporter was slightly injured when a government vehicle hit him outside the Election Commission, where journalists were protesting the police tactics.Deputy Information Minister Tariq Azim was pummeled by protesters while he arrived. He was rushed into a car by his aides and driven away.Lawyers also rallied in Lahore and Karachi, where police arrested some and beat others.It turned out the first protest in Islamabad since a crackdown on the opposition began a week ago. The government defended the arrests of a huge selection of opposition activists nationwide as necessary to maintain law and order facing promised street protests.Though the chief justice ordered their immediate release after security forces sealed from the capital Thursday, when Musharraf’s nomination papers were filed.Despite dwindling popularity and increasingly bitter opposition, Musharraf, an end U.S. ally, appears set to win the Oct. 6 vote by federal and provincial legislators. The general’s main challenger is Wajihuddin Ahmed, a retired judge nominated by lawyers.Ahmed’s supporters held out hope how the commission might disqualify Musharraf, although analysts declared was highly unlikely.”If the rule of law needs to prevail, the Election Commission of Pakistan wouldn’t allow a serving general to contest the presidential election,” said Tariq Mahmood, one among Ahmed’s main aides.The opposition alliance claims its lawmakers would quit Parliament Tuesday to protest against Musharraf’s re-election bid. These folks were to submit their resignations on their parties later Saturday.On Friday, the final Court dismissed petitions filed by opposition parties and lawyers arguing that Musharraf was ineligible to operate because he had retained his army post. The ruling triggered jubilation within the government and anger one of many opposition, which vowed to help keep fighting to sideline the general.After a series of verdicts this year that undermined Musharraf’s authority, many observers saw the last Court as the biggest threat for the general’s plan to extend his eight-year rule, particularly since the ruling coalition says it’s enough support to win his re-election from the vote by federal and provincial lawmakers.Presiding Judge Rana Bhagwandas gave only a cursory explanation from the ruling, which drew howls of protests from black-suited lawyers within the gallery of the packed courtroom.Musharraf, who seized power inside a 1999 coup, has faced growing opposition since his failed try and oust Pakistan’s top judge in March. He is also struggling to contain growing Islamic militancy and growing public sentiment that his alliance with Washington has fanned extremism.But he’s got tried to retake the initiative in recent weeks.The general has pledged to give up his powerful post as army chief if he wins the election and restore civilian rule in the country that has lurched between unstable elected governments and military regimes during its 60-year history.Concurrently, he has clamped upon his most vociferous opponents.Government entities has insisted all along that Musharraf is a qualified candidate, and declared Friday’s ruling a milestone on Pakistan’s path time for democracy.”Justice triumphs,” presidential spokesman Rashid Quereshi said. ugg australia kensington biker boot black leather



    Paris Hilton was transferred time for an all-women’s jail because her condition was declared stable following a week in a medical ward, a sheriff’s official said Thursday.She was taken late Wednesday on the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, and used in the medical unit there. If all goes well, she will be returned towards the jail’s special needs unit and released June 25, spokesman Steve Whitmore said with a news conference.”Paris Hilton’s medical condition is stable,” Whitmore said, adding that her condition will monitored.Hilton, 26, began her 45-day sentence June 3 at Lynwood, where she was confined to a solitary cell within the special needs unit away from the other 2,200 inmates.In the treatment center where she was taken yesterday after being returned to jail at home detention, she underwent medical and psychiatric exams to determine where she should be held. Photos: Paris As well as the Police Hilton’s case has caused a firestorm of criticism over perhaps the socialite was getting special treatment because the sheriff sent her home her after serving just three days of her sentence. Story: Paris’ Predicament Whitmore addressed the criticism in the press conference Thursday morning. “There’s been criticism, you know, the sheriff continues to be answering the letters we have been receiving,” he explained.When Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer sentenced Hilton recently, he ruled she would not be allowed any work release, home detention or utilization of electronic monitoring to follow her whereabouts.The judge gave no explanation June 8 of his ruling to transmit her back to jail but his comments through the entire hearing showed he was unhappy with Sheriff Lee Baca’s decision to put aside his instructions and release the celebutante and reality TV star to do her time in the posh of her Hollywood Hills home by having an electronic ankle bracelet.Hilton left the courtroom in tears shouting, “It’s not right!”Attorneys who have handled similar cases have said her treatment was neither special nor unusual. The Los Angeles County jail system is so overcrowded that thousands of prisoners have been released early, many serving only Ten % of their sentences for nonviolent crimes.In Hilton’s case, though, the sheriff’s decision was based on an unspecified medical condition.Baca said he had learned from one of her doctors which she was not taking a certain medication whilst in custody, and that her “inexplicable deterioration” puzzled county psychiatrists.The la County Board of Supervisors has launched an exploration into whether the multimillionaire received special treatment because of her wealth and fame.The Rev. Al Sharpton met with Baca on Monday and said Hilton’s situation exemplified an unfair legislation.At least one person has filed an incident against the county alleging she “had serious medical issues” but was treated much worse than Hilton.Hilton’s path to jail began Sept. 7, when she failed a sobriety test after police saw her weaving down a street in her Mercedes-Benz. She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to probation for three years.In the months to come she was stopped twice by officers who discovered her driving over a suspended license. The other stop landed her in Sauer’s courtroom, where he sentenced her to jail.C ugg sneakers
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Stocks were mostly higher Monday as investors sought bargains from the wake of last week’s sell-off, which coincided with the dollar’s decline and ongoing worries concerning the credit crunch and its impact on the U.S. economy. “The market has got remarkably affordable. Having finished earnings season and from the guidance we got, we’re still trading in an attractive valuation,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Jefferies & Co.Hogan cited price-earnings ratios that have the Dow and S&P currently trading at less than 14 times next year’s estimates, along with the Nasdaq trading at 20 times next year’s projections.After dropping at the start, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed course, recently rising 60.7 suggests 13,103.5, with 21 of its 30 components trading higher.Citigroup Inc. led the Dow’s gains, and a recovery among other financial stocks, which drew support from the New York Times report of the agreement reached Friday among the nation’s three largest banks for the structure of a $75 billion fund to compliment distressed securities.Stocks coming from all three banks advanced, with Citigroup up 4.7%, JP Morgan Chase ahead 2.6%, and Bank of America Corp. up 1.1%.The S&P 500 gained 4.54 points to 1,458.24, while the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.19 points to 2,624.75.”There offers some stabilization in the dollar; most of the damage from the last couple of days was dedicated to that weakness from the dollar,” said Marc Pado, U.S. market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald.After falling to record lows last week, the greenback on Monday gained of all of its major foreign-exchange counterparts. .Trading volume can be light due to Veterans Day, any occasion that shuttered the U.S. bond market.Nyse volume came to 716 million, with declining stocks just in advance of those advancing. For the Nasdaq, nearly 1.2 billion shares traded hands, with advancing stocks before those declining by 4 to 3.”Today there is no economic data, so key inputs will be things like oil being down significantly, which should be good news,” said Hogan.Gold, oil slideIn commodities trading for the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures fell because the rebound in the U.S. dollar gave traders a reason to lock in profits, together with the front month contract recently falling $27.20 to $807.50 an ounce. Crude-oil futures fell sharply, declining $1.61 to $94.71 a barrel. .”Also overdone continues to be the sell-off, which from financials and those publicly exchanged companies which have exposure to public property, would seem to be throwing the baby out with the bath water,” said Hogan.The financial sector on Monday traded mixed. .Shares of E-Trade Financial Corp. lost more than half their value as soon as the online broker backed off an earning forecast made less than a month ago.E-Trade also stated it was the target associated with an informal inquiry launched by the Registration regarding its loan and security portfolios, prompting no less than one downgrade on its stock. .Investors’ target the financial sector also included results from Blackstone Group LP , the private-equity powerhouse that reported a third-quarter loss in $113.2 million from a year-ago profit of $372.5 million.HSBC Holdings PLC is required to write down more than $1 billion on its portfolio of high-rise subprime U.S. mortgages, as outlined by a Times of London report. The financial institution is scheduled to release third-quarter results for its U.S. unit on Wednesday, the newspaper reported. And in a regulatory filing, troubled lender Countrywide Financial said whether credit ratings fall below investment grade, its accessibility to the public corporate-debt markets “could be severely limited.” About the technology front, International Business Machines Corp. claimed it would acquire business software maker ognos Inc. for $5 billion in profit a deal expected to near the coast the first quarter of 2008. Overseas actionAdding to promote jitters early on was a large industrial fire working in london that caused stock futures to dip briefly ahead of the start of U.S. trading. .In Europe, shares closed higher after a choppy trading session as investors rejected from the commodity sector. .Elsewhere, Asian stocks fell sharply. .By Kate Gibson ugg boots chestnut
    More than 30,000 birds have already been killed by the a huge number of tons of oil that leaked from a heavy storm broke a tanker apart near the Black Sea, according to the governor of the disaster-hit region.Countless other birds, overwhelmed by thick coatings from the fuel oil, have been hopping weakly along the shore or sitting helplessly inside the sand. Workers with pitchforks and shovels have begun the backbreaking labor of amassing vast clumps of oil when combined sand and seaweed.The spill from your tanker that split apart Sunday from the strait connecting the Black and Azov Seas is viewed as potentially the worst environmental disaster in your community in recent years. It prompted criticism that lots of Russian tankers aren’t seaworthy.”Some 30,000 birds have died and it’s not possible to count what number of fish. The damages are so great that it’s hard to assess. It can be equated by having an ecological catastrophe,” said Alexander Tkachev, the governor with the Krasnodar region, Monday, based on the Interfax news agency.Another regional official, Sergei Zaitsev, was quoted as praoclaiming that much of the oil still for the water’s surface could congeal within the wintry temperatures, forming globs that drop for the seabed.Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Pm Viktor Zubkov to fly on the region to assess the disaster and clean-up efforts.As many as 10 ships sank or ran aground in the storm, including the freighter Nakhichevan, which separated and spilled lots of sulfur, officials said. Two other freighters carrying sulfur also sank.The bodies of three sailors from your Nakhichevan washed up on shore Monday.CBS News producer Svetlana Berdnikova reported five sailors were still missing Tuesday. Search efforts to get the men, and environmentalists’ fevered efforts to clean up the beach and save oil-coated animals were both hampered Tuesday by continuing foul weather.After resuming the search and cleanup Tuesday morning, weather forced all efforts being put on hold as high winds and waves kicked up again.Alexey Zimenko, together with the World Wildlife Federation’s (WWF) Russia office, said: “The consequences will persist for quite some time to come, the environmental system of the region has sustained serious damage… The registered number of dead sea birds is simply a small part of the real total.” Russian environmental officials said the sulfur spilled in the freighters did not appear to pose any environmental danger. Jim Farr, a chemist using the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, compared the spill to dumping a large quanity of sand in water and smothering a reef, or covering a patch of grass with a blanket.However, he was quoted saying that it was difficult to understand the long-term effects without better understanding of the area’s depth and currents.The Volganeft-139 tanker was carrying about 1.3 million gallons of fuel oil when the storm sundered it. About 50 % its load has lost already, officials estimated. The craft’s 13 crew members were rescued.Alexei Knizhnikov, head worldwide Wildlife Federation’s Russian oil and gas program, said the Volganeft-139 was constructed for river use and was unfit to have severe weather at sea.”In the Kerch Strait, river vessels and sea vessels change cargoes, as sea vessels cannot enter the Don and Volga rivers due to small water draft. But vessels constructed for rivers cannot stand strong sea storms,” he said.Anatoly Yanhuck, a regional coast guard officer, said workers would begin pumping oil in the tanker once the weather improves, then tow the ship to port. Investigators would be looking at the actions with the ship’s captain, but he was quoted saying the weather appeared to are already worse than forecast.Vesti 24 television on Sunday reported the sinking of your Russian freighter carrying metal at the port of Sevastopol on Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Two folks its 16-man crew drowned and something was missing, it said.Maxim Stepanenko, a regional prosecutor, told Vesti 24 that captains have been warned Saturday concerning the stormy conditions. He explained the Volganeft-139 – designed during Soviet times to handle oil on rivers – had not been built to withstand a fierce storm. shepton mallet mulberry outlet
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks were mostly higher Tuesday considering bearish news that included reduced sales forecasts from two major retailers, but investors trimmed early losses after existing-home sales data for August were only available in better than expected. “There may be an ongoing bid within this market on the thought that the worst with the crunch in the credit markets could possibly be behind us,” said Mike Malone, trading analyst at Cowen & Co.At 2:25 p.m. Eastern, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 7.9 points at 13,767, with 15 of the company’s 30 components trading higher.Microsoft Corp. led the blue-chips’ limited advance; its stock gained 1.2% for the debut of its “Halo 3″ gaming. Home Depot Inc. fronted the Dow’s losses, its stock off 2.5%. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. also weighed about the index, its stock off 2%.The S&P 500 Index fell 2.66 points at 1,515.07.Bucking the popularity was the technology-laden Nasdaq Composite Index , which gained 7.19 points at 2,674.89, bolstered by many of the larger cap tech companies, including Microsoft and Apple Inc. , up 1.8%.In the New York Stock Exchange, 870 million shares were exchanged, with declining stocks topping advancers under 2 to 1. At the Nasdaq, more than 1.3 billion shares traded, and declining issues ran before advancers 4 to 3.For saleThe Nar reported the sales of existing homes fell 4.3% into a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.50 million in August, the cheapest in five years. Yet the figure topped expectations calling for a 5.49 million count. The data also appeared to be viewed in context from the ongoing debate over if the Federal Reserve would follow last Tuesday’s half-percentage point decline in its target monthly interest with another such move, when central bankers next hold another policy meeting.”The question is whether demand will recover relatively quickly as liquidity returns for the mortgage market, or will potential customers remain on the sidelines. Neither the August nor the September data will talk to that question, that’s one reason why we presume that the Fed will ease again on Oct. 31,” wrote Stephen Stanley, chief economist, RBS Greenwich Capital.”The way ahead for housing is still greatly in doubt. The market’s view today is this fact will depress one other parts of the U.S. economy along with the Fed will be expected to act again,” said Kevin Giddis, md, fixed income, Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc.In another signal of trouble inside the housing sector, Standard & Poor’s reported the Case-Shiller home-price index for twenty five major cities fell 0.4% in July which is now down 3.9% in the past year. .At the same time, the Conference Board released its survey of consumer confidence for September, with the measure sliding to a near two-year low of 99.8 in September coming from a revised 105.6 in August. The gauge arrived under expectations of 104.5. “The weaker than expected consumer-confidence number was offset by slightly superior to expected existing-home sales,” said Malone with the market’s reaction to the mixed data.Active issuesMiami-based home builder Lennar Corp. reported a larger than expected stop by third-quarter revenue, and a net decrease of $513.9 million for that period ending Aug. 31. . Lennar shares slid 4%.Target Corp. shares fell 4.3% as soon as the Minneapolis-based discount retailer cut its outlook for September sales. .Lowe’s Companies Inc. also chopped its forecast after Monday’s close, prompting its shares to fall 6.1%. .”What does come to us as a surprise is the lowering of sales estimates at both Target and Lowe’s. That ignites one of our biggest fears, which is slowdown of consumer spending,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Jefferies & Co. Other public companies in focus include tax-services giant H&R Block Inc. , which said within a regulatory filing that subsidiary drew down $250 million from credit facilities for short-term financing as a result of the tightening commercial-paper market. Its shares were off 0.1%.Dow component Automobile Corp. fell 0.3% with shares with the automaker under pressure for any second day within the wake of a United states strike called Monday. CommoditiesIn action around the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for December delivery closed 50 cents off at $738.80 an oz .. Oil futures fell, using the November contract lapsing $1.36 to $78.79 a barrel with analysts citing overbought conditions. .Treasurys rose, sending yields lower, amid concerns how the strike at GM could further weaken economic growth and spark another cut in interest rates by the Fed. The benchmark 10-year note gained 5/32 to 101 3/32, its yield at 4.561%. Read In Europe, shares moved broadly lower with construction firms and miners under pressure. Asian indexes were mixed, as automakers including Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. helped Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average to get rid of off lows on hopes they could benefit from the strike at GM. By Kate Gibson mulberry wallet sale
    Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has reached in the market to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) in regards to the prospect of joining the Republican Conference, but Lieberman continues to be bargaining with Democratic leaders to hold his chairmanship, according to Senate aides in both parties. “Sen. Lieberman’s preference is always to stay in the caucus, but he’s gonna keep all his options open,” a Lieberman aide said. “McConnell has reached in the market to him, and at this stage, his position is he desires to remain in the caucus but losing the chairmanship is unacceptable.” A Republican Senate aide said Friday morning there was little McConnell could offer in terms of high-ranking committee slots, and that’s why Lieberman is resisting overtures through the Republican side. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Lieberman met Thursday, yet Reid is waffling over whether or not to revoke Lieberman’s chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee and could instead hold a secret vote among Democratic members on whether to kick Lieberman out of the caucus. Senate aides from both parties caution that Lieberman’s state continues to be truly up in the environment and Reid could still craft a scenario where Lieberman keeps his chairmanship. Lieberman’s aide told Politico on Friday morning that “essentially what transpired is that Sen. Reid talked about taking away his position perhaps for the next position, and Sen. Lieberman indicated that was unacceptable.”You are not direct knowledge of the Reid-Lieberman meeting yesterday on Capitol Hill said Reid considered Lieberman at one point and said, “I want to work this out” after Lieberman hinted although “explore his options” with Republicans if he was stripped in the committee.“Senate leadership has started discussing scenarios in which he keeps it,” said one senior Democratic aide of Lieberman’s committee post. Lieberman argued that “he had been a loyal vote on everything except Iraq, gave them almost all <by>caucusing with Democrats], had contributed generously for the Democratic Senate campaign committee and voted with the Democrats in greater margins than a few of his colleagues over the past two years.” The New York Daily News has reported that Lieberman had “begged” to maintain his chairmanship. “The Daily News story was completely and utterly false,” said the Lieberman aide. Lieberman argued that as he was reelected as an independent, “it’s an alternative situation than a normal Democrat, because … he said that he would view the 2008 election through the prism of neither Democrat nor a Republican — that he’d offer the person he preferred as opposed to party designation.” “Essentiallytherewas a very amiable conversation,” said the aide. “They left it which they would continue their conversations. They’d talk to people within the caucus and they’d go back to each other in the next week. Obviously, the caucus is meeting the week after next.” Lieberman has since been having phone conversations with colleagues, but he has yet to meet with any in person. Most senators are receptive to Lieberman’s argument that allowing him to be represents the type of unity that President-elect Obama espouses. The aide also declared that Lieberman was not offered a subcommittee, as has been reported, but rather was offered chairmanship of the lesser committee. He didn’t specify which he was referring to. However, if Lieberman left Homeland Security, Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) would be next in line and must give up Veterans Affairs, which will then be open for Lieberman. If Lieberman would join the Republican conference, however, there’s very little McConnell could offer him. Practically every ranking position is definitely spoken for, and Republican senators who’ve spent ears going up the ranks may well not look kindly upon Lieberman leapfrogging them if he switches parties.Amie Parnes, Glenn Thrush and John Bresnahan brought about this report. classic tall uggs
    Drivers waste nearly a whole work week each year using traffic on the way to and from their jobs, according to a national study released Tuesday.The nation’s drivers languished in traffic delays for the total of 4.2 billion hours in 2005, up from 4 billion the prior year, according to the Texas Traffic Institute’s urban mobility report. That’s about 38 hours per driver.”Each traveler inside the 400-plus urban areas in the United States lost 38 hours in congestion, 26 gallons of fuel along with a price tag of what which means for an individual traveler has ended $700 a year,” David Schrank, a co-author in the study, told CBS News.”Things are bad and they’re getting worse,” said Alan Pisarski, a transportation expert as well as the author of “Commuting in the us.””We’ve used up the capacity that had been bequeathed to us by a previous generation, and now we haven’t replaced it,” Pisarski said.The research summed it up this way: “Too a lot of people, too many trips over short of a time period on a system that is not big enough.”Contributing to the problem, says Tim Lomax of the Texas Transportation Institute, is the fact that building projects will often be approved without taking increased road usage into mind, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.”It’s always much better to do a new subdivision or perhaps a new office building than it is to put the transportation network in position to serve that,” says Lomax. “So really we’re sort of a victim of our own prosperity.”The study estimates that drivers wasted 2.9 billion gallons of fuel while using traffic. Together with the lost time, traffic delays cost the nation $78.2 billion, the analysis estimates.High gasoline prices appear to have cut into optional driving and not commuting to work, said Schrank, an affiliate research scientist on the Texas Transportation Institute, that’s part of Texas A&M University.”We’re not really seeing drops from the peak travel times,” said Schrank.About three-quarters of most commuters drive alone to function, according to census data.Case study provided detailed information on traffic congestion in the nation’s 85 largest urban centers.The Los Angeles metro area had the worst congestion, delaying drivers typically 72 hours a year. It was followed by Atlanta, San fran, Washington and Dallas.Minimal congested metro areas were Spokane, Wash., and Brownsville, Texas, where drivers were delayed about eight hours a year.The research offers a menu of choices for addressing congestion, including adding roads or lanes where needed, improving public transit and changing driving patterns through flexible work schedules, telecommuting and carpooling.”The problem is growing too rapidly and is too complex only for one technology or plan to be ‘the solution’ in most regions,” the report said.Atlanta has the second worst congestion in the united kingdom, though there has been some improvement, in accordance with the study. In 2005, Atlanta drivers wasted around 60 hours a year in traffic delays – down from 70 hours ten years earlier.A 2005 task force appointed by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue necessary directing more resources toward mitigating traffic congestion in the Atlanta area.Nevertheless the region’s population is growing so fast that planners have a tough time dealing with the increase in automobiles, said Jane Hayse, chief of transportation planning for the Atlanta Regional Commission.”With the interest rate of growth we’ve here, it’s pretty challenging to reduce congestion,” Hayse said. “Trying to keep it at today’s level is really our goal.”The Atlanta metropolitan area added 890,000 individuals from 2000 to 2006, more than any other metro area in the united kingdom, according to census estimates. There are 5.1 million people in the Atlanta area in 2006. mulberry somerset bag



    Republicans looking to recover from Bush-era defeats are turning to an unlikely source for advice: top aides to former President George W. Bush.Former White House press secretary Dana Perino, former Bush counselor Ed Gillespie and former White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto are some of those set to provide words of wisdom to accommodate Republican press secretaries at their annual workshop this Friday.GOP House Conference Communications Director Matt Lloyd said Perino, Gillespie and Fratto represented “the defacto standard for Republican communications professionals” and were obvious alternatives to advise the party’s messengers.But Democrats are deriding the turn to bring in the Bush veterans, calling it proof that the GOP has failed to know that Bush’s policies are at the very least partly to blame for the party’s minority status.“Reuniting the Bush operation is much like making a sequel with a very bad movie. House Republicans be more effective off staying home, watching soaps and picking out new ideas for their out-of-touch party,” said Doug Thornell, spokesman for Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).The Bush vets, for their part, couldn’t disagree more. In reality, they say their turbulent White House years make them uniquely suited to advise a House Republican Conference stuck in a nearly 80-seat minority.“We have been battle-tested,” said Perino, who was Bush’s last press secretary.Fratto, who spent 36 months as Bush’s deputy press secretary, cited his experience “being in an actual duel with all the slings and arrows from Congress.”Fratto said he wished to put the House press secretaries within a campaign-style mind-set and would encourage the staffers to do their jobs with the eye toward winning House seats this year.Lloyd called the workshop — this includes former Reagan speechwriter Terry Dolan and Mitt Romney presidential campaign strategist Mandy Finn — a fundamental portion of the GOP’s renewed focus on communications.“The press secretary workshop is but one more tool in your belt that we are using to ensure press secretaries always get their members the most coverage possible, which often drives the Republican message around the world,” Lloyd said.“Policies from the Bush administration aside, it’s indisputable that <the>workshop participants] are outstanding within their jobs, and their wisdom behaves Republican press secretaries well.”With little chance to stop the enlarged House Democratic majority procedurally, Republicans say their very best strategy is to head to the microphones.In November, after Republicans lost 21 seats, Conference Chairman Mike Pence went so far as to urge members to slice their legislative staff to create room for communications aides.Today, House Republicans examine growth in their communications departments. House Minority Leader John Boehner has added Antonia Ferrier, an early staffer for Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), to reply to White House issues, while House Minority Whip Eric Cantor has taken on veteran press operatives John Murray, Matt Lira and Brad Dayspring and rapid-responder Joe Pounder. Pence has doubled how big is the Conference office’s communications team.Even nonleadership offices happen to be expanding their ranks, with rank-and-file lawmakers including Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) and freshman Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) adding several press aides.Perino, who since departing the White House has joined people relations firm Burson-Marsteller, said the intensified communications effort is paying down, and she offered particular praise for your conference’s repeated mantra throughout the spring that the White House budget “taxes an excessive amount of, spends too much and borrows an excessive amount of.”“The only way to get your message out is through earned media, and Republicans must work it,” she said.“I thin they’re improving, and they’re beginning to get a sense of the best way to attack in the next Eighteen months ahead of 2010,” said Fratto.But aides concede there’s still a considerable ways to go — and they say they’ve got that in mind heading into this week’s confab. In a single notable failure this spring, House Republicans held a much-hyped news conference on their own alternative budget before aides had finished one. The result was a slew of bad press — and aides were left pointing fingers over who had previously been to blame.Democratic jabs aside, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen, who definitely are speaking at the workshop, said the Bush vets had something important: expertise in the rough-and-tumble world of electoral politics.“The folks they are bringing in have a very lot of experience on campaigns,” Thiessen told POLITICO. “There’s lots of lessons to be learned for future campaigns.” mulberry cosmetic bag
    Marine scientists will try again to help you a pair of injured humpback whales resume the Pacific Ocean, following a failed attempt to lure them out using recorded underwater sounds.Mom and her calf remained early Friday in the Port of Sacramento, where they hit a dead-end after traveling 90 miles over the San Francisco Bay or over the Sacramento River.Using the humpback whale recordings on Thursday was scientists’ first attempt to direct the whales to sea since they appeared in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta last weekend. Instead, the sounds of other whales did quite contrary, according to KCBS Radio reporter Chris Filippi. The mammals swam from the sounds instead of toward them.The scientists cancelled their efforts shortly before 5 p.m.”The biologists were trying out different sound patterns and different vessels to see which ones will appeal most to the whales,” said Ed Sweeney, a spokesman to the Coast Guard auxiliary. “It’s going to be a long, slow process.””We’re planning to try Plan B tomorrow. Plan A failed,” said Frances Gulland, director of veterinary science with the Marine Mammal Center.Researchers began playing the sounds from an 87-foot Coast Guard cutter each day and then transferred kit to a smaller vessel several hours later when the whales would not respond. Scientists thought noise from your larger ship’s generator could possibly have interfered with the whale sounds.The whales twice began swimming out from the port after the sounds were broadcast through the smaller boat. But both times they turned back into the large basin that oceangoing freighters use for turning around.A recording procedure much like that employed Thursday worked in 1985 having a humpback nicknamed Humphrey, which swam in the delta for nearly a month before returning to the Pacific.But biologists said the situation facing them near Sacramento is more complicated. It involves a mother and calf, instead of a single whale, that are much farther to the delta than Humphrey was. The injuries add another dimension, as scientists say they cannot know how the wounds might affect the whales’ behavior.”We’ve never had injured cow-calf pairs this far up a river before and thus we’re taking it very easy and deliberately — unfortunately we cannot want to make any mistakes as you go along,” Pieter Folkens, a biologist using the Alaska Whale Foundation, told CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes. “It’s fresh territory. It’s not like we’re applying something we have a lot of experience with before. It’s essentially a test.” Scientists used searching for recorder with a playback system to amplify about 5 minutes of recordings played at intervals. That they hoped the 8- to 10-second sequences would entice the whales to go away the deepwater port and head back down the shipping channel, which parallels the Sacramento River.The failure of Thursday’s attempt also may be related to the recordings being used. They are of Alaskan whales that could be part of a different pod compared to the one the mother and calf fit in with.”This is a humpback probably from the different population, probably the Mexico-California population,” Folkens said. “So it’s similar to speaking Chinese to somebody from Boston, but a minimum of you recognize that it might be another member of exactly the same species.” no previous page next 1/2 mulberry organiser
    Want an easy, inexpensive method to help avoid high blood pressure? Then bundle up this winter. Cold conditions can raise blood pressure, say University of Florida researchers. For people who have year-round high blood pressure, chilly weather will make matters worse, sending their blood pressure levels even higher than normal. Even healthy people aren’t free. They also tend to have higher blood pressure level in the winter, say the researchers, who included Zhongjie Sun, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of physiology and medicine.Hypertension: Widespread ProblemHigh blood pressure can be a year-round problem for nearly one in three American adults — but 1 / 3 of them don’t know it, says the American Heart Association. That’s dangerous, since hypertension is a risk factor for cardiac event, stroke, and other medical problems.High blood pressure is defined as 140/90 mmHg or more. A borderline condition called prehypertension is often a reading of 120/80 to 130/89. Normal blood pressure level is lower than 120/80. Winter is America’s worst season of year for heart disease, repeat the researchers. With that in mind, they studied how cold weather raises blood pressure. Their findings show up in the February publication of the American Journal of Physiology — Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology.Temperature TestThe researchers bred mice that lacked a gene associated with blood pressure. Without the gene, the mice didn’t have receptors for a hormone called angiotensin ll, which constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Normally, the hormone docks at special receptors to complete its work. Though the mice didn’t have the receptors, leaving the hormone homeless. That could make it harder for blood pressure level to spike when exposed to cold, the researchers thought.That’s exactly what happened. Sun’s team lowered the temperature within the cages of the mice to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The mice didn’t have bedding to nest looking for warmth.After five weeks, the genetically altered mice had an 11 percent surge in blood pressure. Under the same conditions, blood pressure soared 50 percent within the normal mice after five weeks.It doesn’t take a massive cold front to boost blood pressure. The experiment’s temperature was mild, in comparison with a U.S. winter months map. How much does blood pressure levels rise in the cold? That relies on factors including amount of exposure, dress, level of activity, and the climate someone can be used to. Cold Weather StrategiesOne day, the study’s findings may lead to new blood pressure treatments. Meanwhile, listed here are blood pressure tips much more chilly weather:First, check if you have high blood pressure. A fast, noninvasive test ‘s all it takes — setting yourself the road to better health.Clothe themselves with layers to conserve body heat.Wear a hat, scarf, and gloves when encountered with cold.Take it easy on your heart. Ease into activity, don’t add too much, and avoid heavy lifting.The same precautions apply to individuals who work in cold settings, such as farmers, construction workers, meat cutters, and cops, says Sun, inside a news release. Sources: Sun, Z. American Journal of Physiology — Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology, February 2005; vol 288: pp R433-R439. American Heart Association: “High Blood pressure levels.” News release, University of Florida. By Miranda HittiReviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD? 2005, WebMD Inc. All rights reserved ugg boots bank
    CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg is retiring. In the latest Against the Grain commentary,’s Dick Meyer says goodbye into a partner and a teacher. 2002 opens which has a goodbye for CBS News. Eric Engberg, who spent twenty years covering and uncovering Washington for CBS, is retiring. When he leaves, a giant slice on this storied bureau’s character, humor and collective wisdom will walk out the door.Engberg’s reporting and the approach to journalism reflect a lot of the virtues of broadcast journalism at its best. And that he was fortunate very much of his career coincided with a reign of excellence in television news. But Engberg seemed to be the first heavy hitter at CBS News to create a real commitment to online journalism by writing the “Reality Check” column just for this site in the wild election year of 2000. His model of reporting, analysis and storytelling are marks of excellence that Internet journalism should desire to as this new medium develops. But I’m biased — totally. Engberg and i also were partners from 1993 to 1999 once we reported and produced the “Reality Check” feature for The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. Eric grew up in the town next mine away from Chicago. He set it up the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. And above all, he likes to go fishing, specially in Northwest Ontario lakes.By time Engberg came to CBS News, he covered local politics, cops, and Watergate. CBS sent him to Texas a couple of years before bringing him time for Washington. Some years later, the Washington Journalism Review called Eric one of Washington’s great “firemen” – a reporter who could crash into any story, any investigation and enjoy the sources, experience and tenacity to pay it properly. The trick truth is that Eric would rather have been a real fireman everyday. I think the story irritated him. Then again Eric is easily irritated.In Washington, Engberg was something much more rare than a “fireman.” He was obviously a student, connoisseur and anthropologist of “inside” Washington but never an “insider.” He previously the sort of obvious integrity and stubborn independence that led his bosses to give him some of the toughest assignments. When General William Westmoreland’s libel suit against CBS News stumbled on trial, CBS News assigned Engberg towards the story.He broke story after story about the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. His reporting generated the only criminal conviction government entities made stick on Oliver North. Engberg connected the infamous Willie Horton ads used against Michael Dukakis in 1988 to the Bush campaign, after years of obsessed sleuthing (and he’s taking the files with him to Florida). I got to help Engberg, along with reporter Vince Gonzales, show the country that the Vietnam veteran honored on the Tomb of the Unknowns was ot unknown, but a cloak Force pilot from Missouri named Michael Joseph Blassie.Eric liked to convey that the idea of “Reality Check” ended up being show that the biggest scams in Washington were the perfectly legal ones. He was a bit too gruff to confess that he had other, more idealistic aspirations to shine some light into dark corners from the bureaucracy, Congress and K Street ignored by the networks, and also to make those stories fun. That’s how you ended up spending months counting the government’s population of p.r. workers, and becoming rousted by the police while hiding at the rear of an SUV, staking out a chiseler from your Agriculture Department. Our bureau isn’t planning to see a guy like Eric again. I’ll not have a partnership like I needed with him again. Except maybe in the boat, someday. (C) MMII, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved tall uggs
    The electricity grid, power plants and refineries face increasing threats from computer hackers who might cause major disruptions and economic chaos, congressional investigators say.Private industry and government are paying more awareness of cybersecurity. But the Government Accountability Office said control systems at such critical facilities “are weaker (today) to cyberattacks than in the past.”A number of key systems have already been infiltrated, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr:The “Sobig” computer worm temporarily stopped trains on the East Coast in 2003. Last year, hackers scrambled Los Angeles traffic computers triggering big-time tie-ups.Another foreign-based hacker breached security with a Harrisburg, Penn., water plant. Two pumps in an Alabama nuclear plant were power down when excessive computer activity swamped its control system. One of many reasons are the extensive use of the Internet and the systems’ links. Look at GAO’s full report here. Greg Wilshusen, the agency’s director of info security issues, told a property Homeland Security subcommittee Wednesday how the government has improved the protection of power lines, nuclear plants, refineries and power stations.Yet, he added, “there is yet no overall strategy to coordinate the various activities across federal agencies and the private sector.”The agency and several lawmakers said the Homeland Security Department is just not doing enough to spread word about adequate standards for cybersecurity and threat information.”Since 9/11, we’ve were built with a great deal of emphasis on gates, guns, and guards,” said CBS News security consultant Paul Kurtz, “and cyber security continues to be, frankly, neglected.””The cyber-risk about bat roosting systems is increasing,” agreed Rep. James Langevin, chairman in the subcommittee on emerging threats, cybersecurity and technology and science. “If this administration doesn’t recognize and prioritize these issues soon, the future will not be pretty.”Langevin, D-R.I., noted the current disclosure that government scientists on the Energy Department’s Idaho National Laboratory could actually hack into a simulated power plant control system and cause an electrical generator to destruct.Even though the test was conducted with a small-scale system, experts stated it showed that a similar attack potentially could disable huge generators along with other equipment essential to power production.But Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the subcommittee’s top Republican, said the simulated attack last March was “a very good news story” because it disclosed vulnerabilities. He said changes and improvements were created to reduce the risk. “We discovered it. … We fixed it,” McCaul said. Greg Garcia, assistant secretary for cybersecurity, told lawmakers that “we’ve noted for some time that there are (cyber) vulnerabilities.” He explained Homeland Security is utilizing other agencies on standards and guidance to shield critical control systems.Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., pressed Garcia on which the department does to get more stringent standards to industry. Garcia said issuing such standards was a job for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.”Our role is one kind of coordination,” he said.Lofgren said that was not the intent of Congress in the event it created the department. “We haven’t made any progress within the cybersecurity side for a long, long time,” she said.The commission is considering more stringent standards for the electricity industry that the quasi-industry group, the North American Electric Reliability Corp., is developing.Joe Weiss, a cybersecurity consultant, said private industry should have to comply with tougher standards that already apply to the government’s critical infrastructure.But David Whiteley, the group’s executive v . p ., said its proposed standards “represent a substantial improvement of cybersecurity for the electricity industry.” handbags mulberry
    The UK’s drug pricing control board, NICE, which says yea or nay to drugs the National Health Service can use, said Tuesday it would not approve Tyverb for use on British patients. The interim decision reveals how political the joy of cancer has become, with science taking a back seat to pricing and positioning.Tyverb is really a GlaxoSmithKline drug that targets advanced breast cancers. It is marketed inside the U.S. as Tykerb. GSK has until Nov. 19 to change NICE’s mind.Trying to figure out from the news reports exactly why NICE rejected the drug is difficult — most stories contain the closely written ring of a reporter who doesn’t quite comprehend the details of the story, and is also thus sticking tightly for the press releases.But you needn’t be a cancer expert to know that the rhetoric surrounding the decision reveals how cancer treatment has departed the world of pure science — ‘Does it work?’ — and entered the concept of politics and pricing wars.GSK created an impassioned and — for the company — loosely written press release condemning the decision: Given our involvement, it is difficult to comment devoid of the appearance of self interest, however we strongly feel that the wrong decision has been given for patients, doctors and also the NHS … The way in which the choice has been made makes it hard to ever demonstrate the cost effectiveness of lapatinib <Tyverb>s generic name] in this patient population … The great draft recommendation would result in patients in the UK being disadvantaged in comparison to several other European countries who have already acknowledged the need for lapatinib and are reimbursing the medication, including Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Translation: The decision-making process was biased against us and you also Brits are going to be worse off than — horrors! — the Greeks. It is possible to almost see GSK wiping the tears away on its sleeve. Oh, the humanity.To become fair to GSK, it’s got offered to provide the drug free for NHS patients to the first 12 weeks and after that only bill the NHS for patients who see a clinical benefit after that. Sounds pretty good, right?The problem is that GSK’s priority (whether this drug shows any benefit) isn’t same as the NHS’s priority (whether this drug is worth the money). What the NHS is doing is grappling with all the financial-cum-moral issue of whether it be really worth it to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a couple of extra weeks of life. (It’s a debate we don’t have from the U.S. because the “moral” answer is provided for you already by how big your wallet and the scope of your insurance.)One clue for this truth is in GSK’s own statement: Lapatinib, in conjunction with capecitabine (Xeloda?), significantly increased time it took for ErbB2-positive cancer of the breast to worsen (‘time to progression – TTP’) in comparison with using capecitabine alone. GSK is not actually claiming that women taking the drug lead prolongued lives. Rather, which it merely lengthens the time before it all worsens. That is a modest claim for the drug that costs $36,000. It is usually not cost-effective for a system that is focused on saving lives and preventing disease, rather than extending the lives of fatal cases. Lastly, as the FT points out, there will be some difficulty in actually measuring how Tyverb works: There isn’t any clear “biomarker” or blood test that efficiently demonstrates improvement. You can see why GSK is miffed. They’ve make a drug that shows improvements for some patients, only to find that in foreign territories non-science pricing decisions have precedence. The corporation has options, such as offering Tyverb at a reduced price until its cost-benefit created. But as the last distinctive line of the FT story highlights, GSK has incentives not to do that: Companies are not wanting to cut prices in the united kingdom for fear it will spark copycat pressures in other markets and limit their commercial flexibility. It appears that science could be taking a back seat towards the dismal cousin, economics, but not for the reasons GSK could have us believe. uggs bailey button sale



    More…Additional Mrs Kennedy: Jackie’s sister-in-law Ethel shines since Washington’s real style young lady throughout completely new documented Scandal along with the excellent minister’s mistress that paved the way with regard to present-day feministsExpensive, unneeded along with developing false ambitions – nevertheless sending a new teenager to be able to ‘model camp’ is not just about all negative… [url=]mulberry lily bag[/url] Precisely what is the nearly all indulgent acquire? Relief: Brad Guzan enjoys immediately after Agbonlahor put Apartment 2-0 right up [url=]mulberry bags usa[/url] I believed I realized the majority of things about becoming a mother, but in the actual Down hill beauty involving Val d’Isere My partner and i realized a few more. Maternity is perfect for at any time – even when you’re nanny with a green work. This was more challenging when compared with I actually thought of. Because i started read over out of hand along the incline, I realized arrived for you to exchange our fat change. Following, I used to be traversing more quickly and also speedier across to another side, in which I saw some sort of dangerous decline. [url=]mulberry bayswater clutch[/url] When heading to Luton membership, Newz Pub, Nancy had a very good read with the Day-to-day Star’s deal with history : that so were about the woman’s, and also plainly it put the woman’s in a very great mood for her date. TheStrictly Arrive Moving speaker, who is 7 weeks currently pregnant, shone ina thigh-skimming blue ensemble having a series of ruffles throughout thefront. [url=]mulberry bayswater oak[/url] A couple males ended up therefore arrested and also involved in a chain regarding violations, including tried using murder. Other youthful People in britain are actually wary of decreasing victim for you to related cons. WICKET! Dhoni c Pietersen t Monty Fifty three [url=]white mulberry[/url] Twente make Europa Group location using 6 details and Bremen ribbon and bow out of The european countries by having an impressive get using the crooks to all 5 details. She ongoing: ‘I spent lots of evenings having dreams about a few things i wants of which to take a look just like.Ha [url=]mulberry on sale[/url] Merely it was not nearly as splendid since I would wished. The actual meaning on the narrative? Never undervalue ones older people. Journey Points Delight: Pedro Quezada, the particular safe bet in the Powerball lottery jackpot, predicts the press during a information convention [url=]mulberry bags outlet york[/url] Basic: Shilpa wants obstruct hues to patterns and constantly suits your ex totes to the woman’s shoes




    Microsof company Cope after that gotten an unscheduled visit insisting that which the girl grandma’s things ended up being binned. [url=]mulberry style bag[/url] ‘We in particular don’t would like this youngsters’ buddies to manage all of them any kind of in a different way because i was very poor,A claims Susannah, ‘and the majority of them ended up via rich family members. I am unable to refuse, possibly, which we may obtained used to a specific life style and this was tough to release.
    Breathtaking fact star has been identified today checking out himself outside a complete duration reflect. [url=]mulberry roxanne discontinued[/url] Normally, Fifteen percent of individuals fail to settle his or her loans, which is why fiscal professional Jasmine Birtles, regarding, yearnings extreme care.
    The show biz industry actress Jessica Biel has been presently there, close to artist Bieber Timberlake. Jessica had the woman’s tresses inside a charming bun, that’s more than you could point out for almost all in the designs through the entire few days. [url=]mulberry handbags sale uk[/url] ‘Should it suggest a woman delays close to the living with regard to Mister Best, understanding she gets healthful chicken eggs through the woman’s 30-year-old do it yourself in the freezer, then again gets nasty due to the fact she has denied each of the Mister Pretty Well Good Enoughs determined their self sole and childless at 45, having icy ova which discovered to not function?’ the lady suggests.
    Together with razor-sharp, icy frocks throughout shoelace as well as sparkly sequin, knitwear within wine beverage tones as well as flexible cutlery pleated dresses, Williamson presented some thing for all. [url=]mulberry shop london[/url] Which makes them giggle: He got through to the particular stage to provide on the gathering
    The ps3 possibly be a good amazingly wide-ranging interview. [url=]mulberry emmy bag[/url] You can actually see why men would locate bare-skinned females titillating with malemagazines. Although what are ladies magazines selling after they sellpictures of undressed girls with girls?
    The Information about Tonight musician has been resting on the front strip along with Zoe Hardman, TOWIE’s Lydia Brilliant, and also Xtra Factor business presenter Caroline Flack. [url=]mulberry somerset purse[/url] Both sides have exhibited a superb transferring game thus far within a cleanse tournament.
    Her skin has been deeply wrinkled in many areas however oddly clean in other business owners. [url=]mulberry bag outlet[/url] ‘I’ll still often go out and possess a handful of the best beverages -Kir Royale, any bubbly cocktail. However, not frequently. Gaming haschanged,Wi the girl mentioned.


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